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When Did PlayStation 6 Come Out

PlayStation 6 is not out yet, but there is never a wrong time to discuss what’s coming next. The console is to be the next installment in Sony’s prolific PlayStation. PS6 is still several years away, and today gamers can enjoy the special gaming features incorporated in the PS4 and PS5.

The latest release is the PS5, and many players still enjoy the fantastic console features. However, fans are wondering what’s next and when is the next-gen console coming out. If you have such questions, below is a quick overview of what to expect.

Will There Be a PlayStation 6?

There is no guarantee that there will be a next PlayStation console. However, one indicator that we’ll see the PS6, and many more next-gen consoles from Sony, is that Sony has secured trademark versions up to PS10. This move doesn’t prove a thing, but it gives hope for gamers that there is a PlayStation future ahead.

When Will the PlayStation 6 Come Out

Sony has made no official communication on the next-gen console’s release date. Sony is known to release a new PlayStation console after several years. According to the company’s executive, Sony’s past cycle for releasing a new platform was 7 to years. However, the rapid evolution and development in technology and the gaming industry scales down to a six or seven-year cycle.

Therefore, if we were to make possible accurate speculations, we expect the PS6 to come out in 2026, 6 years after PS5. PlayStation 5 came out in 2020, and chances are Sony is already working on a new console.

Here is Sony’s previous timeline when developing the previous consoles;

  • Sony began PS4’s development in 2008, and the gaming giant officially launched the console five years later.
  • The current PS5 console’s development began in 2015, and Sony released it five years later.

According to a 2021 job listing by Sony, the tech company hinted at a development plan for the next console. Judging by their previous trends, it will take the developer five years before officially launching the new PS6 in 2026.

PlayStation 5 came out in November 2020, and it isn’t guaranteed that another will come out during the same month. We might see the PS6 launch during the holidays of 2026 or 2027.

PlayStation 6 Price rumors

The console is far from launching, and it is impossible to speculate on its price. However, according to previous trends, it is safe to assume that the next-gen console will range from $400 to $500. As of this writing, we know very little about its specifications, and factors such as extra features, hardware, and other improvements would determine the console’s price.

We also expect Soy to follow its previous procedures and offer gamers the chance to make their game pre-orders after the official announcement. The console will be available on the PlayStation’s official website.

PlayStation 6 Features

There are no confirmations on what or how the PS6 console will look like or feature. However, we can outline some elements to expect in this next installment. They include:

  • Storage enhancements – PS6’s storage capacity will be bigger than PS5’s. We are hoping for Sony to expand the storage capacity and make the internals more accessible, for instance, by upgrading to a bigger SSD.
  • Built-in Wireless – we expect Sony to make technological advancements and make almost all PS6 operations wireless. For instance, the wireless charging of consoles could be a game-changer.
  • VR Integration – gaming is fully transforming into virtual reality. We expect the next PlayStation console to include more VR features.
  • Smaller design – the PS5 is tall, and it is easily noticeable. We hope Sony will downsize the PS6 to make it compact and easily fit with other devices.
  • Updated user interface – we also expect an updated user interface offering better ways to navigate and interact with the gaming interface.
  • Modular upgrades – there are high chances Sony will make modular upgrades, making it easier for players to upgrade specific aspects or features.
  • Digital-only console – PS6 might not feature the classic disc drive. There are chances Sony will get rid of the headphone jack, charging port, and disc insert and make everything digital.

Will There Be a New Console Before PlayStation 6?

If we analyze previous trends by Sony when releasing its PlayStation consoles, we expect to see one or two additions before PS6. Gamers are likely to access a PS5 Pro or Slim before 2026. There are various rumors and speculations about a new PS5 version.

One report claims that the new PS5 will feature a detachable disc drive. The drive will be connected with a USB-C port at the back. It states that the new PS5 console is to debut in September 2023.

The Bottom Line

PlayStation 6 has yet to arrive, and we still have time with the PS5 before the official launch of the next installment. If you are wondering about its release date, you will have to wait three or more years before it comes out. However, there is no official statement by Sony on the matter, and we will keep you updated.

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