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How To Get & Utilise the Aspect of the Alpha in Diablo 4

Hey, fellow Druids and animal lovers! Get ready to unleash your inner beast and wreak havoc upon the hordes of the undead in Diablo 4. In this article, we’re about to dive deep into the thrilling world of the Druid class and reveal a little secret to make your animal companions even more powerful.

Druids are all about tapping into their animalistic nature, transforming into mighty bears and ferocious werewolves. But wait, there’s more! These nature-loving warriors can also call upon the aid of animal companions, including loyal wolves, to join them in the battle against evil. Imagine the sheer brutality of bears, the agility of werewolves, and the support of a trusty pack of wolves by your side. It’s a force to be reckoned with!

But we’re not stopping there. We’re here to unveil the Aspect of the Alpha Legendary Aspect — an item that can take your animal companions to a whole new level. This legendary item, found scattered throughout the world of Diablo 4, with a touch of luck, has the power to supercharge your Druid and make them an unstoppable force. Prepare for some serious damage-dealing and epic encounters!

What Is the Aspect of Alpha?

Alright, let’s sink our teeth into the thrilling details of the Aspect of the Alpha in Diablo 4. This powerful Legendary Aspect is an offensive enhancement that is exclusive to the Druid class.

The Aspect of the Alpha bestows upon your trusty Wolf Companions a fearsome transformation into Werewolf Companions. Not only do these lupine allies deal an additional amount of damage, but they also gain a new trick up their furry sleeves — they have the ability to spread Rabies.

This offensive Legendary Aspect truly amplifies the might of your Druid and adds a new layer of ferocity to your animal companions.

What Does the Aspect of Alpha Do?

Curious about the purpose and potential of the Aspect of the Alpha Legendary Aspect? Well, let’s sink our teeth into the details. This powerful aspect allows you to transform your loyal wolf companions into fearsome werewolves, granting them an intimidating boost in both size and damage.

Equipping the Aspect of the Alpha is a game-changer, as it empowers your now-werewolf companions to unleash a devastating 75-100% additional damage on top of their base attacks. But that’s not all! Their strikes also have the potential to spread the dreaded Rabies affliction to any unfortunate foes they encounter. Brace yourself for some serious damage output and infectious chaos!

This legendary aspect finds its true purpose when paired with the Druid class, particularly in a Werewolf build. By focusing on developing your Werewolf form, the Aspect of the Alpha becomes a vital tool in your arsenal, transforming your wolf allies into formidable killing machines. It’s the perfect recipe for attaining utter dominance in the realm.

With this transformation, your Wolves evolve from decent companions to formidable allies, boasting impressive single-target damage capabilities. It’s worth investing in fully maxing out your Wolves with this Aspect, as the returns are more than worthwhile. And hey, while you’re at it, consider picking up Rabies for your own Druid. Though it won’t directly affect the Wolves, it’s always fun to join the pack and unleash even more havoc upon your foes.

Where to Find the Aspect of the Alpha in Diablo 4

To obtain the Aspect of the Alpha, you must have a bit of luck on your side. The only way to find it is by extracting it from a Legendary item. This means you’ll need to acquire a Legendary item first, then sacrifice it to extract the Aspect. But trust us, the reward is well worth the sacrifice.

Now, let’s talk about where you can venture to increase your chances of finding the Aspect of the Alpha. Your best bet is to tackle challenging content such as Dungeons, face off against formidable World Bosses, and participate in thrilling World Events. Engage in these activities, and you may just stumble upon the coveted Legendary item that holds the Aspect within.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling resourceful, you can trade Offhands at the Purveyor of Curiosities using Murmuring Obols. Collecting 40 Obols will grant you the opportunity to farm for the Aspect of the Alpha. It’s a unique path that allows you to hone in on your goal with a clear focus.

How to Farm Legendary Items in Diablo 4

When it comes to acquiring those legendary goodies, your best bet is to focus on farming Dungeons, engaging in thrilling World Events, and taking on formidable World Bosses. These activities offer the highest chances of obtaining legendary items, and the best part is, they’re not overly time-consuming. It’s a win-win situation!

For those seeking specific events to prioritize in their farming endeavors, keep an eye out for the Kyovashad Cellar, Anica’s Claim, Maugans’ Works, and the Radiance Field Cemetery World Event. These are prime opportunities to gather the loot you desire, including the illustrious Aspect of the Alpha.

Once you’re able to handle the challenge, it’s highly recommended to increase your World Tier difficulty to at least World Tier 3. This unlocks the thrilling Helltide Events, which spawn across the map and last for a full 60 minutes. Join these events as soon as possible and stay till the end. By farming the Aberrant Cinders dropped during the event, you’ll gain access to Tortured Chests in the vicinity, providing a promising chance to obtain legendary items.

But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget about the Purveyor of Curiosities. This mysterious trader offers you a chance to acquire valuable Obols, which can be exchanged for sought-after items. When it comes to the Aspect of the Alpha, your best choice is to trade Offhand items, as they are the most affordable, costing a mere 40 Obols. Plus, they exclusively come with an Offensive aspect, perfectly aligning with your quest for power.

