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Unlocking the Potential: Redfall Vampire Skull Ultimate Guide

Hey there, fellow Redfall players! Are you ready to embark on a skull-collecting adventure in the dark and dangerous world of vampires? Well, you’re in luck because this guide is here to help you find those elusive Underboss Skulls in Redfall and show you where to put them to good use. These skull-tastic items are not just for show — they play a crucial role in advancing the game’s main story and can even unlock some awesome optional cosmetics. So, get ready to dive into the thrilling hunt for Underboss Skulls and discover the secrets they hold.

What Are the Underboss Skulls?

Underboss Skulls serve as crucial keys in Redfall, granting players access to the lairs of the powerful Vampire Gods. When you reach the corresponding quest and defeat an Underboss, you’ll need to place their skull on the shrine to unlock the door to their lair. However, these skulls hold more than just passage to the Vampire Gods’ domains. They also have the potential to unlock other valuable treasures and can be placed on various altars scattered throughout Redfall. So, be sure to gather these skulls as you progress to uncover hidden secrets and reap the rewards they offer.

How to Get the Vampire Skulls in Redfall?

To obtain the Vampire Skulls in Redfall, players need to defeat the Vampire Underbosses, who are stronger than regular vampires found in the game. The first step is to locate and activate Safehouses in each neighborhood by interacting with a nearby generator. Once inside a Safehouse, interact with the Mission Board to accept and complete the available Safehouse Mission. After finishing the mission, return to the Mission Board to accept the Vampire Underboss mission, which will guide players directly to the enemy. Defeating the Underboss will allow players to collect the Underboss Skull from the ground. These skulls serve as keys to access Vampire Gods’ lairs and can also unlock other treasures or be placed on altars throughout Redfall.

How the Vampire Skulls Can Be Utilized?

Players can further utilize the gathered Vampire Skulls in Redfall by placing them on specific altars located throughout the game world. These altars allow access to Vampire God Lairs and provide various rewards for players. Here is a table showcasing the locations and rewards associated with each altar:

Altar LocationAltar Rewards
Cave at Island Crash Site (Redfall Commons)Outfit for Redfall character
Tree Near Heritage Rock Safe House (Redfall Commons)Outfit for Redfall character, encounter with a Sin-Eater
Cave Southeast of Chickering (Burial Point)Outfit for Redfall character, access to the cave beyond the campfire
Southwest of the Howl’s Neck Safehouse (Burial Point)Access to the podium against the nearby rock formation
Redfall Altair Locations

By placing the required number of Underboss Skulls and a Remnant on these altars, players can unlock valuable rewards such as character outfits and access to hidden areas. It is worth noting that players will be guided toward the locations of these altars during the main story missions, ensuring a smooth progression through the game.

Placing the Vampire Skulls

When it comes to placing the Underboss skulls you’ve gathered in Redfall, there are two main types of areas where they can be utilized. The first is the Vampire God lairs, which are tied to the game’s main story missions. You’ll need to place three Underboss skulls at these lairs to progress in the game. The second type is the optional altars scattered throughout the town. These altars only require one Underboss skull and offer cosmetic rewards, such as outfits, when you place a skull on them. It’s important to note that the specific item you receive may vary depending on the character you’re playing as. If you come across an optional altar without an Underboss skull, use the ‘Ping’ feature on your map to mark the location and return later once you have the skull.

All Underboss Skulls Locations in Redfall

To help you collect all the Underboss Skulls in Redfall, here is a table listing the Safehouse locations where you can obtain them:

Redfall Commons SafehousesBurial Point Safehouses
Heritage RockCoast Guard Station
Old TownMidnight Whale Brewery
BasswoodBurial Point Cemetery
Shadetree HeightsLast Chance Giftshop
SedgewickRedfall Maritime Center
Haven Lighthouse
Smith Family Orchard
Redfall Safehouse Locations

To collect the Underboss Skulls, you need to complete the optional missions at each Safehouse. Run the Safehouse mission twice to ensure the Underboss appears during the second run and obtain its skull upon defeat. These enemies can be challenging, so be prepared for intense battles. Use tactical strategies and your skills to overcome them and collect the skulls. Locate the Safehouses on the map and embark on the missions whenever you’re ready. Happy hunting!

Key Points

The Underboss Skulls in Redfall are essential items that players must obtain to progress in the game. These skulls are collected by completing optional missions at the Safehouses located in Redfall Commons and Burial Point. The purpose of collecting the Underboss Skulls goes beyond mere progression in the game. These skulls play a vital role in unlocking Vampire God lairs, which are tied to the main story missions in Redfall. Additionally, players can also use the Underboss Skulls to unlock cosmetic items. So gear up, sharpen your skills, and venture into Redfall to collect the Underboss Skulls from the formidable Vampire Underbosses. Explore the diverse Safehouse locations, face challenging battles, and uncover the secrets that await you in this thrilling co-op open-world shooter-RPG. The fate of Redfall hangs in the balance, and you are the key to its salvation.

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