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Diablo 4: Keyboard vs Controller

Hey there, Diablo fans! Are you excited about the upcoming release of Diablo 4? Well, we have some great news for you! You can play Diablo 4 with both a keyboard and a controller. With the game coming to consoles and PC, it’s no surprise that controller support is a thing for the console versions. But what about the PC version? Will it support both the keyboard and controller? Stick around because we have all the details about Diablo 4’s PC keyboard and controller support, and you won’t want to miss it!

PC Controller Support for Diablo 4

Yes, it is possible to play Diablo 4 with a controller on PC. Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 4 supports controllers on PC, and the user interface used for controllers and keyboard/mouse will be the same. This means that players will be able to seamlessly switch between the two input methods, and the user interface will be unified enough that swapping inputs on the fly won’t be a problem. The UI layouts are more grid-based for easier navigation, and while the interaction flow may not be identical, there will be plenty of customization, and controller players will be able to remap some of their buttons. This is the first Diablo game developed simultaneously for both PC and consoles, so controller integration is a much bigger part of the process than ever before. If you prefer playing with a controller over a keyboard and mouse, you can rest assured that Diablo 4 on PC will support your preferred input method.

Diablo 4 Controller Settings Customisation

Players who prefer using a controller to play Diablo 4 on PC will be pleased to know that the game offers plenty of options for customizing their experience. Diablo 4 allows controller players to change their button mapping to some degree, giving them more control over how they interact with the game’s systems. Additionally, there are two different UI modes available in the game, which are better suited to either a PC monitor or a TV. Players can switch between these modes and customize their settings to ensure the best experience for their preferred play style. Overall, Diablo 4 offers a high level of customization for players, allowing them to tailor their controller operation and other aspects of the game to suit their needs.

Diablo 4: Will I Be Able to Play With a Keyboard and a Mouse on PS?

Players will be able to use a keyboard and a mouse while playing Diablo 4 on PS5 if they wish. Blizzard has taken handle operation into consideration during development, integrating new dodge moves onto specific buttons of the PS5 DualSense wireless controller. However, if you prefer the classic control method of using a keyboard and a mouse, Diablo 4 will provide full support for it on the PS5. The game is the first in the series designed according to the needs of game console players, making it easy and responsive to target enemies or chests with a controller. But the option to use a keyboard and a mouse will be available for those who prefer it.

Diablo 4: Controller vs Keyboard?

Players of Diablo 4 will have the option to choose between playing with a keyboard and mouse or a controller. The game has been developed simultaneously for PC and consoles, allowing for full controller support on all platforms. The decision of where to play the game ultimately comes down to personal preference, with the PC version catering to players who prefer keyboard and mouse input, and the console version catering to those who prefer controller input. Diablo 3’s phenomenal gamepad support introduced a much higher level of control and immersion compared to senseless clicking, so players may want to consider the benefits of playing with a controller. However, the option to use a keyboard and mouse may appeal to those who prefer the classic Diablo gameplay experience. Ultimately, the choice between keyboard and controller input comes down to personal playstyle.

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Closing Thoughts

Diablo 4 offers players the flexibility to play the game with either a controller or a keyboard and mouse. Controller support is available on all platforms as the game was developed concurrently for both PC and consoles. Players can freely switch between the two input options, and the game’s UI has been designed to be unified enough to accommodate either input method. Ultimately, the choice of whether to play with a controller or a keyboard and mouse comes down to personal preference, and with Diablo 4’s flexible operation system, players can enjoy the game in the way that best suits them.

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