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Hellblade Vs God of War

If you are looking for the ideal single-player experience on Norse gods/goddesses and mythology, Hellblade and God of War are two of the best options. Those who have played these games have been keen to highlight that their gameplays are familiar; however, they are vastly different.

These game titles have many little things in common; however, there are many significant differences. We took it upon ourselves to beat the two games, and below are our observations regarding the Hellblade 2 vs God of War debate. Read carefully since this review contains spoilers from both games.

Similarities Between God of War and Hellblade

The similarities between the two game titles sparked the God of War vs Hellblade debate. After finishing the two games, we could help but notice many similarities in various game aspects, such as;

  1. Both game developments began in the same period, and the games got launched with an 8-month difference. This was the first hint that one could be another’s rip-off.
  2. Another similarity is that the camera settings in both game titles are almost identical.
  3. Gameplay is also similar since they are the only available games where players can complete the campaign with no camera cuts or loading screens.
  4. The characters, adventures, and armor are almost similar in both games and operate in nearly the same manner. The animations are identical, and it is easy to confuse the two if you play them simultaneously.
  5. Various gameplay animations are the same in God of War and Hellblade. We observed characters using the same motion and approach as they opened doors.
  6. There is another gameplay similarity; the games require players to enter a mountain at a certain point during their adventures, and the events before and after are almost the same.
  7. Another storyline similarity is when players have to use new and specific weapons to eliminate a unique threat.
  8. The boss fights are also the same. When you play Hellblade, there is a point where the boss Fenrir hides in the shadows. The game requires players to listen in the shadows and make stealth movements to survive Fenrir’s attacks. The same happens in God of War, during the Magni and Modi boss fight. The two bosses hide in the fog, and players must listen to the sounds and evade their attacks.
  9. In both games, the characters’ adventures trigger and lead to Ragnarok. In Hellblade, Senua has to eliminate Surtr, Valravn, and Fenrir, and in God of War, Kratos kills Baldur to get to Ragnarok.
  10. There are many minor gameplay similarities observed in both games. For instance, there are voices guiding players to focus and alerting them of any possible danger behind them.

These are the main similarities between the two. Players who play any of the games would have an easier time if they were to play the other. Almost all available weapons and basic controls are the same.

God of War Ragnarok Vs Hellblade 2

The two game titles have a lot of minor things in common, such as Senua and Krato‘s adventures. Their storylines are unique, the graphics incredible, and the characters superb.

However, after taking a closer look at both options, there are huge differences, especially between God of War Ragnarok and Hellblade 2. Before highlighting the differences, it is essential to mention that both games are top-tier, and we’re not suggesting that one is better. Here are the differences between God of War and Hellblade.

  1. God of War and Hellblade have two different main characters; however, their storylines with Kratos and Senua having the same adventure. Their journeys are motivated by the people they love; Dillion for Senua and Laufey for Kratos.
  2. As much as the weapons, armours, and gear are almost the same for the two games, there are differences in certain game aspects. For instance, in Hellblade, players get shields, gravestones, and other weapons with runes; these objects reveal more pantheon stories. For God of War, boards and other things tell the pantheon tales.
  3. There are many minor storyline differences between the two. For instance, as the games begin, both characters experience a ‘disease’ problem. In God of War, we see Arteus getting sick because he isn’t aware he is a god. Hellblade, on the other hand, we see the growing rot getting to Senua’s head.

These are the significant differences we observed between the two. If we are to do a quick analysis, the similarities outweigh the differences. We aren’t suggesting that one is a copy of the other, but the similarities are a lot.

The Bottom Line

If we were to play God of War and Hellblade, you’d think one game is a copy of the other. The two game titles have many similarities in their graphics, gameplay, storyline, and other aspects. The differences are minimal, and this review contains all the necessary information to determine your perfect game. They are both great gaming options and guarantee an immersive gaming experience. 

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