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Urgent Heal in Elden Ring

How to Use Urgent Heal Elden Ring

The best way to ensure you save yourself from losing your progress as you take on tough opponents in Elden Ring is to know how to heal yourself. Healing is crucial as it makes it easier and faster to recharge your HP as you are about to finish off the notorious Elden Ring bosses.

However, getting a heal is tricky during a fight since there are chances the enemy might attack during the process. That is not the case for the Urgent Heal, which takes less time to recharge in critical situations, and here’s how to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring Xbox, PS, and PC users:

What Is the Urgent Heal in Elden Ring?

The Urgent Heal is a health incantation that allows players to recover some of their health quickly. These doses are helpful when facing powerful bosses who make more frequent attacks causing much damage. This incantation costs 16FP, and its advantage is that one can use it while in combat.

Where to Get the Urgent Heal in Elden Ring

One can get the Urgent Heal incantation in Elden Ring by buying it from Brother Corhyn. This enchantment will cost you 16FP, and it will help you heal some of your health and save some flask charges needed during critical times. The player can locate Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold.

If you meet Brother Corhyn and engage with him at the Roundtable, he will tell you of his adventures. The next time you need to get the Urgent Heal, you will have to locate him north of Altus Highway Site. You’ll find Brother Corhyn closer to the monument and ask for the Urgent Heal.

How to Use Urgent Heal in Elden Ring

What is more, Elden Ring how to use urgent heal spell is essential after finding Brother Corhyn and buying the incantation. Before stepping into battle, it is best to memorize how to use this one at the Grace site effectively. Add the upper slot to the Memorize Spell section at the site.

You’ll also require a seal to use this healing incantation, and if you don’t have one, purchase the Finger Seal from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. Equip the spell with the seal, and your character can easily use the Urgent Heal on themselves once it begins to run out during battle.

Why Can’t I Use the Urgent Heal Spell In Elden Ring?

There are two common reasons if you follow the simple steps above and still can’t activate the enchantment. One, you might lack enough FP to purchase the magic. The only way to get You canUrgent Heal is to buy it from Brother Corhyn. It will cost you 16FP to get one; if you’re low on these points, it’s impossible to get one.

Another reason is you lack the Finger Seal. A simple way to equip the seal is to open your map and then teleport to the ‘Table of Lost Grace’ found at the bottom left. Buy the seal from the two ladies in the Roundtable Hold.

How Powerful Is the Urgent Heal Incantation in Elden Ring?

The Urgent Heal is a crucial defensive incantation that will help you turn losing battles into victories. It is easy to use as you face the tough enemies, and you’ll get extra health points, making you last longer on the battlefield.

Urgent Heal is an effective incantation; however, not that powerful. It is possible to use the incantation and still lose battles to the mighty bosses. The good news is that there are many other Elden Ring incantations with healing abilities that you can use to recharge when your health bar goes low.

Apart from Urgent Heal, you can use the following to heal yourself in Elden Ring;

The Flask of Crimson Tears

The Flask of Crimson Tears is a consumable item that you can use to restore your HP. Once you utilize it, you can replenish it by visiting the Sites of Grace.

This health incantation restores a specific health amount. It is better than the Urgent Heal option since it doesn’t allow enemies to respawn. You can also use it strategically by assigning it all four charges to get four healing abilities during battle. Furthermore, you can locate and collect the Golden Seeds to increase their charge and health recharge abilities.

Site of Grace

Most gamers know that the standard and basic self-healing method is resting at the Site of Grace. It is a more powerful healing technique than the Urgent Heal option since it completely recharges the player’s health bar. If you’ve played Dark Souls games before, it works similarly to the Bonfires. This site also restores all flasks.

However, resting at the Site of Grace has its shortcomings. For instance, as you completely heal, so do all the enemies you killed. Another limitation is that you can’t use can’t use urgent heal elden ring during battle. The advantage of the Urgent Heal incantation is that you can recharge your health bar when your bar runs low during combat.

Heal Spell

The Heal Spell requires some familiarity to use it effectively. The Urgent Heal has its advantages over the Heal Spell, such as it takes less time to recharge, Heal Spell takes a while to cast, and this might render you vulnerable to nearby enemies. It is best used to regain health after a battle. However, if you desperately need more HP, you should find a hidden space and cast the spell.

According to a Reddit user, it can damage certain enemies using this Heal Spell. It is alleged that you can use this spell to kill the revenants found around the Kingsrealm Ruins. These creatures have a Faith weakness, and the Heal Spell heals them to death. Another enemy you can use this incantation is the Royal Revenant boss found in the same area.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to learn how to use Urgent Heal Elden Ring PS5, Xbox, PC, and other users. The Urgent Heal will revitalize you during battle and improve your chances of finishing off the almost-defeated bosses. This review outlines the necessary steps you need to know how to use Urgent Heal in Elden Ring to your advantage.

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