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Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be on Mobile

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be on Mobile

Minecraft is one of the highly acclaimed action strategy video games. Since its release years ago, Minecraft has gathered a huge fanbase. Two earlier titles, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, had huge success. When you think things can’t get better for the game, the developer, Mojang Studios, is back better and bigger. Minecraft Legends is here, a partnership of Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. The game’s announcement in late 2022 drew a lot of buzz in the gaming community, with gamers excited to have a new title to explore. However, there is a bit of concern. Is Minecraft a mobile game? Find all this below.

What is Minecraft Legends About

Minecraft Legends is a new title from the Minecraft sequel. However, this new title revolutionizes Minecraft gameplay with numerous additions and new objectives. The game is themed as an action and strategy. The action revolves around a hero who must defeat the Piglins who have invaded and are infesting the Overworld. On the strategy part, you are expected to organize your battalions as the commander to fight the Piglins. You must combine different strategies and bring together different capabilities of the mobs to get a victory.

What Should You Expect in Minecraft Legends Gameplay?

The gameplay begins at the Well of Fate temple, where three mobs welcome you: Knowledge, Foresight, and Action. They explain everything about the Overworld, its storyline, and its objectives. To begin, you get three key weapons to start the adventure. The first weapon is the Flame of Creation, which spawns the mob. The second item, Banner of Courage, allows you to gather the Overworld mob by waving the flag. It also helps you command mobs to different tasks to destroy the Piglins. The Lute is the last weapon you receive. It’s a musical instrument you blow to spawn Allays of two types, the Blue Allay and the Yellow Allay. The Blue Allay collects raw materials and trees, while the Yellow Allay builds structures.

After this, it’s time to explore the Overworld and battle the Piglins. Over time, you can upgrade the army, recruit new mobs, and create secure structures.

Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be on Mobile

There being a mobile version of Minecraft in the past, the gaming community is curious to learn about Minecraft Legends. Some common questions include: Is Minecraft story mode on mobile, and is Minecraft worth it on mobile?

Unfortunately, you’ll be disappointed that Minecraft Legends will not be available on mobile. There has been no communication about the issue, and it’s safe to conclude that there’s no Minecraft Legends mobile version. However, there’s a high probability that the game will be available on mobile before or after its release, considering the high Minecraft mobile fanbase.

Minecraft Legends Platforms

Minecraft Legends developer has confirmed that the game will be available for PlayStation, Windows, Game Pass, Xbox, Steam, and Switch. The game will be available on all sites immediately after release.

Does Minecraft Legends Support Multiplayer and Cross-play?

The game will support multiplayer and co-op modes. However, there needs to be more information surrounding this issue. Regarding cross-play, speculation is that the game will support at least cross-platform multiplayer. This is safe speculation, given that Minecraft’s earlier versions support cross-platform multiplayer.

Therefore, be ready to take on campaigns with your friends to eliminate the Piglins from infesting the Overworld. Also, prepare for attacks from your friends as they invade your campaign.

Minecraft Legends Specifications

Below is a list of recommended specifications for playing Minecraft Legends on PC.


  • Operating System: processor- 64bit, Windows 10
  • Core i5 processor with 2.8GHz or its equivalent
  • 8GB RAM
  • Version 11 DirectX
  • Storage: available space of 8GB or more
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870, or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, or DX11 GPU equivalent

You should note that Windows 10S doesn’t support the game. Also, high-end systems increase performance.

Are There New Features in Minecraft Legends

The new Minecraft version is full of new features. The game is developed to take a different approach, and new objectives will build on the storyline. It also grants players a new gaming experience.

In addition to new features, Minecraft Legends has incorporated new mobs designed to fit into the gameplay. The mobs are perfect for action-strategy gameplay. Therefore, you can surely experience a new gaming experience in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends Release Date

The official Minecraft Legends date has yet to be confirmed. However, the developer announced that the game would be released in the spring of 2023. This was during the 2022 Minecraft Live event. Therefore, you can safely guess that the game will be available in March or April.


As 2023 begins and spring draws near, there’s more reason to smile for Minecraft lovers. Although there’s yet to be an official communication that the game will be available for mobile, Minecraft Legends is still a huge title to enjoy. Spring is time to battle some Piglins and raid Overworld of the infestation.

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