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nintendo game 2024

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games 2024

Are you a fan of Nintendo Switch? If so, get set to experience the gaming revolution about to take over in 2024! The upcoming year will surely be full of amazing new games for the Nintendo Switch console. From action-packed adventures and sports titles to classic role-playing games and family favorites, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just getting started with the latest technology, here are some of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games in 2024 that you won’t miss!

The Witch of Fern Island

Get ready to explore the mysterious and magical world of Fern Island with Nintendo Switch’s upcoming game, The Witch of Fern Island! Here, you play Abrill – a young girl who dreams of becoming a real witch. As she immerses herself in the history and culture of the island and interacts with its diverse inhabitants, Abrill starts finding her place in the world and discovers new powers within.

Players participate in witchcraft activities such as casting spells, uncovering hidden secrets, and helping locals…all while being judged by the Academy of Witches via glass ball communication. With magical surprises around every corner, this enchanting adventure bewitched everyone! So, cast your charm spell over Nintendo Switch and get ready to fight for your place as an actual witch!

Last Time I Saw You

Last Time I Saw You is an upcoming Nintendo Switch game based on the journey of Ayumi, a 12-year-old boy in late 80s Japan. The story follows him as he meanders along the somber country landscape in search of a girl he has been dreaming of, speculating whether or not she has incidentally cursed his town.

From mysterious rivers to enchanted forests, this coming-of-age narrative adventure will envelop players in a world guided by folklore and tradition that surrounds Ayumi’s struggle to find the girl and understand why she holds such immense power in his life.

Players should prepare themselves for an unforgettable gaming experience filled with exploration, reflection, emotion, and mystery.

Rivals of Aether 2

Rivals of Aether 2, the upcoming Nintendo Switch game from Aether Studios, has gamers excitedly waiting for its 2024 release date. Taking the successes of their previous match and fine-tuning it with all the correct elements, Rivals of Aether 2 promises to be better than the original in every way.

Whether you’re a competitive or casual gamer, chances are good that this next-generation platform fighter offers something to pique your interest. It features an expansive cast of characters. All humorously based on classic 8-bit era antagonists.

These characters boost a stunning array of animated moves and combos that look visually stunning on screen, as well as a variety of arenas in which to battle and hone your skills; rivals of Aether 2 will have players brawling their way up the leaderboards come 2024!

Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare

Desperate times call for desperate measures as players gear up to brave the dangers of the unknown in the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare. Developed with Unity, this interactive horror graphic adventure is packed with thrilling gameplay and a captivating script.

It is written by director Ruggero Deodato and completed with illustrations from Solo Macello. Players will take control of multiple characters, attempting to unravel the suspense hidden in the depths of the Borneo jungles.

Every level will bring new surprises, putting their knowledge and wit to the test as they march closer to unraveling the mystery of the game’s endgame.


Nintendo Switch is about to blow audiences away in 2024 with the debut of Calme – an exciting new adventure game! Players will dive deep into the jungle as they explore lands untouched by civilization, solve puzzles, and navigate through the lush and dangerous environment while warding off any potential threats.

With vibrant visuals that bring the mysterious world of calme to life, this game offers a captivating story and a one-of-a-kind experience like no other. Players can also customize their avatars to look unique and expressively perfect for the adventurers battling nature in this epic journey. Nintendo Switch will make extreme waves when Borneo: Calme finally releases.

Wrapping Up

The Nintendo Switch console has already been a massive hit since its 2017 launch, and it’s only improving! The upcoming year will bring more exciting games for the platform, so keep an eye out for all the great titles available in 2024. From immersive story-driven adventures and action-packed sports titles to classic RPGs and family favorites, the Nintendo Switch will surely deliver something for every type of gamer. 

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