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Diablo 4 All Soundtrack List

Hey there, demon-slayers and adventurers! Get ready to dive deep into the musical realm of Diablo 4. The highly anticipated soundtrack for this epic game has been unleashed, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on all the incredible songs that will accompany your demon-slaying escapades in the dark world of Sanctuary. From hauntingly beautiful melodies to intense and gritty soundscapes, this soundtrack will take your gaming experience to a whole new level of immersion. We’ve got the full tracklist for you, including an exciting collaboration between Halsey and SUGA that pays homage to the formidable Lilith, the game’s main antagonist. Get your headphones ready and prepare to be transported into a world of chilling melodies and adrenaline-pumping beats. You won’t want to miss it!

Who Composed the Diablo 4 Soundtrack?

In the ominous world of Diablo 4, the captivating soundtrack is brought to life by the talented duo of Ted Reedy, Diablo 4 Senior Composer II, and Leo Kaliski, Diablo 4 Senior Composer. Together, they meticulously craft an audio experience that perfectly complements the game’s dark and treacherous atmosphere. Ted and Leo’s dedication to creating immersive and emotionally evocative music guides players through the nightmarish realms of Sanctuary. Their work not only sets the tone for different regions but also enhances the storytelling and heightens the intensity of boss encounters. With their careful attention to detail and passion for the series, Ted Reedy and Leo Kaliski have crafted a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that will stay with players long after their demon-slaying adventures in Diablo 4.

Full Diablo 4 Tracklist

Diablo 4 boasts an impressive soundtrack comprising a total of 47 captivating songs created by a talented group of composers. Each track enhances the immersive experience of the game and contributes to its atmospheric and epic nature. Here is a comprehensive list of all the songs featured in the official Diablo 4 soundtrack:

  1. Menu – Leo Kaliski, Ted Reedy & Derek Duke
  2. By Three Days They Come – Ryan Amon
  3. Nevesk – Ted Reedy
  4. Kyovashed – Leo Kaliski
  5. Cathedral – Leo Kaliski
  6. Olyum Tundra – Leo Kaliski
  7. Gale Valley – Ted Reedy
  8. Yelesna – Ted Reedy
  9. Neyrelle – Ted Reedy
  10. Dobrev Taiga – Leo Kaliski
  11. Nostrava – Ted Reedy
  12. Menestad – Leo Kaliski
  13. Eldhaime Keep – Leo Kaliski
  14. Firebreak Manor – Ted Reedy
  15. Cerrigar – Leo Kaliski
  16. Dead Forest – Leo Kaliski
  17. Unbralwood – Ted Reedy
  18. Highlands – Leo Kaliski
  19. Tur Dulra – Ted Reedy
  20. As the World Burns – Ryan Amon
  21. Ked Bardu – Leo Kaliski
  22. Olzei Bluffs – Leo Kaliski
  23. Jirandai – Ted Reedy
  24. Anguish Incarnant – Ryan Amon
  25. Umir Plateau – Leo Kaliski
  26. Zarbinzet – Ted Reedy
  27. Wetland – Ted Reedy
  28. Marsh – Leo Kaliski
  29. Tree of Whispers – Ted Reedy
  30. Fens – Ted Reedy
  31. The Rustwash – Ted Reedy
  32. The Cinder Wastes – Ted Reedy
  33. High Desert – Leo Kaliski
  34. Tarsarak – Ted Reedy
  35. Badlands – Leo Kaliski
  36. Low Desert – Ted Reedy
  37. Gea Kul – Ted Reedy
  38. Oasis – Leo Kaliski
  39. Descent – Ted Reedy
  40. Imminent Ruination – Ryan Amon
  41. Hell – Leo Kaliski
  42. Ashava – Ryan Amon
  43. Mother of Sanctuary – Ryan Amon
  44. Daughter of Hatred – Ted Reedy
  45. Promises – Ted Reedy
  46. Legacy of the Horadrim – Ted Reedy
  47. Confrontation – Neal Acree & Ryan Amon

It’s worth noting that the official Diablo 4 soundtrack does not include the track “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem)” by Halsey and SUGA, which was released separately on June 5, 2023. Nevertheless, the abundance of meticulously composed songs in the game’s soundtrack ensures a captivating and immersive musical experience for players.

Halsey and BTS’ SUGA Collaborate on ‘Lilith’ for Diablo 4’s Soundtrack

Diablo 4 has brought together two musical powerhouses, Halsey and SUGA of BTS, for a thrilling collaboration on the track titled “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem).” The accompanying music video takes viewers on a dark and atmospheric journey, with Halsey navigating a church while encountering invisible blades and arrows. SUGA contributes a powerful verse, adding a fresh and shadowy dimension to the song. The music video was filmed in various locations, including the Chapelle des Jésuites in Cambrai, France, which was adorned with stunning paintings and a 160-foot mural inspired by the game.

Halsey expressed their excitement about collaborating with SUGA, combining their passion for the Diablo world with a concept steeped in dark mythology. This anthem perfectly captures the essence of Diablo 4, embodying the resolute spirit needed to confront and overcome the game’s challenging demons. Both artists bring their unique talents to the table, crafting a hauntingly beautiful experience that fans of Diablo, Halsey, and SUGA are sure to appreciate.

In conclusion, the immersive world of Diablo 4 comes to life with its captivating and atmospheric soundtrack. The main composers behind the game’s score are Ted Reedy, Diablo 4 Senior Composer II, and Leo Kaliski, Diablo IV Senior Composer. Together, they have meticulously crafted a musical experience that sets the tone for different regions, dynamically adapting to in-game events and enhancing player immersion. The soundtrack captures the darkness, bleakness, and madness of Sanctuary, reflecting the constant sense of struggle and the haunting atmosphere of the game. The music choices are intricately woven into the narrative to guide players through the ever-changing world, immersing them in each region’s eerie ambiance. Additionally, the collaboration between Halsey and SUGA resulted in the creation of “Lilith (Diablo IV Anthem),” a mesmerizing song that adds a fresh and shadowy feeling to the Diablo 4 experience. This collaboration, along with the talented group of composers and the full tracklist of 47 songs, ensures that the haunting melodies of Diablo 4’s soundtrack will resonate with players long after they embark on their journey through Sanctuary. Prepare to be transported into the dark realms of Diablo 4, where the music becomes your sonic guide in the fight against demonic forces and twisted horrors.

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