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Roblox Pet Simulator X Value List (June 2023)

Hey there, fellow pet lovers! Are you ready to dive into the world of Pet Simulator X and discover the true value of your adorable companions? Look no further because we’ve got you covered with our exclusive Pet Simulator X Value List. In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets of determining pet value, helping you make informed decisions in your pet collection journey. Don’t waste your resources on mediocre pets when you can aim for the best and most valuable ones. With the in-game trading scene bustling, it’s crucial to have the right information at your fingertips. Our value list, crafted by seasoned players who trade pets daily, will guide you in assessing each pet’s worth. Plus, we’ll also reveal the importance of enchantments in boosting a pet’s value. So hang tight, fellow pet enthusiasts, as we unravel the Pet Simulator X Value List and unleash the true value of your furry friends!

What Is a Pet Simulator X Value List?

In Pet Simulator X, the value of pets can fluctuate with each update and change in the game’s meta. To help players determine the worth of their pets, experienced traders create a Pet Simulator X Value List. This list serves as a reference point for understanding the relative value of different pets in the game. It is compiled by players who actively trade pets and stay up-to-date with the latest changes. Consulting the value list can be beneficial when engaging in pet trading or making decisions about selling rare pets. However, it’s important to note that the value of pets is subjective, and the most accurate information can often be found on the Pet Simulator X Discord server, where players actively discuss and provide the most up-to-date ratings. When trading with other players, it’s advisable to be cautious and avoid accepting low-value offers for your pets.

Pet Simulator X Value List (June 2023)

404 Demon450K12M4M1.3M
Blue Big Maskot520B000
Chest Mimic230B000
Crystal Deer50B0115B70B
Crystal Dog40B0105B60B
Cyborg Capybara13B050B25B
Dominus Astra340B000
Dominus Darkwing180B000
Domortuus Astra480B000
Electric Slime220B000
Empyrean Agony430B000
Empyrean Axolotl1.8M45M15M5M
Exclusive Egg 1120B000
Fairy Queen8B000
Galaxy Dragon750B000
Galaxy Pegasus320B000
Gargoyle Dragon3B000
Glitched Astra300B000
Glitched Galaxy Pegasus800B000
Glitched Huge CatOwners Choice000
Glitched Huge Enchanted DeerOwners Choice000
Glitched Huge Pumpkin CatO/C000
Glitched Immortuus333K10M3M1M
Glitched Otter1T000
Glitched Signature Big Maskot300B000
Glitched Storm Wolf150B000
Glitched Unicorn200K5M2M600K
Glitched Wicked Empyrean Dragon1.25T000
Golden Blue Big Maskot001TO/C
Golden Signature Big Maskot000Owners Choice
Grumpy Cat60B000
Guest Noob120B000
Hell Chest Mimic100B000
Hellish Axolotl2.8M60M20M7M
Huge Capybara200B04T2.5T
Huge Cat17.5T032T0
Huge Chest Mimic20T0150TO/C
Huge Crystal Dog900B07T3.5T
Huge Cupcake100B0600B225B
Huge Cyborg Capybara300B04.5T3T
Huge Dog950B011.5T6T
Huge Dragon950B014T6T
Huge Easter Cat8T010T14T
Huge Enchanted Deer800B04.5T2T
Huge Festive Cat300B02.25T900B
Huge Floppa135B04T3T
Huge Forest Wyvern650B06.5T5.5T
Huge Gargoyle Dragon600B06T5.4T
Huge Hacked Cat105B0800B280B
Huge Hell Rock15B0100B30B
Huge Lucky Cat570B05.3T6.5T
Huge Mosaic Corgi900B07T3.5T
Huge Mosaic Griffin1.1T09T4.5T
Huge Nightfall Pegasus1.75T011T7T
Huge Nightfall Wolf1.4T010T5.5T
Huge Party Cat550B03.5T1.5T
Huge PegasusOwners Choice000
Huge Pixel Cat100B0400B185B
Huge Pony490B04.75T5.25T
Huge Pumpkin Cat8.25T017T12T
Huge Rainbow Unicorn420B06T5T
Huge Santa Paws5T012T10T
Huge Sleipnir285B04.6T5.5T
Huge Storm Agony3T09T4.5T
Huge Super Corgi310B05.5T7.5T
Huge Tie Dye Corgi750B05T2.5T
Huge Tiedye Cat500B04T2T
Ice Cream Cone2.8B000
Keyboard Cat1.6B000
Lava Scorpion20B000
Lucky Cat9B000
Mosaic Corgi60B0125B80B
Mosaic Dove60B0125B80B
Mosaic Griffin70B0135B90B
Mushroom King200B000
Nature Dragon3B000
Nebula Dragon725B000
Nightfall Pegasus125B0225B165B
Nightfall Ram100B0200B140B
Nightfall Tiger110B0210B150B
Nightfall Wolf100B0200B140B
Nyan Cat220B000
Pixel Demon3.5M100M33M11M
Pixel Dragon1.8M50M18M6M
Pixel Wolf2M60M20M7M
Pog Cat600M5B5B1B
Pog Dog600M5B5B1B
Pog Immortuus5B30B30B7.5B
Rainbow Signature BIG Maskot150B0150B0
Rainbow Unicorn4B000
Rave Crab1.5B000
Sad Cat70B000
Santa Paws5M60M35M15M
Sapphire Phoenix150B000
Sea Dragon7.5B000
Sock Cat19B000
Sock Corgi19B000
Sock Monkey80B000
Stacked Doge Noob40B000
Starfall Dragon13B000
Storm Agony14B000
Storm Axolotl650K15M5M2M
Storm Dragon170B000
Storm Wolf450B000
Super Capybara7B030B20B
Super Cat1B000
Super Corgi2.3B000
The Easter Bunny12M250M80M30M
Tie Dye Bear35B0100B55B
Tie-Dye Cat20B080B40B
Tie-Dye Corgi20B080B40B
Tie-Dye Dragon50B0115B70B
Wicked Angelus155B000
Wicked Empyrean Dragon13B000
Yee-Haw Cat11B000
Roblox Pet Simulator X Value List of Pets

