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Tunic New Game Plus

Tunic New Game Plus

Turic is here, and it’s time to bring your wits and help the little fox solve the mysterious puzzles and find secrets. There is a lot to solve, and the game takes you on an exciting adventure, and there is a lot to solve in Tunic.

Like many other mystery games, the game gets challenging as you progress. Many players prove their mystery-solving abilities by defeating the final boss to complete the Tunic adventures. If you’ve managed to beat the game, there is a lot to do, and read along to find out how to unlock a more exciting Tunic new Game Plus Reddit users.

How to Complete Tunic

The Tunic video game is lengthy and full of intriguing adventures and mysteries you must solve. Therefore, the only way to complete the main objective is to defeat the game successfully. Also, the game makes it easier to complete these tasks by allowing you to break various sequences using specific items. After a successful run finding the missing pieces to the puzzles and uncovering the secrets, the game takes you to an end-screen with two game mode options; Retry and New Game Plus.

You can take the exciting journey while keeping your collected items or proceed to a new adventure.

  1. Retry Game Mode

If you aren’t satisfied with your ending and feel like you could do better, Tunic takes you to the moments before the boss fight. This presents another chance to get the remaining pages of your instruction manual and other hidden collectibles. You’ll, however, have to face The Heir and challenge again.

  1. New Game Plus

The other option is to proceed with your puzzle-solving adventure with this new game mode. Choosing this option allows you to begin the experience while retaining many of the items you collected on your quest. Also, you should expect the game’s difficulty level to increase.

How to Unlock Tunic New Game Plus Mode

The first step to unlocking Tunic’s New Game Plus is to defeat the final boss in the main storyline, The Heir. After being victorious, you will reobtain all powers from the Hero’s Grave. To begin the boss fight, you must revisit the wrap hub. Here, you can move to different areas of the Tunic world using various pedestals.

When you get to the wrap hub, step on the pedestal at the center of the hub. Now press A on your controller. You’ll get transported into an arena where you’ll meet The Heir. This is the most complex Tunic challenge, and you must defeat the boss twice. You should expect a more formidable challenge for the second time. Therefore, you need to be at your A-game, making precise attacks and strategic evasions. Also, you’ll need to get your health potions ready.

After beating The Heir, a short scene displays the game credits. Next, the ‘Game Over’ screen appears, and here is where you can choose to either retry to find any instruction manuals you missed or begin the New Game +. Click on the latter option to unlock the new game mode.

Note that you cannot progress to the new adventures if you have any missing pages of the instructions manual. Also, when you go back to find the missing pages, you’ll have to beat The Heir, the final boss, once again.

If you succeed in getting all pages, the New Game Plus option becomes available.

What Items Carry Over to Tunic New Game +?

The new adventures take you to a Tunic New Game Plus differences, and the game allows you to carry most of the items you collected prior. You will have the items you collected on your first adventure, apart from the Colored keys and the items collected at the Hero’s Grace.

These keys and collectibles become unavailable because you have to unlock them as the game progresses, giving hints on where to go next. If they were available initially, you can skip the more challenging adventure and proceed to The Heir.

Therefore, before proceeding to the new adventures, there are specific tasks you should aim to complete to unlock new areas and locate collectibles. Here are the things to do after beating The Heir;

Find all the available fairies in Tunic. Fairies are collectibles, and you can easily track them from the instruction manual.

  • Collect all the available secret treasures.
  • Look for the hidden secrets not included in the instruction manual.
  • Find the Golden Path and open the Mountain Door.
  • Assemble the complete instructions manual and unlock the game’s ending.
  • Complete the New Game +.

The Bottom Line

The Tunic is all secrets; you must use your wits to beat the game. The final step is defeating the final boss and then progressing to a new challenge. If you are unsure about Tunic’s New Game Plus or stuck on the end-screen, use this guide to help you decide which route to take. Also, ensure you complete the mentioned tasks before progressing.

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