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What is League of Legends World Championship?

The League of Legends video game has been one of the greatest video games in the gaming industry for over a decade. This title by Riot Games offers an online arena where teams battle each other. However, one of the features increasing the League of Legends popularity is the annual League of Legends World Championship. The tournament ranks as one of the largest in gaming, with millions of spectators worldwide. 

Despite the game being internationally acclaimed, many players are unaware of what it entails. You don’t have to panic. This guide will provide all the information regarding what League of Legends World Championship in addition to how much is League of Legends World Championship.

What is the League of Legends World Championship?

Worlds is the commonly used word to refer to the League of Legends World Championship. As noted, it’s an annual professional tournament hosted by the game’s developer, Riot Games. The contest is a culmination of every season. The tournament is graced by ceremonial performances and competition between teams.

The World’s (League of Legends World Championship) popularity worldwide and its ability to attract millions of spectators makes it one of the world’s largest e-sport. The competitors comprise competing teams from different regions, with the 2023 tournament expected to have 22 global teams. The number has risen steadily, with the first tournament hosting 8 teams.

League of Legends World Championship’s venue rotates across different regions and countries. Over the years since the tournament’s introduction, the T1 team from South Korea has been the most successful, with three titles up its rack.

When Did the League of Legends Begin?

The League of Legends World Championship began in 2011 at the Dreamhack Summer in June with eight competing teams. The participating teams were from Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. The tournament was a massive success, with over 1.6 million global viewers. The Fnatic’s won this first tournament, and Maciej Shushei was named the tournament’s MVP (most valuable player).

How is League of Legends Played?

The League of Legends World Championship is played in different stages to eliminate losing teams and to determine the winner. The 2023 League of Legends World Championship has introduced changes to the tournament, with the Swiss Format replacing the Group Stage. There’s also the introduction of a new way to determine the tournament’s last spot. This is between North America and Europe’s 4th Seed.

Below is the League of Legends World Championship playing stages format.


  • There will be 22 professional league teams qualifying for the tournament.
  • The slots will be divided as follows; LCK and LPL will take four places, LCS and LEC will take three spaces, and VCS and PCS will take two slots. World Qualifying Series, LJL, CBLOL, and LLA will each take one of the remaining slots.

Round 1 Play-In

  • A double elimination between eight teams divided into 2 groups.
  • The top two teams from each group proceed to the next stage.
  • The bottom two teams from each group are disqualified.
  • All games take place in Bo3.

Round 2 Play-In

  • The stage comprises four teams, the top two from each Round 1 Play-In set.
  • The matches are arranged for the entire team from one group to play the second team from the other.
  • Only two teams advance to the next stage.
  •  All games are played in Bo5.

Swiss (formerly Group Stage)

  • The two teams from Round 2 Play-In join 14 groups from South Korea, Europe, China, and North America with direct entry to the tournament.
  • A total of 16 teams are subjected to the Swiss System.
  • In Round 1, teams from different regions are paired.
  • Round two to five matches are arranged depending on the individual team’s loss-win record.
  • The advancement and elimination matches are in Bo3.
  • The remaining matches are in Bo1.
  • Teams with three wins in this stage progress to the Knockout Stage.
  • Teams with three losses in this stage get eliminated.

Knockout Stage

  • Eight teams are grouped in a single bracket to play against each other.
  • Side Selection Privilege allows teams this privilege to choose the starting side in the first game. The losing team will have the chance to select in the proceeding game.
  • The quarterfinals involve the teams in first position from each group having the Side Selection Privilege.
  • A coin flip will determine the side’s privilege in the next matches.
  • All the games are in Bo5.

How Much Do You Get for Winning League of Legends World Championship?

Like other tournaments, there’s a prize for playing and winning the League of Legends World Championship. Therefore, what is the prize for winning League of Legends World Championship?

The tournament involves teams competing for the Summoner’s Cup, weighing around 32 kgs (70 pounds). However, the actual weight varies. The 2022 Summoner’s Cup was designed to weigh about 20 kg (44 pounds). There is also a cash price divided among the competitors.

Bottom Line

League of Legends World Championship is among the acclaimed calendar events in the esports world. Above is the information regarding the tournament, the prize, stages, and everything in between.

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