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Get Maiden Blood Elden Ring

How to Get Maiden Blood Elden Ring

One of the fantastic gameplay features of Elden Ring is the ability of players to go off course and take on other quests different from the main storyline. During these times, players interact with various NPCs who give them helpful in-game hints and have their pursuits. One of the NPC s you’ll come across during your Elden Ring adventures is Varre, who offers one of the most exciting side quests.

During his missions, you’ll be required to get the Maiden Blood, which some players find hard to retrieve; if this is your case, use this guide to locate the Maiden Blood in Elden Ring.

How to Trigger the Varre Quest

The Elden Ring world is vast, and as you explore the areas, you’ll get to the Rose Church, located in the Liurnia of the Lakes. Unfortunately, you’ll have to engage with a vicious man at the place. The main will inquire about your opinions on The Two Fingers, and the correct response is, “they didn’t seem right.” After this response, he will give you 5 Festering Bloody Fingers that you’ll use to retrieve the Maiden Blood.

Use the fingers to invade other players’ worlds and return to the vicious man to get another item, Lord of Blood’s Favor. The man will ask you to soak the curious origin item in the blood of a maiden, and this is the point where you’ll have to go looking for the Maiden Blood.

Where to Get the Maiden Blood

It is effortless to get the Maiden Blood in Elden Ring. You can visit any dead maiden location to retrieve it, and the easiest way is.

Next to the Church of Inhibition

The first maiden to consider is the one close to the Church of Inhibition. You can find the church across the lake and northwest of the Minor Erdtree. You will find a maiden corpse at the church, interact with it, then soak the cloth in the maiden’s blood.

At The Chapel of Anticipation

Another alternative is at the Chapel of Anticipation, and to get there, you have to relocate to Four Belfries and search for any nearby chest. Once you find the chest, open it and retrieve the Imbued Swordskey that will take you to the Chapel of Anticipation.

Go inside the chapel and take the staircase. You’ll see a room with a dead maiden’s body. Interact with it and soak the cloth in the blood.

Note that you’ll encounter enemies on your way to the Chapel of Anticipation, one being Grafted, Scion. Grafted Scion is the foe who beat you at the beginning of the game, and you’ll meet again for a rematch. You’ll have to defeat him to cross the bridge that takes you to the chapel.

Kill A Maiden

Here is another effective method most players don’t know about. Varre wants you to dip the cloth in the maiden’s blood, and a brutal yet effective strategy is to kill a maiden. Hyetta is one of the easiest maidens to find. You can kill her, soak the cloth in her blood, then return to Varre to get your Bloody Finger.

What’s Next After Retrieving The Maiden Blood?

After soaking the cloth in the maiden’s blood using either way, you have to return to Rose Church. Remember that this was Varre’s quest, and you must return the cloth soaked in blood. Once you successfully hand him the material, he’ll give you a Bloody Finger.

How Beneficial Is the Bloody Finger from Varre?

The Bloody Finger allows you to invade other players’ worlds without limits. Also, taking Varre’s quest gives you an early opportunity to reach the Mohgwyn Palace, home to the Mogh. This presents a chance to take him down and get access to his robust weapon selection.

Varre will give you three Festering Bloody Fingers, which you can use to invade any world you wish in the multiplayer mode. Of course, this is during the quest. The thing about these invasions is that you don’t necessarily have to win the duels; finish them.

However, after completing the Varre quest, you can use your fingers to invade another world. If you succeed, invasion multiplayer begins, and the invader, you, become the Bloody Finger. Your goal during the attack is to defeat the Host of Fingers. A successful attempt to kill the Host of Fingers gets you a Rune Arc and Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

The maximum number of invasions to attempt is one unless you have the Taunter’s Tongue. You also have to summon a co-operator since solo raids are not yet supported by Elden Ring.

The Bottom Line

The path to finding a maiden’s blood is not as complicated as other NPC side quests. It will take a few minutes to retrieve and soak the cloth from Varre in the blood. There are several ways to do this; the easiest is to go to the Church of Inhibition. If you want more action, choose the second method to get to the maiden’s blood.

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