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zeus son

God of War Zeus Son

Zeus is the most interesting character in the God of War game series. He is an almighty god of sky and thunder known for his unique powers, physical appearance, and many other attributes. Zeus has a soft spot for women, with whom he sired many demigods and heroes.

He fathered about 100 children, sons, and daughters, with multiple women in his private life. His offspring continued his mighty lineage, becoming gods, goddesses, and great leaders. This review will look at Zeus’ sons; there are far too many sons to list, and we will focus on those who played an important role in the God of War series.

Zeus’ Sons

Zeus, the king of gods, had affairs with dozens of women, including mistresses, with whom he sired many children. Here are some of his sons who became great gods and made their mark in the God of War game series.

  1. Apollo

Apollo is Zeus’ best-known son, who got conceived during an illegitimate affair with Leto, Zeus was married to Hera during this time. Apollo became the Greek god of light, sun, music, poetry, agriculture, healing, prophecy, archery, order, and beauty. He is considered the perfect definition of male beauty in literature and art because of his athletic build and muscular body.

Interestingly, Apollo followed his father’s footsteps, involving himself in a string of affairs with dozens of women. Other sons considered to be Zeus’s favorite sons were Hermes and Dionysus.

  1. Hermes

Here is another favorite Zeus son who grew up to become the messenger to the gods. The God of War, Zeus’s son’s name was Hermes, whose mother was a Maia, a mountain nymph. Hermes was an industrious son and was responsible for inventing the lyre. He also developed public speaking and flying skills, making him the ideal messenger. This god of war zeus son name is magical just like the father.

He also had other interests, such as luck, fertility, and borders. His influence grew, and he became the patron of athletes, travelers, markets, and merchants. Hermes’ unique attribute is his wings which gave him the ability to fly high and fast.

  1. Ares

He is the son of Zeus and Hera the god of war, and was known as the wild child. Among all children Zeus fathered with his wife Hera, Ares was the most reckless. He began his troubles at a young age as a wild child who caused havoc and destruction anywhere he went.

His destructive nature saw him grow to become the Greek god of war. Ares is remembered for his anger and rage, making him the worst enemy one would want to face. The people didn’t love him since she showed no regard, including his father, Zeus; Zeus once told him he would have sent him down to Tartarus if Ares wasn’t his son.

  1. Kratos

If you are wondering, ‘who is Zeus son Kratos?’ he was a demigod who became Zeus’s downfall. Kratos killed his father and ended up regretting the act forever. Kratos is known for his strength and divine personification. During his life, he was known for brutal and merciless acts which provoked many.

He is the one who stood up against his father’s oppressive rule. Kratos used his great physical powers; he had the Pandora’s Box powers which belonged to Ares, and the help of a spirit, Athena, to take his father down ever since he became silent and defensive whenever anyone brought up the events of his father’s demise.

  1. Hercules

Hercules is another famous Zeus son who became a great hero and the icon of power and masculinity. He was the son of a mortal woman, Alcmene, and it is astonishing how he was born a demigod. Hercules began showing his amazing powers at a young age when he killed two snakes sent by another jealous wife.

When he grew up, Hercules loved traveling and adventuring to the lands where he restored order. This meant that he had to face terrifying beasts, challenge the oppressors, and release their prisoners. Hercules showed fearless bravery, and his reward for helping many was the gift of immortality.

  1. Perseus

Perseus is another illegitimate son of Zeus who had to be conceived to fulfill a prophecy. The demigod was the son of Danae, a princess who spent most of her life in prison. Danae’s father had put her behind bars to prevent her from becoming pregnant because he received a prophecy that the daughter’s son was to kill him.

Zeus managed to get to Danae by sneaking into the prison as the shower of the golden ring impregnated her. Perseus was the child from this affair, who grew up and fulfilled the prophecy of killing his grandfather. The demigod is also responsible for slaying Medua and Cetus, the sea monster.

The Bottom Line

Zeus fathered many, and it will take us more time to mention his offspring. He had many sons, most of whom became great figures playing an important role in the God of War series. Above are the well-known sons and a brief description of their role in the Greek world. 

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