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Games Like Dota for iPhone

Are you an avid gamer looking for a new challenge? Do you want to play games like Dota but on your iPhone? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best games similar to Dota that can be played on your iPhone. From strategy-based real-time battles to fast-paced action and adventure, these games will keep you entertained for hours. So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of the top games like Dota for mobile options available today!

Games Like Dota 2 for Mobile

Here are some of the best games that offer similar experiences to Dota.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a strategic and fast-paced MOBA game developed in 2016 by Moonton for Android and IOS users. It enables players to join forces with friends or strangers worldwide and battle against their opponents in exciting 5v5 matches.

Each player controls a unique hero character with special abilities and abilities, who must contribute their skills to help defend and protect their team’s base while simultaneously working to destroy the opposing team’s base; this is the game’s primary objective. Players can also choose from various game modes, such as Ranked Games, Brawl Mode, Clan Race Mode, Chess-TD Mode, Adventure Mode, and Survival of the Fittest. 

Mobile Legendary: Bang Bang has become one of the most popular mobile games today, offering intense real-time battles with deep levels of strategy—remarkably similar to games like Dota 2 to play on your iPhone.


Vainglory is a Middle of the Arena Battle (MOBA) video game published and developed by Super Evil Megacorp and released in 2014 for IOS users. It offers many similar features to Dota 2, where two teams of three players fight it out to dominate the battleground and obliterate their opponents’ kingdom. Players are given an array of heroes to pick from, unique ranking systems, a comprehensive currency system, and distinct game modes.

Not only is it an intense battle royale-style experience – Vainglory also gives gamers something that sets it apart from other titles of similar genres. With its thrilling, action-packed narrative structure and depth of strategic gameplay, Vainglory can undoubtedly deliver an engaging experience for mobile gamers – keeping them coming back for more every single time.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos is one of the most notable eSports released on mobile for those looking for something similar to Dota 2. Developed and published by Gameloft, this MOBA has gained fame for its story mode, which stands out from other games in the genre. Players can join 5v5 or 3v3 matches, each controlling a hero with unique abilities and tackling the objective to destroy their enemy’s major base as they defend their own.

The story mode provides levels full of adventure and tactical elements that give weapons an edge over opponents. All in all, Heroes of Order & Chaos have been well-received by gamers due to their enticing storyline and strategic gameplay that keeps them engaged for extensive periods.

Pokemon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is the latest trend in mobile games similar to Dota 2 – it’s a real-time strategy game that allows players to battle alongside their favorite Pokémon. Players can partner up and fight against each other or computer-controlled opponents in five-on-five team battles.

It’s an exciting twist on the classic franchise, allowing players to choose a Pokémon and team up with friends to take on different opponents. With the growing popularity of seasonal passes, it was only natural for Pokemon UNITE to include them as well – this season’s being The Season 12 battle pass: Aurora Style – Gardevoir. 

Players who purchase this pass will have access to exclusive items, like Holowear and Trainer fashion items designed around the holiday season, letting them show off their festive spirit with pride while enjoying their battles.

Star Wars: Force Arena

In Star Wars: Force Arena, you take on the challenge of rebuilding your rebel base and joining the fight against your opponents. You can construct troops, vehicles, and characters to secure your base. Each character has its set of spells and specialties that make them unique in their own right. 

With its MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode, you can battle with other players in real-time to conquer resources and demonstrate your commanding aptitude. Joining forces with friends or joining a guild of players allows you to unleash impressive teamwork strategies and work together with a communally developed base. In this game, show off your skills and prove your presence by crafting an energized team that conquers rival teams in speed and strength. Embark on an epic journey in the swashbuckling world of Star Wars: Force Arena for mobile!

Heroes of SoulCraft

Heroes of SoulCraft provides fast-paced and exciting battles for players who experience something other than the popular Dota 2. With 12v12 competitions and a varied selection of playable heroes, Heroes of SoulCraft is an excellent battle arena game for anyone looking to dominate the battlefield.

Their customized personality and abilities support each hero’s unique skill set. Although it can take time to master each character class, the easy-to-learn controls also make it suitable for beginners. The instantaneous matchmaking system also means you’ll never have difficulty finding opponents; whether you want to participate in five or fifteen-minute matches, you’re constantly surrounded by intense action.


These games are some of the best alternatives to Dota for iPhone that you can download now. Whether you prefer a real-time battle experience or an adventure storyline, these mobile games offer something for everyone – so find your favorite and play!

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