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Diablo 4 Barbarian Masters of Battle Quest: How To Unlock & Rewards

Hey, mighty Barbarians of Sanctuary! Are you ready to unleash your weapon expertise and dominate the battlefield in Diablo 4? Well, hold onto your axes and prepare for an epic adventure because we’re about to reveal the secret to becoming a true master of battle. In this article, we’ll guide you through all the steps you need to take to complete the Barbarian’s Masters of Battle quest. By the end of it, you’ll be wielding your chosen weapon with unrivaled skill, unlocking bonuses that will make you an unstoppable force. So, grab your gear, sharpen your blades, and let’s dive into the heart of combat mastery in Diablo 4!

How to Start Masters of Battle Quest?

When you reach level 15 in Diablo 4, you will receive a Priority Quest called “Masters of Battle.” This quest will become available to you, and it will require you to travel to Ked Bardu, the main city of the Dry Steppes. Your objective is to speak with Gerti, the Forgemaster of the Oxen Tribe. It is highly recommended to complete this quest as soon as you can, as the reward you will receive is crucial for optimizing your damage, utility, or resource generation.

Masters of Battle Objectives

To complete the Masters of Battle quest in Diablo 4, you will need to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Speak with Forgemaster Gerti in Ked Bardu.
  2. Find Katra and ask to join the Oxen Tribe.
  3. Defeat 30 bandits and 20 wildlife.
  4. Proceed to the Cave Entrance and receive a task from Katra to slay the beast.
  5. Enter Charnel Cave, confront the creature, and obtain the Head of the Beast.
  6. Deliver the Head of the Beast to Katra, located at the entrance of the cave.
  7. Return to Forgemaster Gerti in Ked Bardu to complete the quest.

By successfully completing these objectives, you will progress through the Masters of Battle quest and unlock important rewards for your Barbarian character.

Diablo 4 Masters of Battle Quest Detailed Walkthrough

In the Barbarian quest “Masters of Battle” in Diablo 4, you’ll embark on a journey to join the Oxen Tribe and prove your worth as a warrior. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of the quest:

  1. Speak with Forgemaster Gerti: Interact with Forgemaster Gerti in Ked Bardu Town. She will mention your heritage and introduce you to the Oxen tribe. She will direct you to meet Katra.
  2. Meet with Katra: Head towards the north side of Ked Bardu Town and locate Katra at the Wayward Plains. She will test your abilities.
  3. Kill enemies at the Hunting grounds: Proceed to the hunting grounds and eliminate thirty bandits and at least twenty wildlife enemies. Be prepared to face enemies like Plains Hornets, Marauders, Firebrands, Plague Swarms, and Arsonists.
  4. Complete Katra’s challenge: Once you have defeated the required number of foes, Katra will acknowledge your skill and inform you about a nearby cave.
  5. Slay the beast present in the cave: Journey to the cave located on the north side of the Kotama Grasslands. Katra will be waiting at the entrance. Venture inside and confront the “Beast of the Steppes (Elite)” – a giant boar-like creature with massive horns. Defeat the beast and retrieve its head.
  6. Return to Katra: Bring the beast’s head back to Katra, who will express her satisfaction with your accomplishment. She will take the prize and instruct you to return to Ked Bardu.
  7. Meet with Forgemaster Gerti: Return to Ked Bardu and find Forgemaster Gerti. She will congratulate you on becoming a part of the Oxen Tribe and present you with the crest.

Completing the Masters of Battle Quest

Once you return to Ked Bardu, seek out Forgemaster Gerti and engage in conversation with her. By doing so, you will successfully complete the Barbarian: Masters of Battle quest. As a reward for your accomplishment, you will unlock the Class Feature for Weapon Technique. Congratulations on your achievement! Now is the perfect time to hone your skills with different weapon types and fully utilize this newfound ability in Diablo 4.

What Rewards Will I Be Given For Finishing the Masters of Battle Quest in Diablo 4?

When you successfully complete the Masters of Battle quest in Diablo 4, you will be rewarded with several valuable benefits. First, you will have the honor of joining the esteemed Oxen tribe, solidifying your place as a true warrior. Additionally, you will receive a substantial amount of experience points, totaling 11,611 XP, and a generous sum of 1560 Gold. However, the rewards don’t stop there. The most exciting aspect of completing this quest is the unlocking of the Weapon Technique class feature for your Barbarian. This unique ability allows you to select a Weapon Expertise Effect that will enhance all of your Barbarian’s attacks, regardless of the weapon you have equipped. It’s a powerful addition to your arsenal that will greatly amplify your combat prowess in Diablo 4.

In conclusion, the Masters of Battle quest is an important milestone in your journey as a Barbarian in Diablo 4. To unlock this quest, you need to reach level fifteen and receive the Priority Quest. Upon successful completion, you will be rewarded with 11,611 XP and 1560 Gold, which will boost your progress and wealth. The most exciting reward, however, is the unlock of the Weapon Technique class feature. This ability allows you to choose a Weapon Expertise Effect that enhances all of your Barbarian’s attacks, regardless of the weapon you wield.

So, sharpen your blades and brace yourself for the challenges ahead. The Masters of Battle quest awaits, ready to test your skills and reward you with glory and valuable rewards. Are you ready to prove yourself as a true champion of the Barbarians? Embark on this epic quest and unleash your fury in the world of Diablo 4.

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