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Will Diablo 4 Have Mercenaries (Followers)?

Hey there, fellow demon slayers! Are you curious about whether Diablo 4 will have followers or mercenaries at launch? Well, we have the scoop for you! Unfortunately, it seems that Blizzard has decided to not include followers in the game’s initial release. However, there is still hope for the future as Blizzard has hinted that followers may be added in future updates. Keep reading to find out more about this and other NPC-related news in Diablo 4.

Who Are Mercenaries in Diablo Game Series?

Mercenaries are NPCs that players can hire to fight alongside them in their quest to defeat the Prime Evils in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Resurrected.

Players can choose from four types of mercenaries, each with unique skills and abilities. In the vanilla version of Diablo 2, mercs are only available as temporary companions throughout one act. However, in the Lord of Destruction expansion, they are available throughout the game. Mercenaries can also use armor and weapons that players have gathered, but they cannot wear class-specific equipment (except for Barbarians) and can only wield weapons specific to their type.

In Diablo 3, Mercenaries are called Followers.

What Is the Purpose of Mercenaries in Diablo?

Mercenaries or followers are computer-controlled characters that players can hire using gold to assist them in fighting monsters. They can be equipped with gear to make them stronger and have auras or skills that can affect the player and their party. The purpose of mercenaries/followers is to provide additional support and combat strength to the player during their journey.

Will Mercenaries Be in the Game at Launch?

It has been confirmed by Diablo 4’s Lead Class Designer, Adam Z. Jackson, that followers or mercenaries won’t be present in the game at launch on June 6, 2023. While NPCs will be there to help you out in some quests, they won’t be available to hire as companions just yet. However, Jackson did mention that they might consider adding them in the future, so keep your hopes up. For now, let’s focus on the campaign and get ready to fight Lilith without any hired help.

When Will Mercenaries Be Added to Diablo 4?

According to a chat with PCGamesN, the developers have hinted that they might be added to the game in the future, although they made no promises. A pure estimate is that followers might be added towards the end of 2023 or 2024 as part of new seasonal content. Some of the guess is that followers could release either in early October 2023 or early December 2023, depending on how the developer believes the gearing metasystem is working. We will keep you updated on any new information that becomes available, but for now, players will have to rely on NPCs for help during quests in the campaign.

In conclusion, while it has been confirmed that Diablo 4 won’t have mercenaries at launch, there is still hope that they will be added to the game in the future. The developers have hinted that there may be something to announce in the future, but for now, players will have to rely on the help of NPCs during the campaign. As the game progresses, we can expect new updates and features to be added, and who knows, mercenaries may be one of them. We will keep an eye out for any updates and be sure to inform you of any developments on this topic. Until then, get ready to explore the world of Diablo 4 on its release date of June 6th, 2023.

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