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Why League of Legends Is So Popular?

Why is League of Legends so popular in Korea, the U.S., and other parts of the world? History shows that most popular games rise and disappear however, League of Legends has dominated the gaming world since 2009.

The game has expanded and now includes other spin-off titles and also features in a TV series, Arcane. This game from Riot Games has been the number-one pick for many players. Our review today seeks to answer why is League of Legends so popular Reddit fans can’t stop talking about it.

Why Is Lol So Popular?

League of Legends is so popular because of the fantastic work by Riot Games. So, when did lol become popular? The game officially launched in 2019, and the game advertising model by Riot Games was the game-changer. A few players were asked to play a few matches and share the experience with their friends.

These gamers loved it, and the fantastic gameplay features caused a huge spike. Its popularity has grown, and its snowball effect has seen the game outlive many other titles. So, why is League so popular? League of Legends is the number one game choice for many because of the following:

  1. Regular Updates

Riot Games always strives to ensure players have the best experience by making game updates available. The numbers show that the game developer releases a game patch after every 17 days. Furthermore, the updates are free, and the player’s progress gets retained.

These updates are overall gameplay improvements, and you will see new skins, game modes, reworks, champions, etc. The upgrades have contributed massively to the game’s success since they make it possible to compete with new game titles.

  1. Multiplayer Mode

Nothing’s better than going on an adventure with your friends. League of Legends allows players to tag their friends along through the lobby. This feature will enable them to queue up or create their ranked team, which they can use to face others.

It is also easy to make new friends through the lobby. As much as there are few abusive players, most League of Legends gamers are social and friendly. For instance, if you enjoy a specific player’s game and attitude, you can add each other and take on future gaming adventures together. You can make friends with anyone around the world with who you share a common interest.

  1. Shorter Games

The league games featured in League of the Legends are short. This means that players can play the game as long as they wish and decide to call it a day whenever they want. This luxury LoL gamers enjoy is not present in other online games. Almost all online games require you to stay online for over 2 hours in one session.

  1. It Is Competitive

League of Legends poses a good challenge to gamers, thus its high-rank mode and harsh reputation. Players have to be on top of their game if they wish to rise through the ranks. Players need hard sessions and enough practice to reach the ultimate level, League of Legends: Challenger. This is the level where the best players play against each other; you can think of it as the Pro League.

  1. ESports

League of Legends officially featured on ESports during its third season, and ever since then, it has enjoyed the benefits brought by the ever-rising game franchise. When it launched on ESports, the game received new fans, and the numbers have been growing. The game is also free, making it easier for new gamers to want to try it out.

The Bottom Line

League of Legends came at the perfect time. The game has been at the top of the gaming world, and its domination is not coming to an end soon. If you’re wondering what makes this game popular, this review answers all your questions. 

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