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what is the hardest valkyrie in god of war

God of War – Difficulty Valkyrie Ranking

God of War takes players to an intense world, a land filled with tough bosses and enemies they have to fight. The franchise features some of the toughest iconic bosses who are difficult to defeat. Characters such as Ares and Cronos are mighty figures, and players must be at their A-game to take them out.

There are also Valkyries in God of War, who feature in the side quests. These opponents come equipped with different weapons and combat approaches, and it is best to have some background information on all available. Therefore, if you are wondering what the most difficult Valkyrie in God of War is, here are our rankings.

What Is the Hardest Valkyrie in God of War

Before identifying the hardest Valkyrie in God of War, it is best to clarify who the creatures are. Valkyries are optional God of War bosses players unlock as a player beats the game. There are eight Valkyrie in GOW, each with unique fighting skills, weapons, and combat approach. These bosses put up a good fight, and they can easily take you out.

Valkyries are good warriors imprisoned in their physical form. Players must beat them to stay alive and free them from the Helheim. Most of these bosses are available behind the ice seals in the Wildwoods. However, the character Kratos can only attack or engage with them once he retrieves a special item after completing the Magic Chisel mission.

After defeating the Valkyries, players advance to the next available side quest and earn various rewards, such as powerful armor and upgrades. God of War gamers can only acquire the strongest set available in the game, Epic armor, by beating the Valkyries.

These fights are also essential; players must defeat all eight to unlock the final boss fight. This fight is the most difficult one-on-one fight in the entire game. The good thing is that you will have gained some experience and fighting tactics before getting to the last boss fight.

God of War 4 Valkyrie Difficulty Ranking

The eight Valkyries in God of War vary in size, move set, skills, strength, and behavior. Therefore, you will find one or two tough opponents who have mastered your combat and playstyle. There is no tougher boss than the other since they all excel in different combat areas.

We managed to beat God of War, and according to our experience, we ranked these Valkyries from the easiest to the hardest to face. Here are our rankings:

  1. Gunnr

Gunnr was our easiest opponent, and you can find him at Thamur’s Corpse. The boss’ difficulty level is between 4 to 5 out of 10. You will easily take him out and need no special weapons or attacks.

  1. Kara

Boss Kara is located at the River Pass, and its difficulty level is between 5-5/10.

  1. Olrun

Olrun and Kara have the same difficulty level, and players can find the boss at Alfheim.

  1. Eir

Eir is not the most powerful Valkyrie, and its difficulty level is between 5-6/10. The boss is located at The Mountain.

  1. Geirdful

The next Valkyrie is Geidful, whose location is at the Foothills. This boss puts up a decent fight, and its difficulty level is between 6-7/10.

  1. Gondul

It is easy to lose to Gondul, a fairly tough boss located at Muspelheim. We gave this opponent a 7/10 difficulty rating.

  1. Rota

Rota has a unique combat style, very different from the others. We also gave the boss a 7/10 rating, and you can find it at Helheim.

  1. Hildr

Hildr was the toughest Valkyrie we faced; however, if you have perfected your combat moves, it is easy to take it out. We gave the boss a slightly higher difficulty rating of 7.5/10.

Which Valkyrie Is the Hardest God of War opponent?

According to our ratings, Hildr is the toughest Valkyrie. However, the other opponents are also powerful and can easily take you out. Prepare yourself for challenging face-offs from the first Valkyrie, and here are some helpful tips to help you defeat these enemies:

  • Land a heavy first blow. All Valkyries wait for you to engage, and it is best to come in swinging and cause huge damage with the first blow.
  • You will have to be patient and try to master their attacks and countermoves.
  • There is no shame in dying; you must keep fighting to get to the final boss.
  • Valkyries tend to rise into the air and make dangerous attacks. When you initiate this move, shoot it with an arrow to disrupt the move.
  • Upgrade your runic stats and cooldown.
  • Always carry a resurrection stone.
  • Be aware of the healing stones dropped by the Valkyries.

The Bottom Line

Valkyries are tough God of War bosses; taking them out is no walk in the park. Players must have exceptional combat skills, with a high chance of dying to one. Therefore, you need to prepare adequately for these battles, and the best way is to know where they are found and tips to defeat them effectively. 

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