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Elden Ring What to Do Before Burning Erdtree

Elden Ring What to Do Before Burning Erdtree

Elden Ring introduces you to an open-world action filled with various quests and tasks. Once a player completes the introductory tutorial, they are free to explore the green lands of Elden Ring. One stand-out feature is the majestic Erdtree that towers over everything at a distance.

In order to advance through the main storyline, it is necessary to burn the Erdtree. There is no alternative but to set fire to the tree, as it is the only means to access the final battle. You have the option to either request Melina to ignite the tree or do it yourself. Progression is impossible unless the Erdtree is burned.

Elden Ring: Things To Consider Before Burning the Erdtree

As you progress through the game, you’ll get tasked with the responsibility of getting to the tree and burning it before moving to the next level. Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll notice irreversible changes to the game. Therefore, before burning the Erdtree, ensure that you do the following things:

  1. Complete All Available Quests

There are many tasks and missions apart from the main Elden Ring quest. These side questlines come during various game progression levels, and it is easy to miss out on some special events. This is because the game doesn’t notify the progression of the quests, and you have to keep an extra eye out for them.

Burning the Erdtree is a significant stage of the game and is irreversible. Therefore, ensuring you’ve checked the available side quests is best. Else, you will miss out on exciting and intriguing Elden Ring storylines.

  1. Find All Endings

Elden Ring has six endings. Players can find all these endings after completing the specified tasks. You can think of the burning of the Erdtree as the end of the game. Therefore, it is best to decide your ideal endpoints. You can also use this checklist to confirm that you’ve completed the specified questline.

Completing all side quests gives you a comprehensive experience of Elden Ring, improving your familiarity, combat skills, and endurance that you’ll need in future adventures. For instance, completing the Corhyn and Goldmask quest line gives you access to the Rune of Perfect Order. You can miss this equipment when you stick to the main storyline.

  1. Explore The Entire Open World

Elden Ring world is vast, and each corner features hidden bosses, weapons, or armor sets. This equipment enhances your survival stats, making you unstoppable when facing enemies. As you contemplate the Elden Ring burn tree, it won’t hurt to take a trip and explore the entire Elden Ring map.

Burning the Erdtree is inevitable; significant changes are made in the Lands Between once that’s done. The Leydell Royal Capital you once knew gets immersed in the sand and transforms into Leyndell, Ashen Capital. This drastic change means it will not be possible to explore the location. Furthermore, all the hidden items in this location become inaccessible.

Therefore, before burning the tree, ensure you’ve explored the Capital and get all the collectibles you can find. There are many other locations to tour and collectibles to find. For instance, you should explore the Royal Capital Area and the sewers. It would help if you also tried to get your hands on the legendary Bolt of Gransax weapon and the legendary spear. These are some of the many exciting places and powerful armor to try before progressing to the next stage.

Should I Burn the Erdtree in Elden Ring?

Yes, the game will require you to burn the Erdtree to progress. After a successful open-world venture, your quest will take you to the Erdtree. You’ll then receive instructions from Melina to torch it. This is when you’ll access the ever-present Erdtree and realize it was a guiding beacon.

When you get to the tree’s base, you must follow the instructions and prepare for what awaits you on the Lands Between. Failure to burn the tree, the game doesn’t progress to the next level.

However, before you make the irreversible decision, ensure that you’ve done all the specified tasks above.

Should I Let Melina Burn the Erdtree?

Allowing Melina to ignite the Erdtree is essentially sealing her fate. If you are not pursuing the Frenzied Flame outcome, there is no rationale for preventing her from incinerating the tree. On the other hand, you can rescue Melina by undertaking the Frenzied Flame path and setting the tree ablaze personally.

What Does It Mean Getting to The Erdtree in Elden Ring?

From the moment you take on your first Elden Ring quest, the Erdtree is present, however unreachable. When it gets to the point where you can reach and burn the tree, it means that you’ve conquered all bosses who stood in your way. It also means that you’ve accomplished the prior requirements of the game’s main quest.

Elden Ring: What Happens After Burning the Erdtree?

Once you get to this stage, you’ll get barred from entering the Erdtree by the thorns. This is why Melina instructs you to torch it to bypass the barrier. You’ll need the Great Forge from the Mountains of the Giants to burn down the tree. After you get to the Great Forge, you’ll have to navigate the snow-covered peaks to get to the forge.

Burn the Erdtree to teleport to the Crumbling Farum Azula to trigger the end of your successful quest.

Does The Game End Here?

Burning of the Erdtree presents a new challenge, and the game doesn’t end here. This is not a spoiler, and we wouldn’t want to ruin the storyline by telling what comes next. However, Elden Ring changes after burning Erdtree. For instance, exploring other areas and collecting featured weapons and armor is impossible.

Spoiler Alert!

You can do many other things after burning the Erdtree in Elden Ring. After it burnt, Leyndell became Ashen Capital. This transformation presents new challenges, and the players have to face and defeat new bosses, such as the First Elden Lord, Godfrey, and Sir Gideon, the All-Knowing.

Note that various NPCs perish after torching the Erdtree. Therefore, it is best to complete the NPC questlines before that. These are the major changes after the significant burning of the Erdtree.

You can expect the game’s storyline to change with the introduction of the new enemies. Also, expect challenging encounters with the foes. Think of the burning of the Erdtree as a transformation from one level to another.

The Bottom Line

Elden Ring takes players through intriguing adventures, and the most significant is the burning of the Erdtree. Once players complete this challenge, the process is irreversible, and the game takes you to another storyline. Therefore, there are higher chances of missing out on various in-game features, so you should do the above before you torch the Erdtree in Elden Ring. 

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