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Which skins got more colorful in CS2?

The release of the new version of Counter-Strike, the famous shooter, marked a more colorful picture for users. The creators have put serious effort into various improvements, including more detailed skins, and increased color contrast.

Now users can buy cs 2 skins and enjoy their favorite aesthetic items with an enhanced look. Below we will review some skins that look particularly better in CS2.

Flip Knife | Autotronic

Autotronic has a price slightly above average and is quite an expensive skin for the Flip Knife. On it, some parts of the blade are anodized red, and some are simply sanded. The handle of the knife is unpainted. Now a little about the difference in quality: being unpainted, the only thing that differentiates the Battle-Scarred exterior from Factory New is the darkening of the metal. Otherwise, the skin remains in excellent condition.

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

Imperial Dragon is average priced among the skins for this pistol. Almost the entire surface of the pistol, except for the trigger, is hand-painted with a burgundy background. On the surface of the background, images in the style of snake scales have been overlaid, and the main image is of a dragon. All these details are hand-painted in gold, and the front and rear sights are without a pattern.

Now a little about wear and tear. In the Well-Worn exterior, this skin does not have any serious damage, but:

  • there is almost no paint on the rear sight and front sight;
  • there are very slight abrasions on the cartridge magazine;
  • the paint has faded a little and you can see some small cracks.

The rest of the paint is worn off on the Battle-Scarred exterior.

Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel

Wasteland Rebel is one of the most expensive Glock-18 pistol skins. On it, black paint has been applied to the surface, except for the bolt, as a background. Sumerian drawings are on the surface of the shutter in sand-colored paint. Then the gun was lightly sanded and graffiti was applied to its surface with white paint. The inscriptions are deliberately depicted poorly with streaks of paint.

Now about wear and tear. The Well-Worn exterior shows significant wear across the pistol. The inscription is damaged the most, which affects the appearance of the pistol.

CZ75-Auto | Polymer

Polymer has a below-average price and is more of a cheap skin for this pistol. It has a pattern on the surface of the shutter that is very reminiscent of a polymer structure, hence the name. Everything is in poisonous blue and green colors.

The surface of the trigger, safety slide stop, and former magazine eject button, are blue. The remaining parts of the pistol are unpainted. The Well-Worn exterior of the pistol has some minor abrasions to the surface of the pistol.

Tec-9 | Avalanche

Avalanche has an average price among the skins for this automatic pistol. A minimalistic and futuristic pattern has been hydrographically applied to the gun’s surface using black, gray, blue, white, and orange paints.

Regarding paint wear, the Well-Worn exterior shows scuffs and scratches on the surface of the receiver, but only if you look closely. In general, the skin remains virtually unchanged. Even at the most extreme point of the Battle-Scarred exterior, the skin retains its appearance, despite significant abrasions on its surface.

Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco

Bronze Deco is another cheap but cute skin. It has metallic paint in two colors: bronze and silver-white. Its geometric details do not have a clear pattern, and the drawing looks different in each instance of this skin.

In the Field-Tested exterior, this skin loses its paint on the top of the slide, which is subject to friction, as well as on the trigger guard. The remaining parts suffered less damage. In the Battle-Scarred exterior, the gun hasn’t changed much. There are, of course, more abrasions, but no major changes are observed.

MAG-7 | Heat

The Heat skin is one of the cheapest for the MAG-7 gun. Orange-red paint has been applied to the background surface, along all the edges and boundaries, resulting in the effect of hot metal. With wear and tear, the paintwork fades rather than peels off.

Sawed-Off | Mosaico

Mosaico has a fairly high price, making it one of the most expensive skins for this shotgun. Beige paint is on the surface of the butt, and brown paint is on the fore-end. The rest of the gun is covered with a beige and brown mosaic-like pattern. The boundaries between the parts are made in gray. We can only notice small beige-brown spots on the Battle-Scarred exterior.

The developers have significantly improved skins in CS2, so it has become even more interesting for users to buy new ones. And the above skins are just a small selection for players to enjoy.

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