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All Diablo 4 Main Quests Revealed: Locations and Rewards

Hey there, gamers! Are you ready to embark on an epic quest like no other? Well, get those keyboards and controllers ready, because in Diablo 4, the number of quests is off the charts! We’re talking about a mind-blowing total of nearly 150 quests scattered throughout the vast and open world of Sanctuary. And that’s not even counting the second leg of the campaign!

Picture this: you, the mighty hero, wandering through the land, your blades gleaming and ready for action. NPCs left and right, pouring their worries, fears, and problems into your capable hands. You’ll be their last hope, their beacon of light in the darkness, their ultimate savior! While some might only yield weapons as good as what you already possess, the experience points you’ll earn are absolutely worth it. We’ll also take a closer look at how the main story unfolds, dissecting each and every Diablo 4 act, bringing you all the juicy details. Trust us, there’s a whole lot to jump into, and we’re just getting started!

All Diablo 4 Main Campaign Quests

Prologue – Wandering

Quest TitleLocationRewards
Dusk on the MountainNeveskReward: Skill Point
Darkness WithinChamber of CallingRewards: 1505 XP, 300 Gold
A Hero’s ReturnNeveskRewards: 107 XP, 150 Gold, Dampening Leather Doublet
A Hero’s RewardNeveskRewards: 430 XP, 200 Gold, Chapel Key
Prayers for SalvationNeveskRewards: 430 XP, 200 Gold, Choker of Penance
In Search of AnswersFractured PeaksRewards: 440 XP, 240 Gold
Rite of PassageKyovashadRewards: 1248 XP, 350 Gold
Missing PiecesKyovashadRewards: Experience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Diablo 4 Prologue Main Quests

Act 1 – A Cold and Iron Faith

Quest TitleLocationRewards
Ill TidingsFractured PeaksRewards: 1200 XP, 300 Gold
Tarnished LusterYelesnaRewards: 1632 XP, 400 Gold
The Knight and the MagpieFractured PeaksRewards: 4224 XP, 700 Gold, Venomous Ring
UndertakingFractured PeaksRewards: 7392 XP, 840 Gold, Miner’s Litany
BelowFractured PeaksRewards: 3520 XP, 600 Gold
In Her WakeFractured PeaksRewards: 9240 XP, 1250 Gold
Storming the GatesFractured PeaksRewards: 17136 XP, 1560 Gold
The Cost of KnowledgeFractured PeaksRewards: 11500 XP, 1050 Gold, Mother’s Knife
Light’s GuidanceKyovashadRewards: 2496 XP, 640 Gold
Kor ValarFractured PeaksRewards: 9792 XP, 1300 Gold
PilgrimageFractured PeaksRewards: 8050 XP, 900 Gold
Light’s JudgementFractured PeaksRewards: 9792 XP, 1300 Gold
Light’s ProtectionFractured PeaksRewards: 2700 XP, 680 Gold
WaywardMistral WoodsRewards: 3520 XP, 600 Gold
Shroud of the HoradrimDarkened HoltRewards: 2579 XP, 650 Gold
Fledgling ScholarHoradric VaultRewards: 7722 XP, 1050 Gold
Crossing OverPine HillRewards: 3931 XP, 900 Gold
DescentNecropolis of the FirstbornRewards: 9828 XP, 1260 Gold
Light’s ResolveFractured PeaksRewards: 36720 XP, 4940 Gold, Vhenard’s Esoteric Signet
Diablo 4 Act 1 Main Quests

