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Nobody Saves the World Achievements

Nobody Saves the World presents new adventures for gamers worldwide. The immersive video game awards players various achievements after completing certain in-game milestones. Therefore, it is essential to learn the available achievements to help level up and advance through the game levels.

There are 40 total Nobody Saves the World achievements, 33 in the base game, and 7 in the DLC pack. It will take 25 to 30 hours to unlock all available achievements, and here is a comprehensive list of the 40 Nobody Saves the World Secret achievements.

·        Castle Crasher – awarded after completing the Grand Castle, Legendary Dungeon.

·        Crypt Cleaner – finish the Witch Queen Catacomb, Legendary Dungeon.

·        Did you turn it off and on again? – the achievement is available after completing the Ancient Robot Legendary Dungeon.

·        Corporate Espionage – complete the Secret Corporation, Legendary Dungeon, to unlock the achievement.

·        Alcazar Shmalcazar – finish the Dragon Ruler’s Alcazar, Legendary Dungeon to unlock.

·        Baby’s First Dungeon – this achievement requires players to escape from the Nostramagus’ basement to unlock.

·        Nostramagus is missing – you’ll unlock this achievement after locating Nostramagus.

·        Fortress in the Sky – unlock the achievement after finding the hidden fortress in the sky.

·        Personal Growth is another hidden achievement you’ll unlock during your Nobody Saves the World adventures.

·        Behold my true Form and despair! – this is a hidden achievement players can unlock as they advance through the game.

·        The S is for Super – Nobody Saves the World players have to reach their maximum Single Form rank for this achievement.

·        Super Wiz – you’ll unlock the Super Wiz achievement once you reach the maximum ranking on all available forms.

·        The first of many – players unlock this achievement after making their first ability upgrade.

·        I’m never taking this off- after making your first ability upgrade, the next is to reach the maximum upgrade level of any ability for this achievement.

·        Peak Performance – this achievement is unlockable after attaining the maximum upgrade level of all the one Form’s abilities.

·        Squire – players who successfully join the Knights Guild can unlock the Squire achievement.

·        Grandmaster Knight – here is a secret/ hidden Nobody Saves the World achievement unlockable during the in-game explorations.

·        Licensed Acolyte – this achievement becomes available after becoming an Acolyte member of the New League of Wizards.

·        Grand Maester – another Nobody Saves the World secret/hidden achievement unlockable in-game.

·        Lesser Peon – you will unlock the Lesser Peon achievement once you become a member of the Thieves Guild.

·        Master fraudster – another hidden/ secret achievement for Nobody Saves the World players.

·        Fine Form! – this is the achievement awarded to players who successfully customize any Form for the first time.

·        Passive-ist – you’ll unlock this achievement once you get a form with four passives.

·        Whaddya Buyin? – Nobody Saves the World players get the Whaddya Buyin? Achievement after making their first shop purchase.

·        One of Everything, Please! – you can unlock this achievement once you own each shop item available in Nobody Saves the World.

·        Fairly Small Reunion – first, locate five mana fairies to unlock this achievement.

·        Fairy Conservationist – you’ll have to locate the final Mana fairy in the game to become a Fairy Conservationist.

·        Pony Love – get to experience the Nobody Saves the World true love to unlock Pony Love.

·        The Cactagon – achievement is available to those who locate the treasure in the Gulp.

·        I’m Talking Journalism, baby! So – here is the reward for any player who does some journalism.

·        The Light Expanse – unlock this achievement after successfully lighting the Dark Expanse entirely.

·        What does “#@$%&!” mean? – Nobody Saves the World players achieve this after successfully learning the dolphin language.

·        I saved a world so lovely twice – successfully defeating the Calamity in the NG+ to unlock this achievement.

·        Need a sentry here! – The Nobody Saves the World game rewards players with this achievement status after unlocking the Mechanic form.

·        Bee yourself – you’ll receive this reward after unlocking the Killer Bee form in Nobody Saves the World.

·        The True Being – as you explore the land, defeat your enemies and get crowned as the True Being to get this achievement.

·        Job’s Done – advance through the Nobody Saves the World levels, and after attaining the S-rank on the Mechanic, you’ll get this reward.

·        The True Bee-ing – continue your Nobody Saves the World domination and attain the S-rank on the killer Bee to get yourself this achievement.

·        Spirit of Ash is another Nobody Saves the World hidden/secret achievement.

·        No Alchemy Required – the final achievement becomes available once a player talks to the Dueling Faces and earns the 36 medals available in Colosseum.

The seven secret achievements mentioned are available in the DLC package and unavailable only for players who purchase the base game.

The Bottom Line

There are 40 achievements available in Nobody Saves the World, and each becomes available after players meet the required specifications. If you wish to advance faster through the game and become unstoppable, it is best to learn the available achievements and how to unlock them. Therefore, you should use the guide above to unlock all available Nobody Saves the World achievements. 

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