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What Does Luck Do in God of War

What Does Luck Do in God of War

How much do you know about Luck in the God of war? There exist 6 core player stats in God of War which decide the overall fighting and collecting ability of Kratos in the game. They are Health, Rage, Luck, Armor, Strength, and Runic.

Luck is one of them, and it is pretty essential. It affects the chances of enemy misses and Kratos’s chance to find rare items. It also makes Kratos more resistant to Status Effects. So a high level of Luck can make the game much easier for you. Ideally, it can determine the outcome of battles, how quickly you progress through the game, and even how much money you earn. Therefore, what does luck do in god of war reddit? Let’s explore and find out. 

Understanding Luck Stat in God of War

Luck is a stat in God of War that starts at 0. Luck can be increased by collecting Luck Stones, found in treasure chests, and purchasing them from specific merchants. The Luck stat affects how often enemies will drop certain items when defeated and the chance for particular enemy attacks to be blocked by Kratos’ shields. The higher the Luck stat, the more likely it is for rare items to be dropped and for enemy attacks to be stopped.

However, the Luck stat does not affect the chances of getting critical hits or perfect blocks. Whether or not Kratos’ shields block an attack is determined by the game’s RNG (random number generator). The Luck stat increases the chances that the RNG will roll in favor of Kratos. Therefore, although increasing Luck can be helpful, it ultimately comes down to Luck (no pun intended).

The player can still get unlucky even with a high Luck stat and, conversely, get lucky even with a low Luck stat. Ultimately, whether or not an enemy attack is blocked is out of the player’s control. All they can do is increase their chances by increasing their Luck stat.

How Does Luck Affect the Game?

What does the luck stat do in god of war? Luck plays a role in God of War in several ways. The most direct way is through its effect on enemy attacks being blocked by Kratos’ shields. A high Luck stat means that more enemy attacks will be blocked, and a low Luck stat means you will get to stop fewer enemy attacks.

The second way that Luck affects the game is through the items that enemies drop when defeated. Each enemy has a specific pool of things they can fall into when killed. The game’s RNG determines the pool of items, and the chances of an enemy dropping a particular item are increased or decreased depending on the Luck stat.

For example, if an enemy has a 10% chance to drop Item A and a 20% chance to drop Item B, then a player with a Luck stat of 0 has a 0% chance to get either item. However, if the player increases their Luck stat to 10, then they have a 1% chance to get Item A and a 2% chance to get Item B. Similarly, if the player increases their Luck stat to 20, then they have a 2% chance to get Item A and a 4% chance to get Item B.

As the player’s Luck stat increases, so too do their chances of getting rare items from enemies. The higher the Luck stat, the more likely it is for rare items to be dropped. In addition, the Luck stat also affects the prices of items at shops. Items that shops sell will cost more if the player has a high Luck stat and less if the player has a low Luck stat.

Finally, the Luck stat also affects Kratos’ resistance to Status Effects. The higher the Luck stat, the more resistant Kratos is to being inflicted with Status Effects. 

How Can You Increase Luck in God of War?

Although it’s impossible to get a 100% chance for anything, there are a few things players can do to improve their luck stat. These are:


One way to increase Luck is to find and collect Luck Talismans. These can be found in various places throughout the game world, usually hidden away in secret areas or hard-to-reach places. You can also purchase them from certain shopsLuck Talismans provide a slight boost to Luck, so it’s worth taking the time to track them down.

Armor Sets

The Providence Armor set, for example, provides a modest increase in Luck. However, the more equipped pieces, the greater the effect will be. So if you’re trying to stack Luck bonuses, it’s worth going for a complete armor set. 

Lucky Strikes

These can be applied to weapons and armor and can often be found from vendors or as rewards for side quests. Also, keep an eye out for anything that offers a Luck bonus, as it’ll help improve your chances of finding rare items and loot.

Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe has a chance to Stun enemies when it hits them. This can be extremely useful against more formidable foes, as it gives you a chance to get in some extra damage while they’re incapacitated. However, the axe also has a chance to inflict the Weakened Status Effect on enemies. This effect decreases an enemy’s defense, making them easier to kill.

Chaos Bane

The Chaos Bane is another weapon that can apply the Weakened Status Effect to enemies. In addition, it also has a chance to inflict the Burning Status Effect. This does damage over time and can help take down more formidable enemies.


So, what does luck do in god of war 4? The Luck stat is one of the more critical stats in God of War. It can affect everything from the items you get from enemies to the prices of items in shops. There are a few ways to increase your Luck stat, so it’s worth taking the time to stack up on Luck bonuses where possible.

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