Act 2 – The Knife Twists Again

Quest TitleLocationRewards
An Unforeseen VisitScosglen4544 XP, 1000 Gold
Dark OmensScosglen7953 XP, 1200 Gold
Encroaching ShadowsScosglen8517 XP, 1260 Gold
Exhuming the ForgottenScosglen8517 XP, 1260 Gold
Harrowed LamentScosglen5200 XP, 1100 Gold
Apex of MiseryScosglen13000 XP, 1540 Gold
Parting EmbersScosglen9100 XP, 1320 Gold
Feral NatureScosglen10319 XP, 1440 Gold
The Beast WithinScosglen10319 XP, 1440 Gold
The Path of RageScosglen10319 XP, 1440 Gold
Fangs of CorruptionScosglen15652 XP, 1750 Gold
Stemming the FlowScosglen10956 XP, 1500 Gold
Buried SecretsScosglen6635 XP, 1300 Gold
In RuinsScosglen6635 XP, 1300 Gold
Entombed LegacyScosglen11611 XP, 1560 Gold
Shadow Over CerrigarScosglen3780 XP, 1080 Gold
As the World BurnsScosglen28350 XP, 5070 Gold, Charred Gauntlets
Diablo 4 Act 2 Main Quests

Act 3 – The Making of Monsters

Quest TitleLocationRewards
The Spreading DarknessKed BarduNone
Whittling SanityAbahru Canyon19964 XP, 1960 Gold
Suffering DisquietOrbei Monastery21056 XP, 2056 Gold
A Moment to CollectKed Bardu8422 XP, 1450 Gold
Brought LowGuulrahn8870 XP, 1500 Gold
The City of Blood and DustGuulrahn15523 XP, 1800 Gold
Small BlessingsThe Trail of Bones9996 XP, 1550 Gold
Whispers from the PastOffal Pits17493 XP, 1869 Gold
Through the Dark GlassMaw of Guulrahn17493 XP, 1860 Gold
Descent Into FlameTemple of the Primes17915 XP, 1920 Gold
Loose ThreadsAltar of Sacrifice10237 XP, 1600 Gold
Oasis of MemoriesTarsarak10465 XP, 1650 Gold
Flesh from BoneForsaken Chapel19032 XP, 2100 Gold
Beneath the MaskThe Outer Gardens10875 XP, 1750 Gold
Piercing the VeilExalted Terrace27189 XP, 2450 Gold
Exhumed RelicsForsaken Chapel40783 XP, 6400 Gold
Diablo 4 Act 3 Main Quests

Act 4 – A Gathering Storm

Quest TitleLocationRewards
Prying the EyeKehjistan5528 XP, 1440 Gold
A Master’s TouchKyovashad1382 XP, 1080 Gold
Lost ArtsMistral Woods19348 XP, 2160 Gold
A Meeting of the MindsTarsarak1402 XP, 1110 Gold
Anguish IncarnateTarsarak28050 XP, 2590 Gold
Eye of the StormTarsarak42075 XP, 6800 Gold, The Nexus Star
Diablo 4 Act 4 Main Quests

Act 5 – Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

Quest TitleLocationRewards
The Path DividedZarbinzet5610 XP, 1480 Gold
Secrets of the ZakarumRuins of Rakhat Keep Inner Court11220 XP, 1850 Gold
Entombed HatredFoul Undercrypts19889 XP, 2280 Gold
Swamp HospitalityWejinhani5682 XP, 1520 Gold
Witch of the WastesCinder Wastes11365 XP, 1900 Gold, Ember Staff
Encumbered MindHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
The Cage of GriefHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
One Step ForwardHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Tainted FleshHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Wrack and RuinHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Cold BloodHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Judgement of the SwampHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
The Serpentine PathHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Dirge of the MireHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
The Slow, Beating HeartHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
A Cold and Lifeless ShoreHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Picking Through the BonesHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Beneath the Wine-Dark SeaHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Fragments of MortalityHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
On the PrecipiceHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Knee-Deep in FaithHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
A Chorus of VoicesHawezarExperience: Depends on Character Level, Gold: Depends on Character Level
Diablo 4 Act 4 Main Quests