*all the values are calculated in diamonds (gems)

What Is the Most Valuable Pet in Pet Simulator X?

The most valuable pet in Pet Simulator X is the Titanic Hippomelon. With only 76 of these pets available in the entire game, they are incredibly rare and highly sought after. If you’re lucky enough to own one, its value is sure to make you stand out among other players. Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire this valuable pet and enhance your gameplay experience.

How Are Pet Simulator X Values Calculated?

To calculate the values in Pet Simulator X, we take into account various factors. These include insights from experienced traders who possess a high RAP (Recent Average Price), feedback from the community, data from in-game player booths, and the current RAP price within the game. All values are represented in diamonds or gems, which serve as the currency in the game. The use of the “Pet Value” metric has been discontinued, as it is no longer necessary. By considering these metrics and inputs, we strive to provide accurate and reliable value estimates for pets in Pet Simulator X.

Is It Worth Buying Newly-Released Pets?

It is not worth buying newly released pets in Pet Simulator X right away. Although it may be tempting to purchase them as soon as they are available, the prices are typically very high during the initial release. However, if you have patience and wait for a few hours or even a few days, the market will settle down and the prices are likely to decrease. This is especially true for limited-time pets, as their value tends to decrease as more players obtain them. So, it’s advisable to wait for the market to cool off before making any purchases, as you can potentially save gems by doing so.

Buying & Selling Pets in Pet Simulator X

When it comes to buying and selling pets in Pet Simulator X, there are a couple of important tips to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s generally more beneficial to sell Hype Gifts or eggs rather than opening them. The chances of getting a rare pet from opening them are slim, so it’s better to sell them and use the money to directly purchase the pet you want. Secondly, if you come across limited-time pets or items, it’s wise to hold onto them until they are no longer available. Once they go off-sale, their rarity increases, and so does their value. Patience can pay off as you can make more Diamonds by keeping them for a while. However, if you prefer immediate gains, selling them right after their release when the market is highly active can also be a profitable move.

About Roblox Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X, or PSX, is an exciting game where you embark on a quest to collect coins and gems in order to unlock incredible pets. With your hard-earned coins, you can hatch pets from eggs and explore new biomes. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new worlds filled with unique gameplay mechanics and exciting features. The thrill of discovering powerful pets and venturing into different environments keeps the gameplay engaging and captivating.

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In conclusion, understanding the values of pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X is crucial for making informed decisions in the game. By referring to the Pet Simulator X Value List, you can determine the worth of your pets and ensure you make wise choices when trading or purchasing new pets. The value list is created by experienced players who take into account various factors, including community feedback, in-game trading, and the in-game RAP price. It’s important to note that values are calculated in diamonds (gems) and are regularly updated to reflect the ever-changing market. Remember to exercise caution when buying newly-released pets and consider waiting for the market to stabilize before making any purchases. Happy pet collecting!

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