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Does Diablo 4 Really Look Bad?

Hey, gamers! Have you seen the new Diablo 4 gameplay footage? Well, if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat because it has been causing a lot of controversy in the gaming community. The recent video has gathered lots of criticism and negative reviews, with many gamers claiming that the new gameplay makes Diablo 4 look more like a Diablo 3 update than a novel title. So, let’s dive in and find out the possible reasons behind this backlash. Stay tuned!

Diablo 4: Players’ Highlights

Users who have tried to play Diablo 4 over the weekend have had a bad experience, as reported by VGC. They have encountered long wait queue times, error codes, and even game crashes. Some users who were able to log in found that they couldn’t connect with their friends or invite them to gaming sessions. As a result, many gamers have expressed disappointment in the game and have decided not to pre-order it. They have commented that the game looks more like Diablo 3 than any of the previous footage, and have called it a “Diablo 3 update.” If you’re unsure whether you should play Diablo 3 or Diablo 4, a Diablo 4 and Diablo 3 comparison might be worth reading.

Many viewers have also expressed displeasure with the downgraded graphics and cartoony visuals, which they say do not match the dark style of the Diablo franchise. Additionally, some users have pointed out that the gameplay showcased in the latest footage is not labeled as “not final version,” which has caused concern among some gamers. There are also rumors that the console version of the game may have suffered an internal downgrade, but it remains to be seen if this will affect gameplay on all platforms.

Diablo 4: What Was Bad About the Beta Version?

The Diablo 4 beta version had some problems that developers will need to fix before the official release. Some issues were identified with the beta version of Diablo 4. One issue is the game’s memory usage, which seems to be a problem with a memory leak in certain instances. Additionally, there were reports of stuttering, areas that wouldn’t load, and crashes when trying to go back to the title screen or quit the game entirely.

Gamers also mention problems with the map, including the lack of a transparent overlay and the minimap being borderline useless due to its zoomed-in view. They suggest that the UI could be improved as well, as it looks a bit unfinished and too mobile-like for their taste. They also argue that the skill tree screen leans too heavily into Diablo 2 styling.

Another issue identified is the lack of fast travel points in sprawling zones, which is believed to be solved with mounts. They also criticize the TP system, which requires players to teleport back to a town before teleporting to their party if they are in one.

Some Diablo fans mention that they like the game’s dark, blood-soaked areas, desaturated to the point of blandness zones, and they haven’t seen much creativity in the enemy density and diversity so far. They also note that some legendary affixes seem dull.

Overall, it feels that Diablo 4 is playing it safe and inserting Lost Ark-like MMO elements without changing much else. They argue that the game should have evolved in more ways rather than trying to “fix” Diablo 3 by going back to a bunch of Diablo 2-but-modernized reworks. However, the game’s storytelling with fantastic cutscenes is praised, and a genuinely intriguing plot with Lilith, is something lacking in past games.

Diablo 4: Technicalities

The highly-anticipated Diablo 4 seems to be offering a familiar experience for those who have spent countless hours playing Diablo 3. However, the game requires a persistent online connection, which is causing some significant drawbacks. Players have experienced long wait times to get into the game, and they are unable to create manual saves when ending their game session, resulting in a degree of repeated progress required when reloading. Despite the drawbacks, online persistence allows the world to feel more alive and creates a sense of community, with players buzzing around and taking part in in-game events for better rewards. Co-op is also easier than ever, with same-screen action available. Blizzard seems to be leaning more toward the online community aspect of the game, which is causing the offline dungeon-crawler experience to struggle. The balance between the two experiences remains to be seen at launch.

Diablo 4: What We Can Expect From the Gameplay

Based on the recent gameplay preview by PCGamesN, it seems that Diablo 4 will be a significant departure from its predecessors. The game will feature an open-world structure that allows players to travel between hubs without any loading screens. Players can ride horses and even attack enemies while mounted, as well as find shortcuts by jumping off ledges. The world of Sanctuary is split into five major regions, each based on a real location, and players can join each other at any time in the same world via co-op or PvP with cross-play support across all platforms. The game will also have Diablo 4 Strongholds, settlements filled with enemies that players must slay to capture the territory, and will reward players with either a friendly town filled with helpful NPCs, a dungeon waiting for them to plunder its secrets or something else entirely. With extensive plans for customization, including the ability to create personalized characters and tinker with skill slots, Diablo 4 is sure to offer a diverse range of gameplay options and builds. Additionally, players can expect a Diablo 4 loot system with highly desirable mythic items to seek out, normal dungeons being converted for high-level play after completing the campaign, and ongoing support with game updates, expansions, and ladders. Overall, Diablo 4 looks to be an exciting and innovative addition to the Diablo franchise, with a wealth of features and gameplay options that should keep players engaged for years to come.

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Overall, the Diablo 4 Beta has shown us a glimpse of the exciting new features that are coming in the game, such as an open-world structure, diverse character customization, and a promising endgame. However, players have also faced some technical issues that need attention from the developers, such as the game’s persistent online connection, unstable performance, and UI-related problems. Blizzard has a lot to work on before the final release of Diablo 4 to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for players. With that said, fans of the Diablo franchise can still look forward to the full release of the game, and hopefully, the developers will address these issues and make Diablo 4 an outstanding addition to the series.

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