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Is Hogwarts Legacy a PlayStation Exclusive

The new thriller, a role-action game by Warner Bros, is making the headlines in the gaming community. Hogwarts Legacy is taking the scenes in a buzz as everyone is excited to play the famous Harry Potter series. The anxiety is continually building up as each dawn brings the game’s launching date nearer. 

As a result, there are a lot of speculations on what the game will offer versus what it will not. This includes the issues on the platforms Hogwarts Legacy will feature and their entitlements. The questions include, is Hogwarts Legacy a PlayStation exclusive, and is Hogwarts Legacy a PS5 exclusive? Look no further for the answers to these questions.

Is Hogwarts Legacy PS Exclusive

Hogwarts Legacy is associated with close ties to Sony, PlayStation’s manufacturer. Therefore, many speculations link Hogwarts Legacy to an exclusivity deal on PlayStation 4 and 5. Is Hogwarts Legacy PS5 exclusive?

The speculation has drawn a lot of criticism from gamers on other platforms. However, the good news is that Hogwarts Legacy is not a PlayStation exclusive. The game will be available on most gaming platforms, including PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox S/X Series. In addition to these gaming platforms, recent news confirms that Hogwarts Legacy will also be on Nintendo Switch.

Following Sony’s announcement of Hogwarts Legacy, many speculated that the game would fall under Sony’s PS5 exclusives. The franchise would be among other titles including, Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Mile Morales. Doing this would greatly add to PS5’s market. However, this would lock out many gamers who play on different gaming platforms, reducing the game’s potential. Designed from the legendary Harry Potter Series, Hogwarts Legacy holds the potential to become one of the greatest games in history.

If you’re a PC or Xbox gamer, there’s a reason to smile ahead of the Hogwarts Legacy release. However, PlayStation players have more reason to anticipate the game. Read on to find out why.

Is There Any Special Content for PlayStation?

Despite Hogwarts Legacy not being a PlayStation exclusive, the game contains some PlayStation-exclusive content. Avalanche Software has revealed that PlayStation will have extra bonuses for the players in addition to the pre-order bonuses. Apart from the exclusive content, there’s also exclusive cosmetic content to be enjoyed by PlayStation players. The exclusive content is available for all PlayStation editions.

There will be an additional quest as the exclusive content alongside a potion recipe for the PlayStation pre-order bonuses. The additional quest for PlayStation players is known as Haunted Hogsmeade Shop.

What is the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop?

You might wonder about this additional quest if you didn’t know about the news. However, there’s no need for panic anymore.

The mission is set in Hogsmeade, where Madam Mason, a store owner, is selling her shop. However, there’s more to this; you must investigate this occurrence and unravel its mysteries and dark secrets. The mission is defined as risky. The trailer showing what the mission entails notes that you must watch your step since most who enter cannot escape the darkness.

The mission sets the horror and wizardry theme of Hogwarts Legacy. The ceiling contains hung mannequins looking like dead bodies. The mannequins will attack you as you explore the area, as revealed by the trailer. Therefore, you’ll need a lot of expertise and wizardry powers to complete this mission. On completing the mission, you’ll have the Hogsmeade Shop, and you can sell gear and items at affordable rates compared to anyone else in the game.

Does Hogwarts Legacy Offer Any Other PlayStation Exclusives?

Apart from the Hogsmeade Shop Mission, the players will access additional content, including:

  • Additional dungeon
  • In-game Hogsmeade Shop
  • Shopkeeper’s Cosmetic Set

Will the PlayStation Exclusive Content Be on Other Platforms?

Regarding the mystery and fun gameplay revolving around the Hogwarts Legacy additional content on PlayStation, gamers are curious to learn if it will be available for other users.

It has been revealed that the PlayStation’s exclusivity deal will last for one year. The news is a glimpse of hope for gamers on other gaming platforms. However, they will have to wait a year to enjoy the content, and many PC and Xbox players aren’t happy. This has been shown by gamers taking to social media to criticize the move.

However, gamers on all platforms can enjoy a variety of pre-order bonuses on Hogwarts Legacy. The pre-order bonuses include the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition.

Standard Edition

  • Onyx Hippogriff Mount.

Deluxe Edition

  • 72 hours early access.
  • The Dark Arts Pack, including the Dark Arts Cosmetic Set and Battle Arena, Thestral Mount, and the Digital-Deluxe Edition Exclusive (Dark Arts Garrison Hat)


It’s time for Hogwarts Legacy and its wizardly world full of horror yet intriguing scenes. Despite the game not being a PlayStation exclusive, PlayStation gamers still have many reasons to smile regarding the additional PlayStation exclusive content. 

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