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Nobody Saves the World Fairy Locations

As you take on the Nobody Saves the World adventures, you’ll meet fairies who bestow special rewards. Others boost your Mana, giving you more energy to explore and locate more fairies in new quests.

The Nobody Saves the World map is extensive, and it can be challenging to locate these fairies, especially for new gamers. However, if you want to boost your Mana, increase your all-around character abilities, and make the adventures easier, it is best to locate these fairies quickly. Use the guide below to locate all 35 Nobody Saves the World fairy locations map.

Fairy 1- Pinkelino

You’ll find the first fairy, Pinkelino, in the Lost Cape, in the woods west of the starting Lost Cape point.

Fairy 2- Onion Pie

Onion Pie is in a cave on the northern side of the Grand Castle dungeon. You’ll have to use the Rat form to navigate and locate her.

Fairy 3 – Trinkets

The trinkets’ location is in a hidden passage in the Wormroot Woods.

Fairy 4- Onion Pie

The Onion Pie fairy is also in the Wormroot Woods, and you’ll find it by moving east from the Firing Range.

Fairy 5- Trinkets

When you get to the Dead End Cemetery, you’ll find this fairy at the eastern Cliffside.

Fairy 6- Pinkelino

During your Damptonia exploration, head southwest to find the Pinkelino fairy.

Fairy 7- Knellie

It is easy to find Knellie at the dead-end in Bloodmoon Grove.

Fairy 8- Pinkelino

As you adventure around Bloodmoon Grove, you’ll get to the Worship Site, where a fairy is in the northeast cave.

Fairy 9- Pinkelino

You’ll have to swim to get to this fairy. Pinkelino is located in the secret entrance at the shore of the South Sea.

Fairy 10 – Onion Pie

Here is another fairy location where you’ll have to swim. You’ll find this Mana fairy flying in the far south area of Damptonia.

Fairy 11 – Trinkets

You will also have to swim to get to the Trinkets fairy in your Nobody Saves the World map in the New Oldtown location.

Fairy 12 – Knellie

To find Knellie, you’ll have to get to the Ancestral Forest, which is close to the Tower of Atonement dungeon. Then, follow the river north and west to locate the Mana fairy.

Fairy 13 – Knellie

Get to the Lower Cureshills to access this fairy; you’ll have to use the Rat form to move through the small gaps.

Fairy 14- Pinkelino

Pinkelino is found in a cave in the Ancestral Forest. Unfortunately, you’ll have to follow the path north from the Ancestral Forest to get to the fairy.

Fairy 15- Onion Pie

Use your map to locate the Onion Pie on the ledge northeast of the Rustrock Barren Fast Travel.

Fairy 16- Onion Pie

The next Mana fairy is available in the cave northwest of the Ancient Robot Dungeon in Rustrock Barren.

Fairy 17- Trinkets

To get to the next Mana fairy, exit Rustrock Barren through the northwest corner, move north to the Shadowlands, and then take the path east.

Fairy 18 – Trinkets

In Tarview Lake, there is a house in the Mutown Fast Travel Point, and you’ll find the Mana fairy inside.

Fairy 19 – Onion Pie

Move south of Tarview lake to get to the Onion Pie fairy. Unfortunately, you will have to use the Turtle or Mermaid form to access it.

Fairy 20 – Onion Pie

This is the next Mana fairy in Cloud Canyon, near the Morningstar Power Plant dungeon.

Fairy 21 – Pinkelino

After opening up Octavia, head to the Meadow Valley and take the path north to get to the coast, where you’ll find The fairy.

Fairy 22 – Trinkets

To get this fairy, you’ll have to fight and defeat enemies at a dead-end in the Meadow Valley.

Fairy 23 – Knellie

Knellie fairy is available on the East Meadow Trail, on an island.

Fairy 24 – Pinkelino

Next is to head northeast of the Stonefish Village area. Then, keep moving north to get to the Pinkelino fairy.

Fairy 25 – Pinkelino

The next fairy location is in the North Sea.

Fairy 26 – Pinkelino

Move northeast of the Deep Jungle to get to the fairy.

Fairy 27 – Onion Pie

Climb up the Firepit Mountain to get to Onion Pie.

Fairy 28 – Trinkets

There is a fairy at the Secret Trail.

Fairy 29 – Knellie

Enter the South Sea, then head southwest to get to the fairy.

Fairy 30 – Knellie

Make your way through the tunnels in The Sewers to get to Knellie.

Fairy 31 – Knellie

The next fairy available is in the Shadowlands.

Fairy 32 – Trinkets

The next fairy location is at The Expanse

Fairy 33 – Onion Pie

You will find the Mana fairy at the Groundkeeper’s Grounds

Fairy 34 – Pinkelino

Move to the northwestern side of Corpse Garden to get to Pinkelino.

Fairy 35 – Pinkelino

The final fairy location is at Corpse Garden, north of the Dark Tower dungeon.

The Bottom Line

If you are still looking for the Nobody Saves the World fairies, use this guide to get to them. It is effortless when you use your map; however, note that enemies are waiting for you.

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