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Diablo 4 Mount Mission Donan’s Favor Ultimate Walkthrough

Hey, adventurer! Tired of trudging through the treacherous lands of Sanctuary on foot? Well, worry no more! In Diablo 4, there’s a solution that will have you riding in style and zooming across the regions in no time. It’s all thanks to the Mount: Donan’s Favor mission, a thrilling quest that unlocks the coveted mount feature. No more pesky mobs ruining your travel plans from point A to point B! So, get ready to saddle up and join us as we reveal the secrets to completing the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest in Diablo 4.

When Does the Mission Mount: Donan’s Favor Become Available?

Once you have completed Act Three, specifically the quest “The Making of Monsters,” the Mount: Donan’s Favor mission becomes available in Diablo 4. This means that you will need to progress through Act Three before you can embark on the quest to obtain a mount. However, once you reach Act Four, you can prioritize the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest to quickly acquire a mount and enhance your gameplay experience by traveling faster and more efficiently.

How Do I Start the Mount: Donan’s Favor Mission in Diablo 4?

To start the Mount: Donan’s Favor mission in Diablo 4, you need to progress to Act Four in the campaign and reach the mission called A Gathering Storm. In this mission, travel to Kyovashad and seek out Donan at the Cathedral of Light. Interact with him to initiate a conversation, and Donan will assign you the task of speaking to the stable master about acquiring a steed. Look at the map image provided to locate the stable master in Kyovashad.

Diablo 4 Donan’s Favor Mission Walkthrough

To get the mount through the Mount: Donan’s Favor mission in Diablo 4, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Progress through the campaign until you reach Act Four.
  2. Receive the mission A Gathering Storm.
  3. Travel to Kyovashad and locate Donan at the Cathedral of Light.
  4. Speak to Donan and accept the quest.
  5. Head to the stable in Kyovashad and find the Stable Master, Oskar.
  6. Talk to Oskar and learn about how horses work, including controls and unlocking more mounts.
  7. Purchase a mount from the stable using the options provided.
  8. If you have the Deluxe or Ultimate edition, you will already have the Temptation mount and horse armor unlocked.
  9. Once you’ve completed Mount: Donan’s Favor, you can interact with stables located around the world to acquire new horses and customize them.
  10. Keep in mind that mounts can also be obtained from Diablo 4 world bosses and Helltide events.
  11. Visit the stable periodically to check for new mount options and customization features.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully obtain a mount and enjoy the benefits of faster travel in Diablo 4.

Getting a Well-Deserved Mount

Once you have completed the Donan’s Favor mission in Diablo 4, the stable master Oskar will gift you a mount. To receive the mount, simply interact with Oskar at the Stables and select the dialogue option that says “I’m a friend of Donan’s.” This will unlock the mount option, and you can then purchase a horse from Oskar. Additionally, if you have the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game, you will receive special mounts such as the Light-Bearer and Temptation, along with their respective mount armors, the Caparison of Faith and Hellborn Carapace.

What Mounts Can Owners of Diablo 4 Standard Edition Purchase?

As an owner of the Diablo 4 Standard Edition, you have the option to purchase two mounts for your stables: the Grey Steed and the Mottled Steed. These mounts can be obtained by talking to any Stablemaster and selecting the Vendor tab. Each horse costs 20,000 gold, which can be easily obtained by the time you complete the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest. Additionally, you have the chance to acquire horse armor and trophies as random drops throughout your journey. Keep an eye out for events and enemy encounters, as they may reward you with unique items like the Traveling Merchant’s Tack.

How to Summon a Mount

To summon your mount in Diablo 4, simply press the Z key on your keyboard or the D-pad right on your controller. This will bring forth your trusty steed, allowing you to traverse Sanctuary with increased speed. Riding a mount not only helps you cover ground faster but also provides a burst of speed to swiftly move past enemies. Keep an eye on the orange bar, as your mount can become intimidated by large groups of monsters. Additionally, you have a dismount attack at your disposal. By activating it, you will be launched from your horse in the direction of your mouse, dealing damage to enemies in the area upon landing.

Congratulations! You’re now equipped with all the knowledge you need to embark on the Mount: Donan’s Favor mission in Diablo 4. Remember, this mission becomes available after completing Act Three, The Making of Monsters. To start the mission, travel to Kyovashad and speak to Donan at the Cathedral of Light. He will then direct you to the stable master, Oskar, who will explain how horses work and unlock the mount option for you. If you have the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, you’ll already have the Light-Bearer and Temptation mounts, along with their respective armors. For those with the Standard Edition, you can purchase the Grey Steed and Mottled Steed from any Stablemaster for 20,000 gold. Once you’ve completed Mount: Donan’s Favor, the world of mounts will be open to you, with various customization options and new mounts waiting to be discovered. So, saddle up, ride with style, and make your mark in Sanctuary!

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