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Age of Mythology Won’t Start on Windows 7

Are you having trouble launching Age of Mythology on your Windows 7 PC? If yes, this is no issue; many players have managed to fix the problem. There are several reasons why you are having such troubles, and we will look at each and the ideal solutions.

These are common issues that can be frustrating, especially for new players taking on the Age of Mythology adventures for the first time. Use this guide to fix your problem, and the common reasons why Age of Mythology won’t start on your Windows 7 are:

  1. Your Device Doesn’t Meet the Minimum Requirements

If your PC doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, Age of Mythology won’t start, and it is a common problem new players face. However, if the game has been running and the issue shows up, the problem is not a compatibility issue. Therefore, it is best to ensure that your device meets the following system requirements:

  •  450 MHz or higher PC Processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 1.5 GB Hard Disk Space available
  • 32x or faster CD-ROM drive speed
  • Functioning Microsoft Mouse or any compatible pointing device
  • 56.6 Kbps or higher for online mode
  1. You’ve Set the Wrong Screen Size

If you have been enjoying the game, and it suddenly refuses to launch, you might have selected the wrong screen size. The game won’t load if not on the ideal choice, and the fix is straightforward.

Players launching the game on Steam, you can get back to their adventures by pressing ALT+ENTER to navigate to windowed mode. This simple trick will take you back to the game. However, you must go to Settings and change the screen size to use the windowed mode. When on the Settings page, try setting a smaller value than the previously selected one.

  1. You’ve Made Recent Changes to Your Computer’s Settings

If this is the first time the game refuses to launch after a successful run, there are chances that the changes you made to your device are causing the issue. It is not possible to point out the specific difference made; however, you can use the following troubleshooting options to remedy the situation:

  1. Run the game as an administrator

The easiest quick=fix is to right-click on the game icon, scroll down and choose the “Run as administrator” option. Try launching the game to see if it’s going to be successful.

If the game doesn’t launch, then your device might be experiencing a software conflict. Therefore, you should proceed to the next troubleshooting option.

  1. Perform A Clean Boot

The ideal way to fix any software conflicts is by performing a clean boot. This simple process makes it easier to determine the root cause of the problem. However, note that a clean boot doesn’t fix the issue; it helps you determine the cause of the case.

  1. Other Quick Fixes

If all the above options don’t launch or restore the game, there are quick fixes attempted by other players that fix their issues. One that seems effective is holding the Windows Key together with R, then type %localappdata%. Press Enter, and a folder will appear. Scroll down to find the Temp folder and delete it. Return to your desktop and try launching the game.

Another user reported that a quick PC reboot did the trick for them. After experiencing trouble launching the game, a system reboot restored some settings to default, and the game launched. It is impossible to determine the cause of the lag, but the important thing is that you are back to your game.

There is a user who claims to have fixed the issue through these simple steps;

  • Launch your Control Panel
  • Navigate to the Network and Sharing Center
  • Close all the running applications, including the malware detection apps.
  • Exit the Control Panel window, then try relaunching the game

Most of the available options are personalized quick fixes. Another user claims to have fixed the Age of Mythology not working on Windows 7 after uninstalling and reinstalling the program. This shows that there might be issues when installing the previous version.

What If the Problem Still Doesn’t Go Away?

If you’ve tried all the above remedies and still have no change, your last resort is to visit the Age of Mythology Forum and post your issues. Doing this allows you to address your case to the game developer, who will submit a response. You will, however, have to be patient as you wait for the reply.

The Bottom Line

Most players have had issues launching the Age of Mythology game on their devices. After days of enjoying the real-time strategy game, if it suddenly fails to launch, there is no need to get worried. Use the tips and tricks above to get back to the intriguing Age of Mythology game. 

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