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Is God of War Ragnarok the Last Game with Kratos?

Santa Monica gifted gamers with the intriguing God of War game series for over ten years, releasing the latest game title in 2018. Rumors are circulating that God of War Ragnarok is the last game with Kratos. The rumors are false, and we expect Kratos and Atreus adventures to continue.

God of War Ragnarok is the final game title in the Norse series. The game’s creative director, Cory Barlog, confirmed that in a recent interview. He stated that if the series continued, it would be too far stretched for a single story.

Is God of War Ragnarok Krato’s End?

No. God of War Ragnarok is not the end of Kratos’s amazing adventures. There is an official communication from the game’s creative director confirming this; however, he didn’t shed light on what will happen after GOW Ragnarok.

This is not the time to speculate; rather, enjoy the latest God of War game installment. Players must play through the God of War’s campaign to know of Atreus and Kratos’ fates. When one gets to the end, the impression is that more adventures will come.

Is God of War Ragnarok the Last Game?

Yes. For those asking, is God of War Ragnarok the last Norse game? The game signals the end of the iconic Norse series. Players have enjoyed the series’ interesting storyline for over a decade, and it is time to say goodbye. If there were to be another game title, it would take the game developer another five years to develop a sequel, which will be far stretched out for one storyline.

The game’s creative director. Cory Barlog confirmed this in an interview with YouTube Kuba. He told God of War fans that the plan was to have two game titles in the Norse series, and GOW Ragnarok was to conclude the chapter.

Is God of War Ragnarok the Last God of War?

No. God of War Ragnarok is not the final game release in the God of War series. During the same interview, Cory mentioned they were working on something more exciting. He stated that Santa Monica Studios has about five games lined up for players. This means GOW is not yet over; however, little information regarding the later installments is available.

In 2018, Cory mentioned that they were to release five God of War installments, with Ragnarok being one of them. As much as it is the end of the Norse series, the game developer can choose to feature the remaining four in a different mythological world.

Santa Monica Studios hugely succeeded with God of War Ragnarok, selling over 23 million game copies. These huge figures confirm that fans worldwide enjoy intense action, graphics, gameplay, storyline, and all game aspects. Therefore, leaving the series at God of War Ragnarok will be unfair to many players.

It is important to mention that the high revenue figures don’t guarantee that there will be a continuation of the series. However, if we consider Cory’s comments and the latest Santa Monica Studio trends, it is unlikely that GOW Ragnarok is the last of this amazing series.

What Happens to Kratos in God of War Ragnarok?

Before we answer this question, note that this section contains various spoilers. God of War Ragnarok picks up from where it left off in GOW 2018. Atreus and Kratos have to face the consequences of their actions in the previous adventures. However, they still have to fulfill their purpose: stop the world’s end.

After going through intense adventures, the game has an emotional ending. The Norse series has a sad ending that could touch the coldest hearts. Its story is so heart-warming that the killing machine, Kratos, couldn’t help but shed some tears.

After being profiled as a killer and monster, Kratos becomes the hero of the people, saving the world. We see him hailed as the people’s hero, and after an eventful journey, he gets emotional. This is the final scene in the Norse series; however, it doesn’t signal the end of Kratos in God of War.

An official announcement has yet to be made; therefore, it is impossible to know Kratos’ future. In addition, we don’t know where the next installment will occur. If we were to speculate, we expect to see Kratos in the next game series, no matter the mythology Santa Monica Studios chooses to use. Time is running out for Kratos, and we hope to see another series where he grooms Atreus and makes him the next people’s hero.

The Bottom Line

Players should get this clear; God of War Ragnarok is not the final GOW game. It is the last game title in the Norse series, and this was confirmed by Cory Barlog, the game’s director. Cory also promised four more upcoming games, and we expect to see Kratos in future releases. This review has summarized everything you need to know about God of War’s and Kratos’ future in the series. 

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