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Pets in “Hogwarts Legacy”

Are you looking to make more animal friends in Hogwarts Legacy? The previously released gameplay trailers showed various pets, such as cats and owls, and now that the game is out, it is time to know if you can adventure the Forbidden Lands with your fluffy friend.

Pets like Hedwig play a crucial role in Harry Potter movies and books. These pets enhance a more personalized gaming experience, and choosing one that matches your playable character is best. The review seeks to answer most players’ questions and outline the available Hogwarts Legacy pets can own.

Can You Have Pets in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes. Hogwarts Legacy allows players to have pets however, it is not as straightforward as they might think. Things are different this time, and unlike other games, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t feature a pet page for players to pick their desired friends.

The only way to have a pet in Hogwarts Legacy is when you save creatures in the wild. The game has mysterious creatures that you must protect from poachers and hunters. After saving them, you can access them in the Requirements Room and keep them as pets.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Pets?

Yes. Hogwarts Legacy is out, and it allows players to have pets. It is a game based on the iconic Harry Potter series, a franchise filled with mysterious creatures and spells. Everything in the game’s storyline comes from the original books, including the pets.

So, what pets can you have in Hogwarts Legacy?

We have begun our adventures of the Forbidden Lands in Hogwarts Legacy. So far, the only pets we have interacted with are cats and owls. We expect the game to make more creatures available as we advance to the latter stages.

If we are to follow the Harry Potter original books, we expect Hogwarts Legacy to feature many other pets, such as toads, spiders, rats, and bats. These, including cats and owls, are the common pets we expect to interact with in Hogwarts Legacy.

The mentioned animals are not the only tamable creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. There are many endangered animals in Hogwarts Legacy that you can catch and tame. Other potential pet options include Hippogriffs, Diricrawl, Kneazles, Golden Snidgets, Mooncalf, Unicorns, Thestrals, and Puffskeins.

Any creature you catch and tame will become available in the Requirement Room. You can quickly breed, raise, and train them from here. Furthermore, monitoring each and determining which option is ideal for your chosen character is easier.

Where and How to Get Pets in Hogwarts Legacy?

Getting a pet in Hogwarts Legacy is more complex than in other games. Most games make the pet list available to players at the beginning, where they choose their ideal companion. Things are, however, different in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you want a pet in Hogwarts Legacy, the first step is to attend the Beast class. This class will introduce you to these animals. Taking these lessons is essential since some creatures have magical abilities, and you should learn how to use them effectively.

As you attend this class, you will have the opportunity to learn how to unlock the catch ability. This ability will help you catch, save, and raise the creatures under attack from poachers. Attending this class will give you all the information you need to know to identify these tamable creatures and interact with them to avoid triggering a negative reaction.

How to Catch Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is full of powerful creatures, and the central theme is survival of the fittest. Many small and helpless animals are under attack, and some of your missions will be to save them.

Therefore, you will have to learn to catch and save these creatures, and you can do this by attending the Beasts’ Class. You will meet Poppy Sweeting, who will introduce you to her pet. After a successful session, you can access the creature beast feed and creature bush from the spelling inventory.

The Beasts Class is a must-attend session if you wish to learn how to interact with the many creatures in the game. For instance, feeding or petting all wild animals is unsafe. There is a process you have to follow to learn which animals to pet and how to catch endangered animals.

This class will teach you much, including how to ride a hippogriff. Hippogriffs are important Hogwarts Legacy creatures, and you will have to interact with them at some point in your adventures.

The Bottom Line

There are a ton of pets Hogwarts Legacy offers players to personalize their gaming experience. These animals vary some starter game options include cats, owls, rats, and dogs. However, as one advances to the latter stages, more creatures, such as the Hippogriffs, become available. This review highlights everything you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy pets reddit.

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