Act 6 – Dance of the Makers

Quest TitleLocationRewards
Evil Stirs in KehjistanTarsarak14227 XP, 2150 Gold
The Jewel of the EastCaldeum24898 XP, 2580 Gold
The Scouring of CaldeumCaldeum24898 XP, 2580 Gold
The Walls ShakeCaldeum35569 XP, 3010 Gold
Turning the TideCaldeum14227 XP, 2150 Gold
Essence of HatredBurning Hells26892 XP, 2640 Gold
In Desolation’s WakeBurning Hells26892 XP, 2640 Gold
Light ExtinguishedBurning Hells26892 XP, 2640 Gold
The Blind EyeBurning Hells41236 XP, 3150 Gold
What Lies AheadBurning Hells61854 XP, 8390 Gold, Adventurer’s Tunic of the Crowded Sage
PromisesHawezar28865 XP, 2700 Gold
A Heavy BurdenYelesna28865 XP, 2700 Gold
Legacy of the HoradrimScosglen28865 XP, 2700 Gold
Diablo 4 Act 6 Main Quests

Epilogue – From the Wound Spilled

Quest Title
A Heavy Burden
Legacy of the Horadrim
Diablo 4 Epilogue Main Quests

Is There a Particular Quest Order in Diablo 4?

Now, let’s address a burning question that many of you might have: Is there a particular order for all the main story quests in Diablo 4? Well, hold on to your loot, because Diablo 4 takes a different approach compared to its predecessors. Unlike the last numbered game in the series, Diablo 4 offers a more open questing system that grants you the freedom to start, progress, and complete quests as you please.

Once you’ve completed the prologue and find yourself at Kyovashad, you’ll notice something exciting. The quest list for the first three campaign acts will already be available to you. That means you can embark on those quests right away if you fancy a particular challenge or storyline. The choice is yours.

However, while you have the freedom to tackle the quests in any order, there are a few quests you should keep in mind. We’re talking about main quests, side quests, and priority quests that hold a special place in your journey. These quests serve a crucial purpose: unlocking and upgrading core features that will make your life easier when facing the more challenging parts of the game. Think of them as hidden treasures that you’ll want to prioritize whenever they become available.

So, to answer the burning question, no, there isn’t a particular order for all the main story quests in Diablo 4. The choice is yours to make. But remember, keep an eye out for those priority side quests that can enhance your gameplay experience.

What Is the Exact Number of Diablo 4 Quests?

In total, Diablo 4 boasts a whopping 97 main quests that will immerse you in the gripping storyline and propel your hero’s journey forward. But that’s not all! You’ll also have the opportunity to take on around 100 side quests that add depth and excitement to your adventure. That’s a whole lot of questing goodness right there!

Now, let’s talk numbers. If you’re aiming for that sweet 100% quest completion, you can expect to spend approximately 50 hours in the world of Diablo 4. That’s right, 50 hours of epic battles, intricate storylines, and thrilling challenges.

The Best Diablo 4 Main Quest Order

When it comes to tackling the main missions in Diablo 4, it’s always a good idea to have a solid quest order in mind. So, here’s the recommended path to follow for maximum enjoyment and efficiency.

After completing the Prologue and getting a taste of the action, it’s best to follow the numerical order of the Acts. Begin with Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith, where you should aim to reach Level 5 before diving into the thrilling quests that await you. Once you’ve conquered Act 1, it’s time to move on to Act 2: The Knife Twists Again. By this point, it’s recommended to be around Level 10 to fully embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

Now, as we progress through the Acts, it’s important to note that Acts 3, 4, 5, 6, and the Epilogue should be tackled in linear order. These Acts will unlock gradually as you complete the previous ones, ensuring a seamless and cohesive storytelling experience.

You might be wondering why it’s important to follow this quest order. Well, it’s all about maximizing your rewards and optimizing your gameplay. By following the recommended quest order, you’ll be engaging in quests that match your current level, allowing you to reap the most suitable rewards. Quest rewards scale based on your level, rather than the difficulty of the quest itself, so there’s no need to tackle quests that are way above your current level. Focus on the quests within your reach and watch your hero grow stronger with each victory.

In conclusion, the main story quests in Diablo 4 hold endless adventures and thrilling challenges. With a total of 97 main quests, around 100 side quests, and 15 priority side quests, there’s no shortage of epic quests to embark upon. Now, step into the realms of Diablo 4, where danger and glory await. Embrace your destiny, vanquish the evils that lurk, and become the legendary hero you were born to be. The journey begins now.

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