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How to Play God of War On Xbox Series X

God of War was released as a PlayStation-exclusive game in 2018, and since then, Xbox X gamers have been asking if the game will be available on Xbox. The good news is that the game is playable on Xbox X, and if you want to launch it successfully on your device, this is your review.

The game lost its PS exclusivity, paving the way for PC and Xbox users to enjoy the intense action on their devices. Here is everything you need to know about the game’s availability and how to launch it effectively on your Xbox Series X.

Is God of War On Xbox Series X?

Yes. God of War recently made its debut on Xbox. This was after the move by Sony Santa Monica to end the game’s PlayStation exclusivity and announce that it was to feature on Steam. The award-winning game is available on the Xbox Series X console, although not all Xbox consoles. It is available for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S; there is no game version for Xbox 360.

Can You Play God of War On Xbox Series X?

Yes, you can now enjoy the latest God of War title on your Xbox Series X. Several players are complaining they cannot launch the game on their consoles, and chances are that they aren’t doing right. Note that the game is not available on Xbox Game Pass. Therefore, if you have an active subscription, you will have to download it.

Follow these easy steps to download and play God of War on your Xbox Series X:

  1. Open the Xbox Store and search for the words ‘God of War
  2. A drop-down list will appear, and you will see the game listed in the available game downloads.
  3. Click on the install option for the game to download and install it to the console automatically.

The game will automatically become available in your available Xbox games library. Scroll through the available games, locate, and launch God of War to begin your gaming adventures.

Will God of War Be On Xbox Series X

Some players gave up on God of War once they heard the game was a PlayStation-exclusive game title. A few months later, Sony announced that the game would come to PC. This was the first signal of the end of the game’s exclusivity period, which is how God of War ended up playable on Xbox Series X.

After the announcement of a PC version becoming available, the only option was through GeForce Now. GeForce Now is a game streaming service by Nvidia. This platform allows gamers to stream their game library on the internet using their preferred device. The available PC games could be streamed on almost all gaming devices.

However, the platform blocked the Microsoft Edge browser incorporated into Xbox consoles from accessing the service. After some time, they released the block, and Nvidia’s service supports the Xbox Series X browser.

The logic behind the game’s availability is that Nvidia’s streaming service allows gamers to launch any PC game on their Xbox console. Therefore, after announcing a God of War game copy, Xbox Series X owners could use the streaming platform to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. God of War doesn’t natively run on Xbox, and the streaming platform is a quick link needed to make it playable.

God of War is also coming to Steam, giving PC users another ideal way to launch the game. However, Xbox users cannot use the Steam game platform to launch the game. There would be, however, no need to since they can directly download the game through the Xbox Game Store.

God of War On Playstation Vs. Xbox Series X

God of War was first available for PlayStation consoles before an Xbox Series X version existed. The game has amazing graphics, audio, and gameplay, which are identical on both platforms. Its storyline is also amazing.

One of the differences between the two platforms is the game’s accessibility. PlayStation users must purchase the game’s digital copy from the PlayStation Store or many other game e-stores. Xbox Series X owners, on the other hand, have many purchase options. For instance, they can launch via the Nvidia streaming platform GeForce Now or download it from the Xbox Game Store.

This means Xbox Series X users have more purchase options and can enjoy a high-end God of War gaming experience at a lower cost. Whether they stream via PC streaming platforms or download, they get the same game quality as those who launch the game on PlayStation consoles.

The Bottom Line

God of War is now available for Xbox Series X consoles. After a long wait, the game’s PS exclusivity period ended, meaning PC and Xbox users could take on the action from their devices. Launching and playing the game on your Xbox Series X console is easy by following the simple steps highlighted above. 

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