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Will Ghostwire Tokyo Have English Dub

With a wide range of audiences worldwide, most video games feature default audio and the addition of dubs for other languages. Doing this helps to reach a wider audience and ensure the gamers enjoy the game in the language they understand. The release of Ghostwire Tokyo has set high spirits for the gaming community in high spirits. 

However, being a Japanese game, Ghostwire Tokyo features Japanese audio. Therefore, gamers who don’t speak Japanese are full of questions about the game’s audio. Read on if you’re looking for answers about the Ghostwire English dub. You’ll also find answers to questions like does Tokyo mirage sessions have English dub or is Tokyo revengers dubbed in English.

About Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo is an action-oriented video game from Tango Gameworks, the developers of The Evil Within. The game took over the scenes with so much speculation before its release. Its reception by gamers is massive, with everyone talking about the amazing gameplay and graphics.

The game is an open-world video game set in the fantasy modern-day Tokyo. Ghostwire Tokyo will definitely find its way into your console or PC if you’re a fan of The Evil Within. The story unfolds when a mysterious evil fog covers the whole town, taking all the people. The only survivor in the city is Akito, possessed by the spirit of a detective called KK. As the only survivor and being guided by KK’s spirit, Akito is supposed to rescue his people. To do this, he must fight and defeat the ghosts and demons, ensuring that the people are not taken to the underworld.

Battling with these supernatural beings can prove to be futile. The game utilizes a combination of hand techniques known as karate and magic spells for combat. As you progress through the game, you will earn spirit points to upgrade your abilities and other trophies. However, your progress is restricted to completing the current chapter to unlock the next chapter.

Is Japanese the Only Audio in the Ghostwire Tokyo

As the game’s name suggests, the game is set in Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, the game features Japanese culture and cast. Also, Ghostwire Tokyo is developed by Japanese developers. Considering this, it’s safe to assume that the game’s default audio is Japanese.

However, this doesn’t suit every player, which poses the question of whether the game includes an English dub. The good thing is that Ghostwire Tokyo has English audio.

Should you Use the  Game’s Default Audio or Change the Audio to English

There’s always a debate between keeping the default game’s language and reading the subs or changing the default language. Though most people will always argue that the default language is always the best, others will argue that dubs in other languages are essential. Therefore, you may wonder if you must change the Japanese audio to English.

Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay involves hints and tricks from conversations between Akito and KK’s spirit. These hints will direct you to what you need to do and how to overcome some of the toughest enemies. Playing the game in Japanese will only be helpful if you understand the language. You’ll be disadvantaged if you don’t understand Japanese, making the game more challenging.

It’s, therefore, safe to change the audio from Japanese to English. However, this doesn’t apply if you can understand Japanese. Also, if you’re good at multitasking and can play as you read the subtitles, you have no reason to worry.

However, changing the default Japanese audio will destroy the game’s authenticity. The developers advise the players to use the game’s with the default audio to experience the real taste of the game and the Japanese culture.

Are There Other Dubbed Languages for Ghostwire Tokyo?

The English dub in Ghostwire Tokyo is great. The developers use some of the best English casts ensuring the players get the best out of the game’s audio. You may wonder if Ghostwire Tokyo supports other language dubs other than English. The answer is yes, and you can change to any language.

Below is a list of the different Ghostwire language dubs.

  • French
  • German
  •  Italian
  • Spanish (Latin American)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Polish
  • Russian

How to Change Audio in Ghostwire Tokyo

You can switch to any of the above audios in Ghostwire Tokyo. The process is simple and easy to follow. However, you should note that you cannot change the language in the middle of the game. To change the language, you must navigate to the main menu, which can only be accessed before beginning the game.

Follow the step below to learn how to change your default audio.

  • Navigate to the main menu, then access the Options
  • Click on the Game option and access the available languages
  • Select the language of your choice and enjoy
  • You can also retain the default Japanese audio and change the subtitles language.

Bottom Line

Playing a game in a language you are unfamiliar with is challenging. Follow the above recommendations to change the default Ghostwire Tokyo language from Japanese to English. You can also switch to any language of your preference.

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