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Get Ready For… Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode

Heading to Seattle, for Penny Arcade Expo? Good. Why? Because on Saturday night, September 1st, will be Attract Mode’s next live event! We’re teaming up with Fangamer to throw a party that will seriously have it all…

For starters, why wait in line for hours at the show, for just a taste of the hottest indie game on the horizon, when you can play Super Time Force all night long? And making its debut on US soil is Cumulo Nimblers, the breakout hit of our Toronto event, Comics vs. Games.

Plus we’ll have plenty of decks of the Game Developers Conference sensation, the Meta Game, on hand also. But what about music? Well, how does the 8bit rockstar known as Danimal Cannon and underground hip-hop sensation Mega Ran both sound?

Though what both Fangamer and Attract Mode are mostly known for is the celebration of the world of games via artwork. For VERSUS, we asked our friends to create their most eye-popping and soul-stirring creations yet. The line-up includes:

Alex Griendling, Andy Webb, Ann Kornuta, Ashley Davis, Asif Siddiky, Aurdey C.T, Camille Young, Campbell Whyte, Chris Furniss, Corey Lewis, Daniel Bressette, Daniel Dessault, Drew Wise, Farel Dalrymple, Georgina Chacon, Hilary Florido, Jacob Ferguson, Jay Roeder, Jon Kay, Jon Magram, Jonathan Griffiths, Jovo Ve, Jude Buffum, Kaigetsudo Kamishimo, Kari Fry, Kris Mukai, Kyle Fewell, Laura Wilson, Lindsay Collins, Maré Odomo, Matt Cummings, Marty Elmer, Mikey Mann, Mikko Walamies, Mitch Loidolt, OMOCAT, Sean Husbands, Stephanie Hans, Steve Courtney, Toby Jones, and Zac Gorman

Every piece from every artist, be it original or limited edition reproduction, will be available for purchase. You’ll fall in love with something you see, guaranteed. There will also be a selection of goods from both FG and AM to supplement your shopping.

The address? 1927 Events, located at 1927 3rd Ave, just a few blocks away from the convention center. And what time? 7:00pm-11:00pm.

Indie games! Chiptunes! Beautiful artwork! All for just FIVE DOLLARS. Cost of admission includes complimentary appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages. For those interested in something stiffer, there’s also a bar handy. You see, we have everything covered.

Get ready Seattle and PAX Prime, for Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode

Oh, and for those who like them, we finally have a Facebook events page. Also, please note that you do not have to be a PAX attendee; the party is open to the public.

“Tickets” will be sold at the Fangamer booth, on the show floor, beforehand. Otherwise, one can be purchased at the door, the evening of.

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