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Discovering the Mystery of Irving Mausoleum in Redfall

Hey there! Are you ready to uncover one of the game’s most intriguing secrets? Get ready to explore the creepy and fascinating Irving Family Mausoleum! In this article, we’ll reveal where you can find it, what secrets you can uncover, and what kind of loot you can expect to grab. So, grab your weapons, and let’s get ready to delve into the spooky world of Redfall!

Where Is Mausoleum Located?

So, where is the Irving Family Mausoleum located? Players will need to start their search in the grave site to the south of Burial Point Cemetery, specifically in the Ashumet Springs neighborhood. But beware! Players should gear up and prepare for battle as they will encounter numerous cultists and vampires on their way to the cemetery. Once they reach the cemetery, players should continue their journey southwest through the crypts while keeping a sharp eye out for sleeping vampires.

How Many Enemies Can I Encounter On My Way To Mausoleum?

As players make their way to the Irving Mausoleum in Redfall, they should expect to encounter two or three vampires in each occupied crypt. To avoid alerting them or their nearby cult followers, players can use stealth to work towards the bottom corner of the graveyard. Players should also be prepared to deal with a group of cultists that will spawn and charge towards them as they approach the mausoleum. To handle these enemies, players can use their weapons and abilities or opt for a more stealthy approach. It’s important to be well-equipped and strategic to make it to the mausoleum safely.

How Can the Irving Mausoleum Puzzle Be Solved?

To solve the puzzle at the Irving Mausoleum gate in Redfall, players must first notice the six bells painted on the wall, arranged in what seems to be a random order. However, the key to solving the puzzle lies in the spacing between the bells. If players remove all vertical spacing and paint the bells in a straight line from left to right, the pattern will start to reveal itself: one bell, a space, two bells, a space, three bells. Players must then input this pattern on the bell to their left using the sequence: ring, pause, ring, ring, pause, ring, ring, ring. If done correctly, the gate will drop, and players can enter the caverns below.

Dropping Into the Tunnels: What Can We Expect There?

First of all, players should assess their weapon inventory before entering the tunnels. The tunnels are small and contain enemies such as vampires, blood bags, and anglers, so players should be prepared for combat. Additionally, upon entering the tunnels, players will receive the rare achievement called “What Lies Beneath“.

Receiving Rare Loot and Achievements

After successfully clearing out the tunnels below the Irving Mausoleum, players can expect to find a blood remnant in a container located in a well-lit room on the bottom floor, as well as a custom outfit part in a backpack found on the ledges at the back of the cave. Additionally, special vampires found in the tunnels have a good chance of dropping rare loot for players. Once players leave the crypt, the bell used to open the gate will despawn, so be sure to gather all loot drops in the area before exiting. After climbing back out of the tunnels, players can continue their adventure through Burial Point with the added satisfaction of the rare achievement.

Key Points

Visiting the Irving Mausoleum in Burial Point is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the lore of Redfall and get rewarded with rare achievements and loot drops. Along the way, players can expect to encounter several groups of cultists and vampires, so it’s important to gear up and use stealth to work toward the bottom corner of the grave site to save ammo and stress. Once inside the mausoleum, players will need to solve the puzzle to drop the gate and descend into the caverns below. After clearing out the cave of enemies, players can expect to receive a blood remnant and a custom outfit part found in a backpack on the ledges at the very back of the cave. Don’t forget to gather all loot drops before leaving, as the bell used to open the gate will despawn, and the crypt will be locked. Overall, visiting the Irving Mausoleum in Redfall is a rewarding experience that should not be missed.

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