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Rare Armor Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Hey there, adventurers! Are you ready to gear up and take on the world of Baldur’s Gate 3? In this article, we’ll be diving into all the rare and best armor pieces you can find in the game’s early access. With special enchantments and boons wrapped in flavor text and lore, these items will not only make you look cool but also give you a significant edge in battle. So grab your swords, shields, and spellbooks, and let’s get started! Get ready to suit up with the best armor Baldur’s Gate 3 has to offer.

Rare Armor To Be Found in Baldur’s Gate 3

Looking for some rare armor to upgrade your characters in Baldur’s Gate 3? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of all the best rare armor to be found in the game along with their locations. From the Absolute’s Warboard to the Warped Headband of Intellect, here’s a breakdown of all 16 pieces of special armor and where to find them:

Armor NameLocation
Absolute’s WarboardShattered Sanctum, obtained from True Soul Gut
Arcane CircletCan be bought from Nettie the Healer in the Emerald Grove or dropped by Findal in the Underground Passage
Boots of SpeedThe reward for giving Thulla an antidote in the Myconid Colony
Circlet of BlastingCan be bought from Blurg in the Ebonlake Grotto
Disintegrating Night WalkersDropped by True Soul Nere in the Duergar Camp
Gloves of PowerDropped by Za’Krug near the Chapel Entrance
Herbalist’s GlovesCan be bought from Derryth Bonecloak in the Underdark
Hellrider’s PrideCan be bought from Zevlor in the Druid Grove
Helmet of AutonomyLooted from a skeleton near the Festering Cove entrance in the Underdark
Mystra’s GraceLooted from the Chest of the Mundane in the Arcane Tower
Poisoner’s RobeDropped by the Phase Spider Matriarch in the Whispering Depths
Robe of SummerCan be found in the Hidden Vault
Shadow of MenzoberranzanThe reward for killing off the Duergar for the Myconid Colony
Spiderstep BootsDropped by a skeleton in the Whispering Depths
The Oak Father’s EmbraceCan be found in the Owlbear’s Den
Warped Headband of IntellectTaken from the smart ogre in the Blighted Village
Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Armor Pieces

With these rare pieces of armor and accessories, your party in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be fully equipped to take on any challenge the game throws your way. So get out there and start exploring to find these hidden treasures!

Armor System in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, armor is a crucial aspect of your character’s survivability. It can provide defensive bonuses and additional effects that can aid your party in battle. The armor system includes various types of armor such as clothing, light, medium, and heavy armor, shields, helmets, boots, cloaks, gloves, and belts. Each piece of armor comes with different fixed and random modifiers that affect your character’s stats.

Armor pieces can be obtained through completing quests, purchasing them from merchants, looting them from various locations, or defeating enemies and bosses. The game also features an Encumbrance Mechanic that can impact your character’s movement and actions based on their inventory weight. Additionally, some armor pieces contain Equipment Features, providing passive effects that can boost a character’s abilities or spells, but they may not stack if a character equips two pieces of Equipment with the same Equipment Feature.

Clothing and Different Types of Armor Explained

In Baldur’s Gate 3, clothing and armor play a crucial role in protecting your character from enemies. There are three main categories of armor: light, medium, and heavy. Light armor is the easiest to move around in and provides less protection, while heavy armor is the heaviest and provides the most protection. Each armor set and the piece has its own unique stats, including Armor Class (AC), proficiency, quality, and effects. For example, some armor sets may provide additional resistance to damage types or boost specific abilities, while others may have disadvantages, like reduced movement speed or disadvantage on stealth rolls. Clothing, on the other hand, does not provide as much protection as armor, but it can still offer additional effects, such as increased spell damage or resistance to specific damage types. Whether you choose to prioritize protection or additional effects is up to you, but it’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each armor set and piece before making your choice.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Shields, Helmets and Boots

If you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll want to know about the shields, helmets, and boots available in the game. Shields provide additional armor and special effects like temporary hit points and the ability to send attackers reeling. Helmets also give armor and various bonuses such as increased intelligence or protection against critical hits. Boots give extra protection and effects like immunity to being unwebbed or electrifying water. With the right combination of shields, helmets, and boots, you can give your characters a significant advantage in combat. So, be sure to check out the list and find the gear that fits your playstyle.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Cloaks, Gloves and Belts

Cloaks, gloves, and belts are types of armor that can provide additional protection and various bonuses to your characters. Cloaks can give you resistance to certain types of damage, while gloves can help you deal more damage or even heal poisoned creatures. Belts can provide bonuses to your strength, dexterity, or other abilities. They can also offer temporary hit points or resistance against certain types of damage. Choosing the right combination of these items can make a big difference in battle, so be sure to pay attention to their effects when equipping your characters!

Armor Class in Baldur’s Gate 3

Armor Class (AC) is a crucial mechanic in Baldur’s Gate 3 that determines how well your character can avoid being wounded in battle. It is affected by the armor you wear, the shield you carry, and your Dexterity modifier. Without armor or a shield, your AC equals 10 plus your Dexterity modifier. Wearing light armor allows you to gain the full value of your Dexterity modifier, while medium armor allows you to gain up to +2 AC from your Dexterity modifier. Heavy armor provides no benefit from your Dexterity modifier. Using a shield increases your AC by +2.

To increase your level of defense, it’s important to be proficient in the armor and shield you’re using, as wearing armor you’re not proficient in can lead to penalties like a disadvantage on Ability Checks, Saving Throws, and Attack Rolls that involve Strength or Dexterity, and even the inability to cast Spells.

Key Points

Understanding the armor system in Baldur’s Gate 3 is essential for players to increase their defense and survive battles against formidable enemies. Your Armor Class (AC) represents how well your character avoids being wounded in battle, and it depends on the armor you are wearing, the shield you carry, and your Dexterity modifier.

Rare and uncommon armor in Baldur’s Gate 3 provide additional protection and various other bonuses to your character. Among the rare and uncommon armor available in the game are the Gloves of Fire Resistance, Gloves of Flint and Steel, Gloves of Power, Herbalist’s Gloves, Hellrider’s Pride, Gloves of Succour, Metallic Gloves, Leather Gloves, Drow Leather Gloves, Gloves of Hail of Thorns, Fleetfingers, Reason’s Grasp, and The Sparkle Hands. Each of these pieces of armor provides unique benefits and can be a game-changer in battles.

Now that you understand the armor system and rare and uncommon armor in Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s time to put that knowledge into practice and take on the many dangers that await you in the game. Remember, your armor can be the difference between victory and defeat, so make sure to equip yourself with the best armor available and fight your way to victory.

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