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Will GTA 5 Be Free Again On Epic Games

You’ll be pleased to hear that GTA V was free on Epic Games, however, for a limited time. GTA V is almost nine years old and has broken almost all records in the video game categories. Players worldwide enjoy outstanding graphics, gameplay, storylines, missions, etc.

GTA V is one of the best games for gamers who love action-adventure games. However, if you haven’t played the game yet, you can play for free on PC thanks to Epic Games Store.

GTA V Going For Free

In May 2020, the Epic Games Store offered Grand Theft Auto 5 for free for a limited time. This caused a frenzy among gamers, with many rushing to download the game during the offer period. However, the offer was only available from May 14, 2020, until 11 AM ET on May 21, 2020. Those who were able to grab the game during that time were able to download it for free and keep it forever.

While there is no news yet of whether or not Epic Games Store will offer Grand Theft Auto 5 for free again, there is a possibility that they might in the future. The offer was hugely popular and did wonders for the Epic Games Store, bringing in millions of new users. According to documents disclosed during the Epic v. Apple trial, the offer brought in over 7 million new users to the online marketplace. This massive influx of new users shows that the offer was incredibly successful, and it’s possible that Epic Games Store may want to replicate that success in the future.

Will GTA V Be Free Again on Epic Games

Will we get a free version similar to the one made available in 2020? Epic Games usually makes various games in their collection for free for a limited time. No confirmation on whether GTA V will again feature in the free game promotion list.

There are chances that it might again be included, although very minimal. On the bright side, if it were to be made free again, we expect Epic Games to use the same format they used during the previous launch in May 2020.

However, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee that the game will be offered for free again. The offer was a limited-time promotion, and there’s no telling if or when it will be repeated. Nonetheless, the fact that the game was offered for free in 2020 demonstrates the potential for similar promotions in the future. For those who missed out on the previous offer, they can keep an eye out for any future promotions from Epic Games Store, which may include Grand Theft Auto 5 or other popular titles.

Rockstar’s and Epic Games’ move to make GTA V free on Epic Games Store proved smart. The next generation of consoles is here with us, and this was a strategy to make it easier for gamers to enjoy the game. This means that the move will bring Epic Gamers more users willing to pay for the game microtransactions. The deal proved a win-win for everyone; gamers get the free version provided they use the Epic Games platform.

What Was Included in The GTA V Free Package On Epic Games Store?

The free package included the game’s complete story experience and access to the evolving GTA online world. In addition, players who got their free version got gameplay updates for forthcoming games such as The Doomsday Heist and Smuggler’s run.

There was also a Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack included in the free Premium Edition. Getting this package is the ideal way for players to begin their criminal empires. The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack gave players access to weapons, properties, businesses, vehicles, etc. it also comes with a GTA$1,000,000 bonus available 7 to days after creating their online character.

How to Get GTA 5 for Free 2023

If GTA V is to be made available for free on Epic Games, we expect it to follow the same criteria used in 2020 for players to get their free version. First, players must have an Epic Games account. They will have to open their account and ensure that two-factor authentication is enabled. This feature is crucial as it prevents unauthorized access. It is easy to activate this feature in the account’s security settings.

Next is to find the free GTA V game version in the extensive game library. The page will direct you with easy steps until you successfully get your free game version.

GTA V Online Bonuses Available March 2023

The latest GTA Online Weekly Update was released on 16 March 2023. Please find the table below with all the details on GTA$ and RP bonuses, cars on sale, prize ride car of the week, and test track vehicles.

Bonus TypeDetails
GTA$ and RP Bonuses1.5x GTA$ & RP: Fooligan Jobs (22 March)
2x GTA$ & RP: Sumo Remix (22 March) and First and Last Dose Missions (29 March)
3x GTA$ & RP: Overtime Rumble (22 March)
2x Supplies on Acid Lab Resupply Missions (29 March)
1.5x Acid Production Speed Boost (29 March)
Simeon Showroom CarsWilliard Eudora, Coquette D10, Pegassi Toros, Vapid Bullet, and Hijak Ruston (On Sale – 50% off)
Luxury Autos Showroom CarsOverflod Tyrant (On Sale – 25% off) and Grotto X80 Proto
Podium Vehicle of the WeekPegassi Infernus Classic (spin the Lucky Wheel in The Diamond Casino & Resort for a chance to win)
Prize Ride Car of the WeekCoil Brawler (players must “Place Top 3 In Pursuit Series Race For 3 Days In A Row” to earn the car)
Test Track Vehicles of the WeekMaibatsu Penumbra FF, Imponte Beater Dukes, Cheval Taipan (On Sale – 25% off), and Principe Deveste Eight*
GTA Online Bonuses March 2023

The bonuses listed above will be removed and reset when the new GTA Online event week starts on 23 March 2023. The reset typically happens at 02:00 PT | 05:00 ET | 10:00 GMT (sometimes earlier, sometimes later), after which the GTA Online Weekly Update page will be updated with all the latest info. Players can take advantage of these bonuses before reset to earn extra GTA$ and RP in the game. The sale on select vehicles and the prize ride car of the week also provides players with an opportunity to purchase vehicles at discounted prices or earn a car by placing top 3 in a race for 3 days in a row.

The Bottom Line

There has yet to be an official communication on whether GTA V will again be available for free on Epic Games Store. GTA fans enjoyed the exclusive deal in 2020, which gave them access to amazing in-game bonuses. The chances of such an offer are minimal, and we will keep you updated in case one’s made available. Currently, other games are available for free at the Epic Games Store that you can enjoy as we await to see if there will be another GTA V feature. 

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