Best Aspects to Combine with Aspect of Alpha

Congratulations on acquiring the mighty Aspect of the Alpha in Diablo 4! Now, it’s time to take your Druid build to the next level by combining it with some of the best aspects available. Get ready to unleash the true power of nature with these incredible combinations:

  1. Aspect of the Stampede: Channel the strength of the wild and unleash a stampede of devastating force alongside your werewolf companions.
  2. Aspect of the Wildrage: Embrace the untamed fury of nature, amplifying your damage output and unleashing chaos upon your enemies.
  3. Nighthowler’s Aspect: Tap into the shadows and harness the power of the night, granting you increased stealth and deadly precision in your attacks.
  4. Vigorous Aspect: Bolster your resilience and vitality, granting you enhanced survivability and endurance during intense battles.
  5. Aspect of Nature’s Savagery: Embody the savage forces of nature, enhancing your physical prowess and unleashing brutal strikes upon your foes.
  6. Aspect of the Dark Howl: Embrace the darkness within, allowing you to unleash chilling howls that strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.
  7. Aspect of the Unsatiated: Tap into an insatiable hunger for power, granting you increased damage and relentless ferocity in combat.
  8. Dire Wolf’s Aspect: Embrace your primal instincts and transform into a fearsome Dire Wolf, dominating the battlefield with unparalleled strength.
  9. Shepherd’s Aspect: Embody the nurturing spirit of the shepherd, bolstering your support capabilities and enhancing the effectiveness of your companions.

By combining the Aspect of the Alpha with these remarkable aspects, you’ll create a Druid build that embodies the true essence of nature’s might. Prepare to dominate the realm with your unparalleled strength, resilience, and savage ferocity. Embrace these combinations, experiment with your playstyle, and unleash the fury of the wild upon your enemies.

Best Skills to Acquire with Aspect of Alpha

To truly harness the power of the Aspect of Alpha in Diablo 4, it’s crucial to pair it with the right skills that synergize and enhance your Druid’s abilities. Here are some of the best skills that perfectly complement the Aspect of Alpha:

  1. Wolves: Unleash the ferocity of your wolf companions, bolstered by the Aspect of Alpha, as they tear through enemies with increased damage and the potential to spread Rabies.
  2. Rabies: Combine the infectious power of Rabies with the Aspect of Alpha to afflict enemies with a debilitating poison, amplifying their demise.
  3. Blood Howl: Tap into the primal energy of the Alpha and unleash a chilling howl that strikes fear into the hearts of your foes, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.
  4. Poison Creeper: Infuse your surroundings with venomous plant life, utilizing Poison Creeper alongside the Aspect of Alpha to wreak havoc on enemies with toxic damage.
  5. Ravens: Summon a flock of ravens to aid you in battle, bolstered by the Aspect of Alpha to deal additional damage and spread chaos among your adversaries.
  6. Claw: Unleash your inner beast and slash through enemies with devastating precision, while benefiting from the enhanced damage of the Aspect of Alpha.
  7. Lacerate: Channel the raw power of nature with Lacerate, inflicting deep wounds upon enemies and utilizing the Aspect of Alpha to amplify your slashing attacks.
  8. Shred: Unleash a barrage of slashing attacks with Shred, combining it with the Aspect of Alpha for devastating damage and tearing through enemy defenses.
  9. Bestial Rampage: Harness the wild fury within and enter a state of Bestial Rampage, utilizing the Aspect of Alpha to unleash a whirlwind of savage attacks.
  10. Call of the Wild: Embrace your bond with nature and call upon various animal companions, enhanced by the Aspect of Alpha, to aid you in battle.
  11. Digitigrade Gait: Enhance your agility and movement speed with Digitigrade Gait, synergizing perfectly with the Aspect of Alpha for swift and deadly strikes.
  12. Heightened Senses: Heighten your awareness and perception, allowing you to effectively utilize the Aspect of Alpha and unleash devastating attacks with precision.
  13. Lupine Ferocity: Embrace the ferocity of the wolf within you, enhancing your damage output and benefiting from the increased damage of the Aspect of Alpha.
  14. Toxic Claws: Infuse your claws with toxic power, combining Toxic Claws with the Aspect of Alpha to poison enemies and deal increased damage over time.

By acquiring these powerful skills alongside the Aspect of Alpha, you’ll create a formidable Druid build that embodies the true strength of nature. Experiment, find the combination that suits your playstyle, and unleash the full potential of your Druid upon the realms of Diablo 4. Happy hunting, brave Druids!

The Bottom Line

Congratulations! With this powerful legendary aspect in your arsenal, you possess the ability to transform your wolf companions into formidable werewolves, dealing devastating damage and spreading chaos among your enemies.

To fully utilize the Aspect of Alpha, it’s essential to combine it with the best aspects and skills available. Pair it with the Aspect of the Stampede, Aspect of the Wildrage, Nighthowler’s Aspect, and more to create the ultimate Druid build. Embrace skills like Wolves, Rabies, Blood Howl, and Poison Creeper to amplify your damage output and dominate the battlefield. With the Aspect of Alpha in your grasp, unleash the untamed forces of nature upon your foes. Unleash the power of werewolf companions, spread chaos with Rabies, and dominate with a relentless onslaught of attacks. Embrace your inner beast and ascend to new heights of power and dominance.

Now, brave Druids, it’s time to embark on your journey through the realms of Diablo 4. Unleash the fury of the Aspect of Alpha, combine it with the perfect aspects and skills, and become an unstoppable force of nature. The fate of the world rests in your hands, so go forth and claim your destiny. Happy hunting!

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