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Best PS5 Games for Beginners

If you wish to begin your gaming experience, there is no better way than to launch your games on PlayStation 5. PS5 is Sony’s console, and it has powerful and practical features to ensure you enjoy your games to the fullest.

However, there is an extensive list of PS5 games, and it can be tricky to choose where to begin from. You are lucky today since this review highlights some of the best options. Here are our top 5 best PS5 games for beginners Reddit users can consider as they look for the perfect start to their gaming career.

Top 5 PS5 Games for Beginners

If you are looking for the perfect start in your gaming adventures, these are our top 5 game PS5 game titles you should consider including in your PS5 library:

  1. LEGO Harry Potter Collection

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, LEGO Harry Potter Collection is the best option. It has become a fan favorite many years, and players love its excellent structure, making it ideal for beginners. The game has a small open world where gamers can explore freely.

The tasks, missions, and quests are easy initially, and the difficulty level rises gradually as they advance through the game. There is also a co-op feature, which new players can use to introduce themselves to the fantastic gaming multiplayer options. This is one of the easiest games and is also available for PS4 consoles.

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Here is another big game title based on the adventures of the new spider-man character Miles Morales. Peter Parker is out of town, and players have to take on the role of Miles to ensure the city is safe.

This is the ideal game to introduce you to perfect characterization. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has an exceptional storyline and an intimate story of a young hero protecting the citizens of Harlem. If you have watched any Spider-Man films, playing this game is the best way to introduce yourself to the exciting gaming world.

  1. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the best games for action and combat lovers. The open-world game offers players an impressive environment to explore. This is the place to try out various combat moves and familiarize yourself with the pad controls.

Mechanical beasts are roaming the land, and the player’s job is to eliminate their foes if they wish to survive. The game difficulty increases as one advances, and when you get a hold of the basics, you’ll feel comfortable taking on the massive dinosaurs. There are also weapons and armor you will learn how to use and effectively switch them.  

  1. Last Stop

This is one of the best game options for those with zero gaming experience. Last Stop is more of an interactive game set in London. It is a story of three strangers whose lives take twists most excitingly. The game’s storyline unfolds exciting and fictionally, keeping you entertained and immersed.

It tasks players to use their controllers to move their characters around, making it easy to familiarize themselves with the gaming pad. In addition, it is easy to beat the game, and you will love the fantastic job done on the game narratives.

Last Stop will take you to a place where your wildest dreams won’t. Apart from its exceptional storyline, the game has simple inputs, and it is effortless for players to control their characters. The experience becomes magical when using the haptic feedback feature incorporated in the DualSense controllers.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the simplest video games to play, and most gamers begin their adventures through this game. The goal is simple: adapt to the environment and survive. Minecraft allows you to try out everything and make your dreams come true.

Players must first build their shelters, grow food, and raise animals. After setting up their base, they are free to adventure to other lands. This is where they meet and have to face monsters and many other foes.

The advantage of playing Minecraft as a beginner is the enemies are slow-moving. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect much of a challenge taking them out. You will love the game’s color scheme, which makes every interaction appealing.

Minecraft allows players to play at their pace. There are no races or time limits to accomplish whatever you wish. The main objective is to explore, hunt, and protect your belongings. Minecraft is a popular option with children, and most love it because of its simplicity.

The Bottom Line

PlayStation 5 is the best platform to launch any game right now. If you are a beginner and wish to have the best start to your gaming career, there are games to introduce you to the action. The games above are some of the best options for any beginner, and they are simple in almost all gameplay aspects. 

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