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Elden Ring Prince of Death Staff

After a long wait, the much-anticipated video game by FromSoftware, the developer of Dark Souls, is finally out. Elden Ring is an action role-playing, third-person shooter video game. The game utilizes the mystical and fantasy aspect filled with superpowers and sorcery. Elden Ring’s storyline is set in the Lands Between after the collapse of the mighty kingdom. The kingdom is now in ruins, and your task is to conquer the demigods, bring the kingdom to order, and ascend the throne as the new Elden Lord. 

To do this, you must fight the enemies standing on your way to the throne. The combat utilizes powerful weapons with supernatural abilities and magic spells. Also, there are a large number of items in the gameplay to help you in combat by increasing your strength or that of the weapons together with the effect of the magic spells. One such item is the Prince of Death Staff. In this guide, find out more about the Prince of Death Staff, its uses, location, and build.

About the Elden Ring Prince of Death Staff

The Elden Ring Prince of Death Staff is a powerful Glintstone Staff used to increase the power of the Death spells. The Prince of Death Staff is embedded with sullied amber, and it’s known to be a part of the mythical Prince of Death, thus its power to enhance death spells. The Staff is one of the items deemed highly important by the academy due to its ability to let spells be augmented by faith and addition of intelligence.

You can infuse the Staff with the Ashes of War to increase its magical strength. Elden Ring, Prince of Death Staff, builds primarily scales of Faith and Intelligence. One of the amazing things about the Staff is that you can upgrade it using the Smithing Stones. Prince of Death Staff doesn’t have any weapon skill, and it relies on the skill of the weapon, on the other hand. It’s one of the few magical staffs that can cause tremendous effects on the enemy when used with a strong sorcery spell. Some of the strong death spells recommended for the Prince of Death Staff are the Rancorcall, Ancient Death Rancor, Tibia’s Summons, and Explosive Ghostflame.

Leveling up to 5O Faith and 50 Intelligence will make the Staff more powerful than the Gelmir Glintstone Staff. However, you should note that despite Rykard’s Rancor being thematically and visually similar to the Rancorcall, it cannot be boosted by the Prince of Death Staff. Improving the Intelligence Stat will increase the power of the Staff. Also, to enhance the power of the Prince of Death Staff, you can incorporate consumables and magic.

However, like most of the powerful Elden Ring’s weapons, the Prince of Death Staff is not granted at the start level. You’ll have to toil hard to find the Staff. In most of the quests in Elden Ring, you’ll get punished for any mistake, but the rewards are worth the quest.

Where can I find the Prince of Death Staff? If you’re looking for the answer to the question, look no further. Find a detailed Prince of Death location guide below to help you navigate the monster-filled lands of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Prince of Death Staff Location

The Prince of Death Staff in Elden Ring is located deep into the lands, and it will take you resilience and good combat skills to gain access. To find it, you have to travel across the lands to the Site of Grace in the Nameless Eternal City. To reach the Nameless Eternal City, you must first access the Deeproot Depths, an underground location found underneath the Royal Capital of Leyndell.

Getting to the Deeproot Depths will require you to use either of the two routes available. You can take a ride in a coffin at the Siofra Aqueduct or take a secret passage in the Cathedral of the Forsaken at the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. Despite your route, you’ll be required to defeat a boss on the way to your destination.

Using the route through the Siofra Aqueduct, you must enter the Nokron, Eternal City. This region of the Siofra River gets unlocked when you defeat General Radahn in Caelid. Access the giant crater in the southern Mistwood, dive into its depths, and you’ll reach Nokron. Siofra Aqueduct is found at the far northern end of Nokron. To reach there, take the semi-hidden path across the ruins toward the Valiant Gargoyle Duo. When you reach Siofra Aqueduct, ride down to Deeproot Depths in the nearby coffin.

Once you arrive at the Deeproot Depths, continue west from the Site of Grace towards the giant gap. To cross this gap, walk on the two large connected branches you’ll see. Here, you’ll find many giant flying ants that will attack once they see you. Pass on the right-side and cross unnoticed to avoid confrontation with the ants. Follow the winding root-covered path and ensure to stay near the ride border.

After a while, you’ll arrive at the Deeproot Depths Map Fragment location in Nameless Eternal City. Continue in the northwest direction and turn left when you’re past the gazebo. The next step is to access the overhead branch by jumping onto the Sunken buildings’ rooftops. Following the winding trail will lead you to the tower entrance, and you’ll find a corpse inside. Loot the corpse and take the Prince of Death Staff.


Elden Ring Prince of Death Staff build is a key magic build-up item. As noted, the Prince of Death Staff will not cause damage itself but will increase the strength of the magic spells you cast. If you’re looking for an item to boost your death spell, Prince of Death Staff is perfect for you. Practice your magic spells with more power and damage effect. Customize the Staff To render it more powerful and use its magic to take down the Elden Ring bosses. The location guide above will ease your way across the lands on your quest to loot the Prince of Death Staff.

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