Attract Mode’s Games You Should Play This Halloween

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13. Haunting Ground – PlayStation 2
12. Deathsmiles – Xbox 360 (or the arcade version, if available)
11. Mr. Bones – Sega Saturn
10. Mansion Of Hidden Souls – Sega CD (Saturn version is “better”, but far less charming)
09. Bloody Bride – PlayStation 1 (fan translation, obviously)
08. Demon’s Crest – Super Nintendo
07. Michigan: Report From Hell – PlayStation 2
06. Shoot The Bullet – PC (but only with an arcade stick)
05. The Zombie VS Ambulance – PlayStation 2
04. Enemy Zero – Sega Saturn
03. The Tairyou Jigoku – PlayStation 2
02. Typing of the Dead – Dreamcast (ideally with two players)
01. … is a three way tie:

Illbeed – Dreamcast

Paranoiascape – PlayStation 1

Harvester – PC (good luck trying to get it run properly in Windows 7!)

Honorable Mention (haven’t played it myself, might not actually be legit): Pokemon “Black Version” – Game Boy

Yes, Someone Once Made A Game That Makes Fun Of Myst. And Yes, It Stars John Goodman.

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Been waiting for the right opportunity to mention one of YouTube’s bet kept secrets. 1bit is either just another nickname for Johnny Rogers, who also goes by The New Jedi Order, and who also happens to be the CEO of JEDICOM, or is just some name he came up with at the top of his head when signing up for YouTube back in the day.

The above should hopefully appeal to those who enjoy a healthy dose of messed up NES sights and sounds, which I’m willing to wager is a significant portion of those who follow this blog. Though if you do a little digging, you may discover that Rogers is also way into the game Myst.

Here’s the theme to… not that game, but of a parody entitled Pyst. Which is sung by John Goodman, who actually makes an appearance. Not sure if the following is something that’s been cobbled together, or if Rogers is simply shining a spotlight on what was already there:

And here’s a play through of that game in its entirety for those morbidly curious. All that really needs to be said is that LOT of work went into such a thing, which is kinda amazing, among other things. BTW, Pyst isn’t the only parody of Myst out there that’s a full on game. Check Google if you don’t believe me.

Anyhow, Rogers also produces his own series of linking books, which is the primary object in Myst, out of old Disney storybooks…

He also has a Myst zine

Funky Kong’s Ride From The Airport Is ASMR-rific

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The world of video games continues to be ravaged by craziness, absurdity, and flat out ugliness these days. Which is why, alas, more than a few friends and colleagues are currently not in the best of spirits.

So maybe the above might help? At least those who can be aided by the soothing mystery that is autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s the latest and greatest by the doctor himself, Doc Future to be precise.

Bonus vid time, and something else related to Mario Kart. The song is by Aaron David Ross, video by Nico Callaghan. And don’t forget: ”Love is the best thing we’ve got.”

Grimecraft ♥ 7 Questions and a Mix

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Producer/DJ/Hero Grimecraft just released the above guest mix for Shifty Rhythms. And since Diego and I have been featuring him almost weekly on our Portable Weekend Mixes, I thought it was a good time to get to know the tender soul behind some of our favorite beats.

Grimecraft and his bae

a/s/l/friend code?
24/m/ca/4828 – 4541 – 9860

What’s the optimal way to enjoy your latest mix?
After a long night of playing games or the beginning of a stressful day making games. Maybe even after an annoying day of fighting off internet trolls and/or audible sighing at your twitter feed.

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Mystery Mansion, Beyond Just Six Seconds

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Remember Mystery Mansion? That dude (real name Jonathan Sirlin, BTW/FYI) who can totally relax your ass with a combination of animated gifs and catchy tunes, in just 0.06?

Well, he’s finally decided to make songs that go beyond a few precious seconds. Behold The LEM EP, which can be enjoyed in its entirely above!

Though it’s totally deserves a place in your music library.

Portable [Workweek] Mix #19 // (ʘʖ̮ʘ)

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Woah! We’re runnin’ a little late on this one, but here are some choice tracks from the past couple of weeks, sure to make you (ʘʖ̮ʘ)~

Recommended carts to slam in while ur jammin':

(ʘʖ̮ʘ) – Super Smash Bros (3DS)
(ʘʖ̮ʘ) – Hohokum (Vita)
(ʘʖ̮ʘ) – Survival Kids (Game Boy Color)

Image by Michael Shillingburg

“All the excitement of pinball action can be yours!” Also, “Please don’t sleep!”

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If you lived in Pennsylvania between the mid 90s to early 2000s, and not only enjoyed video games but was also an insomniac, then you’re probably familiar with the late night local TV staple above. There are numerous many reasons why the TNT Amusements infomercial is so compelling, and many of them are as plain as day, so trying to even articulate a few feels silly.

But to me, it’s oddly heartwarming to watch a television program that depicts something that’s as youthful and hip and contemporary and edgy as video games, yet presented by someone who is essentially one’s “cool uncle”. The one who says that same dumb joke over and over again, expecting a laugh each and every time, and yet you can’t help but play along.

Plus anything that reminds me of the good old days in which a kid didn’t need an iPad to be content, but instead an old Bugs Bunny cartoon (projected no less), along with a small business owner who knows how to sell, sell, SELL also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I’ve actually written about the wondrous Todd N. Tuckey once before, back in the day for GameSetWatch; there was actually a second infomercial, and for my super detailed rundown, simply hit this link. And thankfully since then, TNT himself has uploaded this other infomercial onto YouTube; part one stars here.

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