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It’s 1cc Shirts’ Ode To The “Cadillac of Candy Cabs”

If you have a thing for Japanese game developers, especially those known for making shmups, along with tees that have an extremely low print run, then perhaps you know should maybe know about 1cc Shirts.

It works like this: at the beginning of every month a brand new design is unveiled and orders are accepted up until the 20th. Most thus far have been based upon gone yet not forgotten STG developers, like Toaplan, Raizing, Gazelle, Compile, and NMK.

Though some designs pay tribute to larger names, like Sega and SNK, both of which has a warm place in every arcade lover’s heart. Anyhow, once the deadline is reached, 1cc produces the exact number of shirts that’s been paid for, and that’s it.

“Once the run is done, it will never be printed again!” they proudly boast. I’ve been meaning to order from them for ages, but have been waiting for that perfect shirt (the last one that caught my eye was their homage to Tecnosoft, which I totally forgot about until it was too late).

Even though I’m more of an Astro City guy, I’ll gladly take their latest design, based upon the Egret II. Hopefully they’ll get around to doing shirts for Zuntata (you know, Taito’s house band), GAU Entertainment (or just a tee based upon Ranger X), and if they’re willing to one on racing games, Power Drift (am also down for Night Striker).

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