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God of War Zeus Voice Actor

God of War is a fan-favorite series thanks to the amazing storyline and the dedicated cast who bring the game to life. One of the notable characters in the series is Zeus, the main antagonist of the GOW series. He is one of the reasons why the series has received massive success, and gamers worldwide admire all his attributes.

One of his notable attributes is his voice, which blends perfectly with his role in the game. The voice actor is amazing, and today we will dive deep into the God of War Zeus voice actor.

Who Is Zeus Voice Actor in God of War?

There have been various Zeus voice actors throughout the God of War series. Corey Burton played the character’s voice in the God of War III franchise. Haruhiko Jo also did a Japanese voice version. Corey Burton has held the Zeus voice character role for a while. He voiced Zeus in God of War II, God OF War 3, and Disney’s Hercules: The animated series.

Corey is not the only one to voice the God of War’s main antagonist. In the first game, Zeus wasn’t the game’s main character. Zeus featured as a minor ally; he was the child of the Titan King, who ascended to become the King of Olympus. During his debut, when the Titan King was the ruler, Paul Elding voiced Zeus.

During the series’ later progression to God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Fred Tatasciore voiced the Zeus character. Fred is also the voice behind Megatron in the Transformers game series.

Corey Burton made his God of War debut in 2018 in God of War. This was the first game title when Zeus was the main character. Burton’s voice matched the character’s role, which saw him feature again as the God of War 3 Zeus voice actor.

His voice also matched Zeus’ physical attributes. Zeus is a tall, youthful, and muscular god. He is known for his trademark white hair, which he had as a child. Zeus also has unique eyes; he has no pupils and sometimes looks blind.

Here is a quick summary of the Zeus God of War voice actors:

  1. Paul Elding was the first to take the role in the first God of War game. This time, Zeus wasn’t the series leading antagonist.
  2. Corey Burton voiced the character in all subsequent game titles.

If you are a God of War game series fan, you know the game’s interesting storyline. You have played Zeus as both the leading and sidelined characters. We are curious to know, ‘ Who is your favorite Zeus voice?’

Zeus’s Role in God Of War

Corey Burton has done an exceptional job voicing Zeus, and his voice complements the character’s role in God of War. Zeus was the king of the gods and father to many Olympus demigods such as Hercules, Peirithous, Kratos, and many others. He was the son of Rhea and Cronos and the youngest of six siblings.

Zeus’s symbols were the Bull, the Oak Tree, Lightning Bolt, and the Eagle. As he aged, he was known for his erotic escapades with beautiful women, making him father to many heroic and godly offspring. As much as he was the last born, he is considered the eldest; he was the only child free from the trapped world. This allowed him to fight for his spot at the top.

God of War Multiplayer

Zeus is among the four mentors of GOW’s Ascension’s Multiplayer, with his statue being the third in the Rotunda of Olympus. He is at the center of the brothers’ statues and comes face-to-face with any approaching warrior.

He had an amazing personality which blended with the vibe given by Corey’s voice. Zeus is a caring god who only punishes the oath-breakers and evil-doers. He empathized with many and was loved by his people.

Zeus, however, wasn’t perfect and had his negative sides. For instance, we saw him placing curses on people close to him, such as his lover, Callisto, who was Kratos’s mother. Another incident was when he felt insecure about Deimos and decided to imprison and torture him for eternity. The list continues with him condemning his former friend Prometheus to eternal anguish.

These are some of Zeus’ notable attributes. He is a powerful and highly capable fighter, extremely skilled in weaponry and hand combat. The incorporation of Corey Burton’s voice did the magic in complementing and bringing out the character. Zeus was a significant character in the God of War series, and if his reign was to continue, we expect Corey Burton to play the character’s voice still.

The Bottom Line

Corey Burton and Paul Elding were the two main Zeus voice actors in the God of War series. Burton took over from Elding and did an incredible job bringing out the powerful GOW character. Above is all the information you need to know about the Zeus voice actors and a brief history of the character and the game series in Greek Mythology. 

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