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Diablo 4 Item Affixes System

Hey there, fellow Diablo fans! Are you ready to dive into the world of item affixes and discover how they can enhance your gear in Diablo 4? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of affixes and their effects, from increased damage to bonuses for specific skills. So, grab your potions and let’s get started on this loot-filled adventure!

Types of Item Affixes in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, there are three tiers of item affixes: Regular, Legendary, and Unique.

Regular affixes can be found on items of all qualities except Normal and account for the vast majority of affixes.

Legendary affixes are one per Legendary item and are 2-3x more powerful than a Regular affix. They can be extracted by an Occultist NPC into a Legendary Aspect and used to upgrade another item.

Unique affixes are one per Unique item and are by far the most powerful affix. Only one Unique item can be equipped per character. Here’s a table of some of the different types of item affixes in Diablo 4:

Affix TypeExamples
Regular+X Strength, +X% Critical Hit Chance, +X Armor
LegendaryReduces the cooldown of all skills by X%, grants a powerful skill or ability, adds a unique effect to a skill
UniqueReduces cooldown of all skills by X%, grants a powerful skill or ability, adds a unique effect to a skill
Diablo 4 Item Affixes

Regular Affixes

Regular Item Affixes in Diablo 4 come in various subtypes, including Offensive Affixes, Defensive Affixes, Resource Generation Affixes, and Miscellaneous Affixes.

Offensive Affixes include bonuses to attack speed, critical strike chance, damage, and more. Defensive Affixes provide players with increased resistance to different types of damage, damage reduction, and health regeneration. Resource Generation Affixes are specific to each class and can provide maximum resource values or cost reductions for skills. Finally, Miscellaneous Affixes offer a range of bonuses such as increased movement speed, skill cooldown reduction, and bonuses to all stats or specific attributes like dexterity, intelligence, strength, and willpower.

Note that these affixes are subject to change before the final release of the game.

Legendary Item Affixes

Legendary Item Affixes are the most powerful affixes in Diablo 4, offering bonuses that are several times more potent than Regular item affixes. These affixes can be found on any Legendary item and can be extracted by an Occultist NPC and stored in a Legendary Aspect.

In addition, Legendary item affixes are class-specific and provide unique bonuses that enhance a character’s skills, attacks, and abilities. For example, Barbarian characters can benefit from affixes that increase Fury generation or boost damage for unused Fury. Sorceress characters, on the other hand, can utilize affixes that grant new skills or increase Critical Strike chance.

Overall, Legendary item affixes provide a powerful and exciting way to customize a character and improve their combat abilities.

ClassLegendary Affixes
Any class+x to equipped skills, Hydra hit effect, increase skill duration, increased damage to knocked down enemies, periodic lightning traps, increased damage from damaging ground effects, chilling/frost effects on physical attacks
Barbarianincreased Fury generation, increased Fury skill damage, increased damage with consumed Fury, burning ground effects, Whirlwind pulls enemies, faster Chill to Freeze conversion
DruidLightning aura on critical strikes, lightning on shapeshift, Earth skill damage boost from Storm skills, Storm skill critical chance boost from Earth skills
SorceressNova cast on teleport, multi-projectile Fireball, critical strike bonus for Meteor, critical strike chance boost on Teleport, life-absorbing Barrier on Teleport, random teleport location, free Major Destruction spell on Critical Strike
Class-related Legendary Affixes in Diablo 4

Unique Item Affixes

Unique Item Affixes in Diablo 4 are extremely powerful and each Unique item has a static Unique affix. Players can only equip one Unique item per character, which means that players will center their builds around them. These affixes are so powerful that they can change the way players approach to combat and exploration. For example, the Kilt of the Plaguebringer Pants allows your Poisons to deal damage to the target when they expire, while the Mad Wolf’s Glee Chest makes poisoned enemies hit by Lacerate or Thrash instantly deal damage to all nearby enemies. The Stormwalker’s Cudgel has a hit effect that automatically casts the Tornado skill at the target for free. These affixes are specific to certain classes, making each Unique item even more valuable and desirable to players.

Number of Affixes Per Item Quality

In Diablo 4, each item quality tier has a different number of maximum affixes that can be applied to them.

  • Normal items have a maximum of 0 affixes, which means they do not have any additional bonuses or effects.
  • Magic items can have up to 2 regular affixes, providing the player with some additional bonuses.
  • Rare items have a maximum of 5 regular affixes, which makes them a more desirable choice for players. The number of affixes for Set items is not specified.
  • Legendary items can have a total of 5 affixes, which includes 4 regular affixes and 1 legendary affix.
  • Unique items have a maximum of 6 affixes, which includes 5 regular affixes and 1 unique affix, making them extremely powerful and rare.

The different limits on affixes for each item quality tier provide players with a variety of options to choose from when it comes to building and upgrading their gear in the game.

In Summary

Item affixes are an essential part of Diablo 4 that can enhance a player’s items and abilities. They can provide bonus attributes, such as increased damage, critical hit chance, and resistance to certain types of damage. Diablo 4 items have three tiers of affixes, including Regular, Legendary, and Unique. Understanding the different types of affixes and how they interact with each other is essential to building a powerful character in Diablo 4. So, make sure to experiment with different affixes and item combinations to create the ultimate character!

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