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Dota 2: Team Strategies

Dota 2 is one of the best options if you love action multiplayer online games. The game requires players to form two teams, each consisting of five members before they collectively work to bring down a structure defended by an opposing team.

Dota 2 is one captivating game featuring an intense storyline and immersive gameplay. The game, however, requires you to understand and learn its basic strategies before stepping into the intense battlegrounds. Therefore, it is best to use effective strategies if you are looking to rise through the rank.

Dota 2 Basics

Dota 2 is a multiplayer action game with diverse practical strategies. There are several crucial factors players should be aware of if they wish to have a successful Dota 2 campaign. These factors include;

  • Knowing where to ward
  • Keeping track of the opposing teams
  • Always checking for runes
  • Disassembling items
  • Communicating
  • Timing your team fights.

These are key factors to look out for during your Dota 2 campaign. They are easy to learn, and once you get a hold of them, you’ll easily move up the ladder.

Dota 2 Strategy

As much as gamers love the intense action in Dota 2, most of them struggle with the overall strategies. They have to learn and master these strategies if they wish to bring down their opponents effectively.

There is no shortcut, and players have to learn all available strategies. This is because there is no ideal strategy for all situations, and the roles in Dota 2 team keep changing.

Therefore, this is your section if you wish to learn Dota 2 strategies and execute them perfectly. Players can use many different tactics and ways to win battles in Dota 2. However, there are 4 basic strategies every player should master. They include;

  1. Gank

Gank is an effective strategy for taking out the enemy heroes players face in small skirmishes. This strategy is one of the easiest, and the game will require you to use them early on.

The strategy involves using aggressive lane play and roaming tactics to your advantage. A successful attempt will give you a significant advantage over the enemy forces you are facing.

This strategy increases your team’s power and reduces your opponent’s ability to attack. It is best to master this move since it is easy to combine with other combat moves.

The only disadvantage of using this strategy is that it is very risky. An unsuccessful attempt can make you lose your composure and hold, rendering you vulnerable to opposition.

  1. Push

The next effective strategy is the Push technique ideal for taking over towers and structures from the opposition. It is also perfect for reducing your opposition opportunities to farm and take over your buildings.

If executed correctly, the Push technique is difficult to stop or defend against. The strategy takes the initiative away from your opponent, giving you the upper hand in battle.

However, the Push strategy comes with its risks. One of the risks is that your team heroes have to take up an aggressive position. The disadvantage of this move is that it is difficult to initiate a backup plan if the attempt goes wrong.

  1. Turtle

The Turtle strategy is more of a defensive than an attacking move. This technique is about keeping your team in shape and surviving till the later game stage. This defensive move is crucial, especially when preparing for a team fight, or you have a superior carry or both.

Turtle makes winning easier for players when the farm and experience are close. This move will force your opponent to attempt an attack, increasing their chances of making mistakes. It is an effective move; however, it might not be beneficial during the early game adventures.

The only weakness of this move is that your team heroes will depend on specific items. If you are facing a Dota veteran, they can stop you from getting to these items, making the strategy useless.

  1. Balanced

This is the most flexible Dota 2 team strategy. The technique balances everything and allows you to cover all angles. Another advantage of this technique is its effectiveness in all game stages.

It is a simple move where you task your team heroes with various defensive and attacking responsibilities. The challenge is that there are more powerful options than this, and you can get exposed if your opponent decides to use more specialized strategies.

However, if you master the technique, you can maintain a good team lineup and counterattack on your enemy’s weaknesses. Try to cover all aspects, such as team fights, power, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you watch Dota veterans, you’ll notice how they effectively change and use various playing techniques to win battles over their opponents. There is no ideal playing style; the best option is to learn all available techniques and use them based on the situation.

No matter your choice, it is best to have a plan and a backup option in case your opponent gets too clever. 

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