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5 Famous Video Games with Exciting Mini-Games in the Plot

People can’t get enough of playing video games. The multi-billion industry can’t produce enough new titles to satisfy demand, as gaming evolved from a hobby into something more. The hardware is getting better and better, the game’s visual design is so realistic, and the gameplay is fun, yet players must turn to classics while they wait for the new releases. Some of the titles became famous due to in-game originalities that won over the players. They integrated some fun activities that are being played again and again. One of these original touches was the integrated mini-games, sort of side quests, or means to get better items or funds. So, without further ado, here is our list of the 5 famous video games that integrated fun mini-games.

What Are Mini-Games?

They represent an awesome tool for a good game to become even better. Players love to make a little detour from the main story, or a way to earn some extra coins they can spend on improving their character. They can contain Easter eggs or just represent a “game within a game” to offer the gamers some extra content. But no matter if they contain something valuable for the main story or just are a relaxing pastime, they are loved in the gaming community. Most often they represent some famous card game, sport, or puzzle logic. But sometimes they represent something completely original and breathtaking, that is played over and over again.

Grand Theft Auto Is More Elegant with Casino

One of the most popular franchises in the world, a series of Grand Theft Auto games, or GTA wouldn’t be complete without its mini-games. It is GTA V that introduced us to GTA Online and a piece of real estate in the game that was inaccessible until 2019. That is the year when Diamond Casino and Resort opened its doors to the players, offering some extravagance and luxury. All the casino classics were included, such as blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, and horse racing. If you want to try these best Canadian online casino games explore the options provided on and play them for real. But if not, GTA created a casino in which you can be anyone you want on the virtual casino floor.

Play the Pazaak in the Universe of Star Wars

In the amazing games Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic 1 and 2, you can enjoy some of the unforgettable stories from George Lucas’ universe. Besides the non-linear storyline, the many different options for the characters, and the famous vibe from the movies, players can enjoy Pazaak. That is a card game similar to the rules of blackjack. You are combining the cards in the mission to achieve a total of 20 or closer to it than the opponent. You can buy different cards to create your perfect and unbeatable deck. It can contain plus cards, minus cards, and cards that are both plus and minus which can be used in any way you want.

Dominate Taverns with Gwent Skills as Geralt of Rivia

One of the best games ever, compared with many titles, and certainly a game of the year 2015 by the most notable gaming publications holds one of our favorite mini-games – Gwent! The first Witcher game had Romance Cards, and the second Dice Poker, but it is the third that blew our minds with its mini-game. Gwent is most similar to the popular board games played with cards. It represents the clash of two armies, yours, and opponents. Firstly, you have four different factions with their leaders and troops. Different factions have different strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

After you decide on yours, you start the game with 10 randomly selected cards from your deck. You have three types of troops, melee, ranged, and siege. Besides troops, you have cards that manipulate the weather, and in that way disable some types of troops eliminating their points. Some cards are stronger than others naturally and possess special abilities. There are three rounds, and the winner of two is the one who takes the prize. Oh, and did we mention that the game is playable in taverns? Geralt is so fun while he plays Gwent.

Be a Fast Engineer While Hacking in the Underwater City

One of the classic games that will be played forever, Bioshock, offers a great time for first-person shooter fans. But there is also something for mini-game lovers. While you move around and battle your way, trying to figure out what is going on in this underwater empire, you will encounter different locks or mechanisms that need to be hacked. You are doing so with a puzzle game of arranging tiles to get from point A to point B while the liquid is traveling through arranged tiles. There are straight tiles, elbow tiles, ones that slow the liquid down, but there are also traps, so watch out and be quick.

Knives Out at Wild West

One of the most popular games in recent years, Red Dead Redemption 2, is amazing for its beautifully written characters and attention to detail. Well, details are not the only thing you should pay attention to, as you should watch your fingers as well! Five Finger Fillet is the name of the mini-game in this famous hit, as the player takes the knife and avoids his hand in the fast-paced bet. The player needs to hit the right buttons at the right time, and if misses he loses more than his wager. It is a dangerous and exciting mini-game, and that is why gamers love it.


As you can see, mini-games are so much more than side quests. There are discussions on the forums about them and fierce debates about the ranking of them from best to worst. Players love them more than some other side quests that include shooting, climbing, or anything that has more action. We don’t know if it is the logical part of it that attracts them, the use of the brain, or the skill. Or is it simply the change of pace when you digress from the main mission, leave that boss a little bit and go to your favorite tavern? We really can’t say why, and will not pretend that we can, but we certainly know they do love them, and these in particular.

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