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Best Mid Game Staff Elden Ring.

Have you experienced the fantastic gaming experience in Elden Ring gameplay? If not, you’re missing out on a lot. Elden Ring is one of the action, role-playing video games by From Software. The developer is known for the outstanding Dark Souls Series, thus making Elden Ring take the market by storm.

One of the critical elements of the game is its variety of weapons to discover. You’ll find staff in the list of weapons in Elden Ring. However, few players know which teams are perfect for which part of the game, whether late, mid, or beginning. To make it easier, let’s look at the Elden Ring staff tier list, including the best mid game staff Elden Ring Reddit.

Elden Ring Staffs

If you like taking the game’s control as a wizard, sorcerer, or mage, Elden Ring staff will offer you an excellent avenue. Elden Ring staff are equipped with magical components, making them among the best weapons to wield during a boss fight. The team deals elemental and magic damage to the enemy at a distance using spells and incantations.

Long-time fans of the Dark Souls Series from the same developer will have a reason to smile in Elden Ring. The game incorporates magical and sorcery aspects with various spells and incantations to cast. Staffs are one of the means to cast the spells.

Are all the Elden Ring Staff Similar?

Another staff is customized with different skills and damage effects. You can cast various spells using other spells. Some staff go to the extent of inducing scarlet rot or blood loss on the enemy. Here’s your chance to become the wizard or sorcerer you want. All it takes is to choose the right staff and begin your wizardly journey in the Lands Between. You don’t have to worry about close-range combat since most staff cast their spells at a distance from the enemy.

With so many staff to choose from, you may be confused about the right staff to use. However, there’s no need to panic whether you require staff for the beginning, mid, or late game. Learn about the different staffs to use in Elden ring in addition to the Elden Ring staff location. Then, use the Elden Ring staff appropriately and restore order in the Lands Between as the new Elden Lord.

Best Early to Mid Game Staff Elden Ring

As noted, Elden Ring staff are perfect for their magical spells and special attacks. However, other staff are excellent for different parts of the game. Below is a list of some of the best mid-game mage staff Elden Ring, including the best early-game staff.

The staff of the Guilty

The staff looks like a tree branch and provides a buff of Aberrant/ Thorn sorceries, causing slow blood loss build-up. You can equip the staff with the Spinning Weapon Ashes of War. One of the weapon’s requirements is a Faith rating of C and 12 Requirement. The Staff of the Guilty will become your perfect weapon if you’re a fan of these chants.

Astrologer’s Staff

If you’re a beginner, the Astrologer Staff is an excellent staff, to begin with. You’ll be at an advantage if you choose the Astrologer Class since the staff is one of the starting weapons. You can upgrade the staff using smithing stones. The staff has a C scaling, requiring 16 intelligence.

Albinauric Staff

The staff causes a hemorrhage build-up when wielded with Briars of Sin, Aberrant sorceries, and Briars of Punishment. You can equip the stuff with Spinning Weapon Ashes of War. This causes the staff to spin in a circular motion producing successive attacks. The Albinauric Staff is near the Guest Hall Site of Grace in Volcano Manor.

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff

This is one of the best beginner staffs in Elden Ring and can be loved using smithing stones. The staff is a drop from the Demi-Human Queen found in Peninsula at the Demi-Human Forest Ruins.

Meteorite Staff

The Meteorite Staff buffs gravity sorceries like the Collapsing Stars, Rock Sling, Meteorite of Astel, Meteorite, and Gravity Well by up to 30%. The spells cause a great deal of damage. However, you cannot upgrade the staff. The staff is found in Limgrave.

Academy Flintstone Staff

You can locate this staff at the Raya Lucaria Academy. This will be a drop after killing the enemies at the place.

Best Mid to Late Game Staff Elden Ring

Below is a list of some of the best late-game staff in Elden Ring.

Carian Regal Scepter

This is a flintstone staff acquired mid-game. The staff requires high intelligence to wield and provide a buff to high-level spells. One of the spells this staff buffs is the complete moon spell. To acquire the stuff, you must head to the Raya Lucaria Academy and defeat the Rennala Queen of the Full Moon.

Azur’s Flintstone Staff

One of the fantastic features of this staff is the upgradeability. It’s perfect for the late game due to its high damage effect. However, it requires a high intellect of 52 to wield.

Carian Glintblade Staff

The Carian Glintblade Staff boots the Glintblade spells up to 15%. You can readily acquire these spells from various merchants across the Lands Between. The other feature is that applying Ashes of War to this staff will render it more versatile. You can also upgrade it using the smithing stones.

Rotten Crystal Staff

Are you looking for a fantastic staff for your sorcery? The Rotten Crystal Staff will provide a scarlet rot built on the enemy. Also, its passive effects boost the Crystal Sorcery. These include the Shattering Crystal, Crystal Torrent, and Crystal Release sorceries. Finally, you can use the Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade the Rotten Crystal Staff.

Lusat’s Flintstone Staff

This is the most powerful staff in Elden Ring, dealing the most extensive damage. It’s perfect for the late game after entirely investing in the attributes required to wield it. Equipping this with Ash of War will improve its efficiency. The staff can be found at the Town of Sorcery.

Bottom Line

There are a large variety of staff to wield in Elden Ring. However, wielding the right staff is vital. With these best mid game mage staff elden ring for different parts of the game; late, mid, and beginning.

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