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what is dota 2 championship

What Is Dota 2 Championship?

Have you ever heard of the Dota 2 Championships? Are you aware that gamers win prizes totaling millions of dollars?

Valve, the game developer, always seeks to keep the gaming experience interesting for its gamers, and that’s why they introduced the Dota 2 Championship. The event happens yearly and is a move to improve the game’s competitive landscape.

The game brings the best Dota 2 players, and they challenge each other for various prizes. There is a Dota 2 champion tier list featuring the best players who proved their dominance on the battlefield.

What Is the Dota 2 Championship?

The Dota 2 Championship is an annual tournament presented by Valve for their 5-on-5 video game. It is an international event consisting of 20 teams picked from the DPC final results. Six participants come from China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia regional leagues.

This tournament first happened in 2011, the same year when Dota 2 got released. It happened at Seattle, the game developer’s headquarters. The event began featuring internationally, and the latest venue was in Singapore.

Players get to challenge each other, and only the skilled, strategic, and experienced win the prizes. The cash prizes come from the tournament’s prize pool. This pool is a crowdfunded initiative conducted through the battle pass system.

Valve uses a quarter of the revenue to reward players who come out victorious. The funding has been successful, the largest amounting to $56 million.

The funds get collected through the TI Battle pass, an international in-game feature bundle that provides players special in-game cosmetics, achievements, quests, and many other rewards. Therefore, for any player’s in-game purchase, the money goes to the tournament kitty.

This move has been effective since, over the years, the events have been self-funding. The prize pool has been setting records each year, and this is one of the gaming events in history.

Players go hard to secure this cash, and there are dominant names in the Dota 2 world. Gamers such as OG are very reputable. OG is the only repeat winner who won the 2018 and 2019 tournaments; the most recent winner is Tundra Esports, who emerged victorious in the 2022 competition.

Dota 2 Championship Details

Valve hosts the Dota 2 Championship annually, which includes four marquee tournaments. The main event is The International Summer, and there are other events, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The main goal for these mini-tournaments is to promote team engagement and game rankings.

This annual tournament has a basic format that involves team elimination. Teams and players must work together to eliminate opponents and rise through the ranks. The event’s format looks like this:

  1. Group stage
  2. Round Robin
  3. Main Event
  4. Double Elimination

When the tournament begins, there are 20 participating teams. The number keeps reducing as the victors proceed to the next stages. The final stage is the Double Elimination, where the finalists have to prove with no doubt that they are the best in the game.

The previous International Dota 2 Championship happened in Singapore, the 11th successful event. Previous champions went home with about $18 million from the $56 million prize pool. This is the highest amount accumulated and awarded since the beginning of the tournament.

Dota 2 Rewards

The Dota 2 Championship has been evolving since 2011, and the rewards vary. To get an idea of the available options, we will consider the reward options presented in the latest tournament in Singapore.

The previous event had four main rewards, each offering players exclusive Persona and Arcana skins. These skins include;

  • Crystal Maiden, which players unlock after attaining Battle Pass level 148.
  • Phantom Assassin unlocked after reaching Battle Pass level 296.
  • The Razor rewards become available at level 383.
  • Faceless Voic, which gamers get after attaining Battle Pass level 495.

There are many other milestone rewards players receive depending on the level they’ve reached. They include:

  •  Announcer Pack – 75
  • Stone claw Scavengers Tower – 176
  • Primal Beast Bundle – 223
  • Treasure Collection – 29
  • Treasure Collection – 575
  • Legacy Caster Pack –  675
  • Legacy Caster Pack – 771
  • Legacy Caster Pack – 883
  • Collector’s Aegis – 1,000
  • Pouches – 1,055
  • Legacy Epic Pack – 1,131
  •  Legacy Epic Pack – 1,245
  • Trust the Benefactor 2022 – 1,498

For players to enjoy any of the above skins or rewards, they must be subscribed to a Dota 2 bundle. The Battle Pass available options and pricing include;

  • Level 1 bundle, which goes for about $10.
  • The Level 50 bundle costs about $39.
  • Level 100 bundle, which players can purchase for around $45.

The Bottom Line

Dota 2 Championship is a huge annual event and one of the largest Esports prize pool events. This tournament attracts the best gamers worldwide who battle each other out for the ultimate prize virtually. It is easy to participate in this event, and you can get the full information at Dota’s official website page. 

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