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How To Fix the Popcorn Machine in Redfall?

Hey there, fellow vampire slayers! Are you tired of battling the ferocious undead without a tasty snack to keep you fueled and rejuvenated? Well, we’ve got just the solution for you in the streets of Redfall. In this article, we’re going to show you how to fix that broken popcorn machine and unlock access to a morale-boosting and health-restoring treat that’ll make your vampire-slaying adventures even more satisfying. Get ready to embark on the Intermission Snack mission and discover the secrets behind repairing the popcorn machine.

Locating the Damaged Popcorn Machine in Redfall

After completing the initial main missions in Redfall, players will have access to side missions scattered throughout the map. To begin the side mission to repair the popcorn machine, head to the lower level of the firehouse and look for a popcorn machine on the metal shelves under the staircase. There will be a note from Dr. Hunt indicating that the parts for the machine can be found in town. Make your way to the Overton Theater in the Old Town neighborhood. Inside the theater, head towards the concession stand and then through the doors to the kitchen storage area. Descend the staircase and go through the double doors into the maintenance rooms. Near the water heater, players will find another broken popcorn machine and a highlighted popcorn repair kit. Interacting with the repair kit will add it to the inventory. Return to the firehouse and locate the popcorn machine in the main garage. Repair the machine by interacting with it, and the Intermission Snack side mission will be complete. Now you can enjoy freshly popped popcorn in the game!

How Can the Quest Be Started?

When playing Redfall, the Intermission Snack quest begins after you have unlocked the Fire Station and completed the crash site quest. Once you have access to the Fire Station, head to the basement where the sleeping area is located. Interact with the popcorn machine placed on a shelf near the flight of stairs to start the quest.

What Is Needed to Repair a Popcorn Machine?

To enjoy some buttery popcorn during your movie night in the Intermission Snack Quest, you’ll need to repair the damaged popcorn machine. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. In order to fix the popcorn machine, you must first find the elusive repair kit. Let’s embark on a quest to locate the repair kit and get that popcorn machine up and running again.

Finding the Repair Kit

To find the much-needed repair kit for the popcorn machine in the Intermission Snack quest, players should head to the Overton Theater located south of Old Town. They can enter the building from the western side entrance, with two options available. Once inside, they can search for the kit, which will be crucial for repairing the popcorn machine and enjoying a delicious movie night in Redfall.

What Rewards Are Given For Finishing the Intermission Snack?

By successfully completing the Intermission Snack mission in Redfall, you will be rewarded with 800 XP points. This mission offers a refreshing change of pace from the more intense and sinister quests, allowing you to enjoy a different atmosphere in the game. Moreover, you will now have the ability to refuel your health gradually with popcorn, just like other food items. It’s a small but satisfying reward that can come in handy during your adventures in the vampire-infested world of Redfall. So, take a break, grab some popcorn, and get ready for more thrilling gameplay ahead!

In conclusion, the Intermission Snack mission in Redfall offers players a unique and lighthearted experience as they embark on a quest to repair a popcorn machine. To successfully complete this mission, players will need to find a popcorn machine repair kit, which can be found in the maintenance rooms of the Overton Theater in the Old Town neighborhood. By interacting with the repair kit, it will be added to your inventory. Completing the mission rewards players with 800 XP points, providing a boost to their character’s progression. Additionally, the quest offers a welcome change of pace from the more intense missions in Redfall, allowing players to relax and enjoy the lighter side of the game.

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