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Is There a PS5 Edition Of GTA 5

Yes, there is a GTA V edition available to PS5 owners. Since the game’s official launch in 2013, Rockstar Games, the developer, has released many game versions. The recent release allowed PS5 gamers to continue their GTA V missions on their next-generation consoles.

These upgrades feature better graphics, features, and texture. If you have been wondering, ‘does GTA 5 have a PS5 version? This review is here to answer that and more. We will look at the available game version for PS5 users and other available options to consider.

Is There a GTA 5 PS5 Version

After about nine years after its release, GTA V is marking a remarkable transition to next-generation consoles. There is a game version for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. This move by Rockstar Games has been hailed by the GTA community, who love the better features, upgrades, and enhancements done on the new version.

Other improved aspects of the GTA V PS5 version are 4K resolution, better frame rates of up to 60 fps, HDR options, improved texture properties, quicker loading times, platform-specific features, and immersive 3D Audio.

Is There a Ps5 Version of GTA 5

Yes, and the GTA V PS5 version has been available to players for a while. The new GTA V game version launched on March 15th, 2022, and gamers can get their digital copy through the PlayStation official website or at the Microsoft Store.

Physical game copies are also available, and players can purchase them through the above options—the physical copies were released on April 12th, 2022.

GTA V Available Editions

GTA 5 has three available editions; the original edition, the enhanced edition, and the expanded and enhanced edition. The original edition was the first GTA V game played, and Rockstar Games launched it in 2013. This first version was only available for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The original edition features three sub-editions.

Afterward, Rockstar Games made a GTA V version upgrade, the enhanced edition compatible with PS4, PC, and Xbox One. This game version features the three sub-editions available in the original version, plus additional exclusive content.

The final game version is the expanded and enhanced GTA V game compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. This version launched in March 2022 and is the best option for any GTA fan.

It is important to note that no Expanded and Enhanced GTA V game version is available to PC users. All hope is not lost, as there are chances that we may see a future PC version title update. The good news is that the available PC version supports 60 fps and 4K resolution, some of the upgraded features in the PS5 edition.

What Are The GTA V PS5 Version Enhancements?

The Expanded and Enhanced GTA V is the ultimate game version available to any Grand Theft Auto player. It is easy to get a copy of the new game version and take advantage of the improved graphics and technical and performance enhancements. The GTA V PS5 version is the ideal option, and here’s why;

  • New and better graphics mode of up to 60 fps and 4K resolution.
  • HDR options
  • Improved draw distance and texture quality.
  • Quicker loading times.
  • Ray-tracing and ray-traced reflections.
  • Well-detailed gameplay features.
  • Immersive 3D Audio.
  • Enhanced gameplay, motion blur, and anti-aliasing.
  • Advanced Haptic feedback.

The new graphic modes are some of the new features in the Expanded and Enhanced GTA V. the game allows players to choose their preferred option from three graphics settings options. This is a move by Rockstar Games to enable gamers to tailor their ideal gaming experience. The available options include the following;

  1. Fidelity Mode

The Fidelity mode is the best option for players looking for the ultimate visual quality at 30 fps. This mode supports 4K resolution plus ray tracing. The Xbox Series version allows upscaling the 4K resolution.

  1. Performance Mode

This is the most responsive option available, which targets 60fps. The Performance mode supports upscaling of the 4K resolution, and the Xbox Series X|S version supports up to 1080p.

  1. Performance RT Mode

The Performance RT mode is a blend of the Performance and Fidelity mods. It supports upscaled 4K resolution and targets 60 fps.

As much as there are new features and gameplay enhancements, no new content or gameplay changes are done on the Expanded and Enhanced GTA V game version. Rockstar Games has added no new content in the Story Mode, retaining the game’s core. There are also no additional bonuses or perks available to returning gamers or Grand Theft Auto Series veterans.

The Bottom Line

There is a GTA V PS5 version available to all gamers. It is an Expanded and Enhanced game version that includes better gameplay features and graphics for the ultimate gaming experience. Above is everything you need to know, plus additional information on what’s included, how to get your game copy, and the available customization options and settings. 

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