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Rain of Arrows Elden Ring

Elden Ring is among the 2022 video game releases, and it’s set in a mystical open world featuring a third-person shooter perspective. The Elden Ring video game is from the Dark Soul’s Series developer known as FromSoftware. Like the previous releases from the developer, Elden Ring is full of sorcery and supernatural powers. The players are expected to eliminate the enemies and ascend the throne as the new Elden Lord.

The major challenge is that the enemies in the Elden Ring are demigods with powerful strengths and abilities, making it hard to eliminate them. Therefore, the Elden Ring combat involves using powerful weapons, magic spells, or a combination of the two. However, you must go to a great deal to acquire most of these weapons and magic spells. One of the powerful supernatural weapons in the Elden Ring is the Rain of Arrows. The Rain of Arrows will increase the strength of your bow and arrow attack. If you’re looking for information about the Rain of Arrows, look no further. This guide offers you everything you need to know about the Rain of Arrows in Eden Ring.

What is Elden Ring About

Elden Ring is a combat-oriented video game featuring characters with supernatural powers and abilities. The primary mission, as stated, is to conquer the lands, end the chaos, bring stability, and become the new Elden Lord. However, numerous side quests will help achieve the main quest. The game is challenging and therefore requires a high level of patience to grow your strengths enough to defeat the bosses. 

If you have tried playing Elden Ring or any previous games by FromSoftware, you know that the game will punish you for any mistake. However, there are great rewards for any achievements you make.

The gameplay is full of hidden secrets and items that you should discover for your survival. Therefore, you need to understand the different items, spells, and locations of essential items in the Elden Ring. The adventure guide helps to simplify things. However, if you don’t have an adventure guide, you must keep mental notes of all the essential locations and make purchases that you deem necessary for the gameplay. 

These important items include the Ash of War. Ash of War is very helpful in amplifying a weapon or skill’s effect on the enemy. One skill that works well with the Ash of War is the Rain of Arrows.

The Ash of War: Rain of Arrows

Rain of Arrows is an Ash of War skill in the Elden Ring, often called the Ash of War; Rain of Arrows. The skill cannot be charged, requiring a twenty FP to wield. However, you can cast the skill without the twenty FP stats if you have just a little. Ash of War: Rain of Arrows offers the Rain of Arrows skill and the Standard affinity.

Ashes of War is a critical item in Elden Ring that you should strive to acquire. The Ash of War is equipped with shields and weapons to modify its skill or equipment. It also applies affinities that help change a weapon’s scaling values. The Rain of Arrows skill works by firing an arrow to the heavens, and a shower of arrows rains down on the enemy within a small radius. It’s important to note that the Ash of War doesn’t grant affinity to an armament.

Rain of Arrows Elden Ring Location

You are probably wondering where to find the Rain of Arrows or how to get Rain of Arrows Elden Ring. To find the Ash of War: Rain of Arrows, you’ll first need to find the Redmane Painting. It requires zeal and resilience to locate these two items. However, this guide tries to simplify the situation by offering you tips and tricks on how to do it.

Redmane Painting is located in central Caelid, east of Aeonia Swamp. This is in Sellia, the Town of Sorcery. To locate the Painting, enter the town using the southern entrance and head down the main road till you find the rot-ridden tree on the path. On the right, beneath a small balcony, you’ll see the Redmane Painting on top of a rubble pile. However, you should be cautious of the invisible sorcerers of Raya Lucarian roaming the Sellia streets.

After securing the Redmane Painting, head to the Minor Erdtree, located northeast of Caelid. Ash of War: Rain of Arrows is found down a cliff in the southeast by a ghost. The ghost only comes out if you have the Radmane Painting. You must jump down the platforms and branches to get down the cliff. Here, you risk falling to death after missing a platform. However, you can use the spirit spring to jump to the bottom. Using the spirit spring is tricky but much easier compared to regular jumping.

Once you reach the bottom of the cliff, get close until you see the Golden Phantom on a chair. The olden Phantom will disappear when you approach, leaving the Ash of War: Rain of Arrows behind.

How to Use Rain of Arrows Elden Ring

Rain of Arrows is a great skill to use in the game. To use the Ash of War: Rain of Arrows, equip it on any weapon or shield that has an affinity for it. This won’t change its scaling values but will add additional effects when used. When equipped with a weapon, you can press the right mouse button and hold it to fire arrows at your enemies. You can fire multiple arrows using this technique if you have enough FP, dealing more damage to your enemy than just one shot.

Always ensure to perform a low stance and ready the bow with an arrow before you shoot.

When used with a shield, you can activate the skill by pressing the block button while holding down the left mouse button. This will allow you to shoot up to two rows of arrows at once from your shield instead of shooting just one arrow. You should note that the arrows will only fire in a straight line, attacking enemies within their range.

Rain of Arrows is also quite useful when you need to break down obstacles and walls blocking your path. When used with a shield, it can shoot multiple arrows at once, making it much easier to destroy larger barriers than if you fired one arrow at a time.

Best Bow for Rain of Arrows Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a variety of weapons, including various bows. The bows perform different skills and deal a range of damage. The good thing is that Rain of Arrows can be used on all bows in the Elden Ring.

Bottom Line

With the many powerful enemies in Elden Ring, having powerful skills will help you complete the missions. Therefore, equipping yourself with the Rain of Arrows skill will significantly help in combat. Use the Rain of Arrows skill to gain an advantage over your enemies.

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